Title: Come together
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: Now
Location: In a dark space
Show: Evolution 49

There's a simple screen showing twitter as its being scrolled through, reading random tweets from a variety of people, including the random Pokemon Go/Niantic tweet.  The screen scrolls back up again to a tweet by Autumn Raven posted days ago, an obvious echo of her frustrations written throughout her words about the ending to her Evo 48 match.

"Total bullshit.  Didn't know the poor doggy needed help.  Next time bitch, leave the fights to the big boys and girls.  Keep your nose out of buisness that isn't yours."

The screen is closed, going back to an open youtube tab playing music from Resident Evil.  There's a sigh, a hand tapping on the screen for a few seconds before withdrawing.  Everyone that was sitting around her was shifting to get up and leave, or just sitting down if they had just walked in.  Since the weather was getting nicer, people were venturing out of their self-induced winter hibernations and actually doing something worth being outside for.  That included the people in this building.

Dark eyes scanned those coming in over the rim of her laptop, debating if she should stand up and actually go get something from the counter or just sit here and goof around on this thing while sitting in the background and observing from afar.  Not like anyone was paying attention to her to begin with.  She was just another pretty face in the crowd enjoying some low-down time.  Others were talking with old friends, random people, and god knows who else.  All she had was herself, and she was ok with that.

But the world was beginning to turn on its head.  Slowly but surely.  With the emergence of disOrder, the murmurs were beginning.  Rumors being spread like wildfire that the hour of CWF's doom had arrived and kicked down the door to begin their reign of terror.  Autumn rested her chin in her hand, continuing to stare blankly at youtube as if it would provide her with the answer she seeked.  There was no part of her that wanted to run.

"Running is for cowards.  I am not a coward."

Eyes narrowed, showing the first bit of emotion since the view switched to her.  She didn't like where things were going.  disOrder wasn't the first group of ducks to try what they were, there had been several before them.  Autumn didn't see this one coming, but she had an idea of how the whole damn thing was going to play itself out.  It wasn't a pretty one, if everyone decided to do absolutely nothing which was half-true...for now.  People were stirring, wanting to take up the fight, but afraid of the reprocussions of doing so.

Autumn was going to do it, because frankly she didn't give a damn what disOrder had to say about all of them or what they were planning to do.

"So, disOrder is here and claiming they've recruited a few of our own, wanting to end CWF as we know it.  Not total take over, complete destruction.  Leave the building a flaming mess.  That whole fancy talk.  They want all of our heads on a pike to display to anyone who dares to try and stand up to them.  Honestly when I heard this, I just sat back and crossed my arms....then I went back to my game.  Thoughts of what to do about them floated through my head.  What do you do when someone threatens your livlihood?"

Autumn blinked, tilting her head a little.

"You think about what has come before them.  I've seen stuff like this happen.  I think all of us have, if we've been keeping up with history.  The beginnings are all different, and the endings are all different.  If we don't want to be the first page in that history that ends with the period on the page, then we'd damn well better put our mud stompin' boots on and go marching for heads to kick in.  I'm more than ready to start moving.  I don't like threats, and I don't like a bunch of random weirdos threatening me with this shit."

People walked by her, and she paused for a second in her speech, letting them get far enough away before continuing.  They would think her mad for talking like she was, but dammit this was important to get out.

"So to combat this 'threat' as it is, management has thrown together five of us to face the five existing members of disOrder.  There's one person that I couldn't care less about, and I'm severely questioning his existence in this match.  The others I have no problem with.  Why should I?  I've seen, not heard and that's all I really care about.  That and beating the crap out of these weirdos.  Seriously, with the mindgames and shit.  Stop.  'You don't know who's who'  Get out of here."

Autumn rolled her eyes, waving her hand in a show of 'I don't care'.

"Kennedy.  Who's that.  She's got nothing to her name.  No wins, nada.  Yet she wants to announce what disOrder wants to do and all that stupid jazz.  Wonderful.  Wake me up when something better comes along.


McVeigh.  Another twisted soul with an alter ego that pops out of them every now and then.  Please sweetheart.  When you've been in the room with Silas Artorias at his darkest, and seen that side come out first hand, then come back to me and tell me what makes yours so special.

Murphy.  He gives me a headache with his babbling.  Someone get me one of those fancy translator things so I can understand him a little more.

Then there's Graves.  Probably the only stupid soul worth talking about in this whole...freakin...bunch.  He's won a title.  Good for him.  His hard work and dedication got him to that point, but what he's done after is just...unfreakinbelievable.  Just spit on everything and join up with a bunch of weirdos who know nothing about how the game really works.  Ya had it, until you dropped disOrder on us."

She rolled her eyes, pinching the bridge of her nose in frustration.

"I think Silas put it best, and god dammit that I have to quote that slime, when he said 'The difference between the four of us and your little band of merry men is that we left an impression before joining together.'

It's very true.  We have more sway in this situation than the four of you put together.  You want to fight?  Fine, bring it on bitches.  We're ready if you are."

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