Title: You Don't Even Know The Game
Featuring: Ciara Kennedy
Date: April 19, 2019
Location: Unknown
Show: Evolution 49

“Do you know what you want, A leanbh?”

Ciara Kennedy looks up from the menu she holds in her hands fixing her eyes on those of her father’s. A smile moves across her lips, a sly smile, but a smile nonetheless. She’s always looked up to her father. Even as a young child she wanted to be exactly like him. He was strong, independent, did things his own way. He always had and he always would. Ciara spent her life crafting herself to be that same way.

“Still trying to decide between meal and wine pairings,” Ciara confesses with just a hint of teasing.

Zeek smiles as his head nods slowly, “You turn into your mother more and more every day.”

A tinge of annoyance sweeps over Ciara. The sheer mention of her mother momentarily puts her on edge.

“Well,” she muses, “she always did have good taste.”

Once again her father smiles. He knew what she was referring to. Ciara loved her mother, she always had, she always would. But recently their relation had grown strained. On the other hand her relationship with her father had never been stronger. They had always been close, but since agreeing to train her to become a wrestler the relationship had only strengthened. Maybe it was because he was willing to do something her mother hadn’t been. Or maybe it was simply because they were bonding over something both of them loved dearly. She was proud of that. Even if the decision further strained the relationship between her parents.

“How are you feeling, A leanbh?” her father asks. His tone making it clear there was a deeper meaning to such a trivial question.

Ciara nods her head reassuringly.

“I’m all good, dad,” she replies maintaining eye contact with her father. “I mean things didn’t exactly get off to the right start: failing to taste victory in my first couple of outings. But I’ll turn it around. One thing you made sure you taught me was you can’t win them all. So I will take my losses, I’ll learn from them, and I’ll get things turned around.”

A smile crosses Zeek’s lips once more as he studies his daughter proudly.

“That’s not entirely what I meant,” Zeek confesses before he adds, “I have all the confidence in the world you will turn it around and make an amazing career for yourself. I’m wondering about Johnny. You know he’s a hot headed little shit who doesn’t know when to shut his mouth. When he gets something in his head… he will not be deterred. Regardless of how bad of an idea it is. So what I’m really wondering is how are you feeling about Johnny’s little war?”

Ciara sits back in her chair. She uncrosses her legs and then alternates her position under the table. She stares into her father’s eyes, a look of almost defiance in them. How could he say that? ‘Little war?’

“First of all, and with all due respect, it’s not a little war,” she corrects her father while at the same time proving her loyalty to Johnny and his ideals. “Johnny is looking to change the landscape of professional wrestling for the better. He wants to return the sport to what it once was, what it should be. Two athletes competing at the highest level and those that can’t hang get the boot. He’s not going to sit idly by and allow useless, old, pathetic has beens and never weres control the main events of promotions across the globe just because they found a way to connect with the audience, sold a bunch of merch, and undeservingly have bogarted the main event scene. He’s fighting for change. We all are. We’re fighting to prove that there is a new face of professional wrestling. There is a new era of what this sport could be. Johnny isn’t being hot headed. He isn’t being stubborn. He knows exactly what he’s doing and we are all going to become icons in this business because of it.”

Caira leans forward in her chair again and rests her forearms on the table. Her eyes never leaving her father’s.

“And what’s more, father,” Ciara continues, “can you really be that surprised? You know exactly who Johnny is. You know exactly how his mind works. You know exactly how his heart operates. And you know exactly who trained him. Did you really think all those old war stories about you and his father taking the business by storm and doing whatever you want, whenever you want were going to simply be bedtime stories to him? You think he was going to take them with a grain of salt? Well they weren’t. To either of us. And neither of us took it with a grain of salt. We share this ideal. Our future is the revolution of professional wrestling starting with the CWF.”

It’s Zeek’s turn to lean back in his chair as he studies his daughter. After a few moments Zeek nods his head slowly as if acknowledging he understands his daughter’s words.

“Then that is all I need to know,” Zeek states plainly ending the conversation.

But the conversation doesn’t end there as Ciara scoffs defiantly. A scoff she had offered her parents so many times in the past. It was her signal that whatever their word was was not going to be final.

“That’s all you need to know?” Ciara questions her tone sounding irritated. “You took Johnny under your wing. You trained me when mom wouldn’t. You are the one that made us the people we are, put us in the position we are in, and you are the one that put all these ideals in our heads. How can you question Johnny now? How can you question me?”

“I’m not questioning Johnny or you, A leanbh,” Zeek assures her in a soothing tone. “You are both my children and I couldn’t be more proud of what you’ve done, what you’re doing, and what you will do. My only concern was that Johnny was leading you down a path you were not ready to follow. Because you’re right. I do know Johnny. I do know how his mind works. I do know how his emotions dictate his actions. And I do know the trouble that Johnny creates for himself. If there was any hesitation in your voice my advice to you, for your own good, would be to abandon Johnny and his crusade. There wasn’t. And I have no desire for you to abandon him. You two need each other. More than you know.”

Ciara sneers in defiant confusion.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she questions.

I need for each and everyone of you to understand something…

Your future is dead…

Everything you’ve envisioned for yourself will turn to ash in your hands. Burned away by the fires of revolution…

In a few days time I will unite with my brothers in chaos. We will walk to a CWF ring, we will face CWF’s first line of defense, and we will leave them broken, battered, and defeated. See the powers that be in CWF seem to think that putting us in a match against five of their superstars means anything! They seem to think that if this rag tag group of CWF loyalists were to defeat us that suddenly the threat that is on their doorstep will just go away. So it begs the question… are the men and women that run this company lacking in the intelligence department? Last week Bishop Kingston and Ophelia McVeigh were in a tag team match and for no reason at all I decided ‘no.’ You think I interfered in that match because I didn’t want Opie and Bish to lose? No. I interfered in that match because we wanted to. Because we wanted to stomp the life out of Nate and Trent. And the -only- reason those two are still walking is because apparently Johnny has some soft spot for some Ms. Toy or Lloyd or whatever her name is and promised we’d leave enough of Paradine for her.

But you see that’s the point. That is what the CWF doesn’t understand. They think that disOrder cares about wins and losses. They think we care about their piddly little championship belts. They think we care about being faces of the company. And that is why they will fail. That is why they will lose. We don’t care about wins and losses. We don’t care about being champions. We don’t care about being in the main event. We only care about one thing and one thing only. The destruction of CWF and everyone that chooses to align themselves with the status quo. The destruction of everyone who just accepts their role and let’s the same boring, dull, drawl shenanigans continue over and over and over.

Autumn Raven…


Moe Davis…

Silas Artoria…


You are all the enemy. Not because we dislike you. Not because we have some personal vendetta against you. No. No, it’s nothing so trivial or trite. Truth is, we don’t care about any of you. You mean nothing to us. This match isn’t about proving who is better. This match is simply to break the first line of defense. Win, lose, or draw we will break that line of defense. We will destroy those that oppose the movement.

Because you all fail to understand is that you haven’t even witnessed the full strength of the ideal. You see Johnny capture the Impact Champion. You see Ophelia, Bishop, and I take out those Impact Champion hopefuls. You see Mad Dog Murphy pledge himself to the movement. And you think that’s it. You think you understand the threat. But you do not. There are more that embrace the movement. There are more that want to choose their own path and reject the path placed before them. There are more that would call themselves… 


For all any of you know your very teammates could have already pledged themselves to the movement, to the cleansing of wrestling industry.

We are a unit. We fight as a unit. Because have a shared goal. A shared vision.

And at Evolution that vision will start to become a reality.

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