Title: Bank Statement
Featuring: Christopher St. James
Date: 4/13/19 and others
Location: Multiple
Show: Evolution 48

Hostility ReAwakened #4
 Colorado Springs

The night promised to be one of fanfare the likes of which have yet to be seen by the fans that were the reason the CWF existed. Hostility is in full swing, ReAwakened had started and C$J? He was…

C$J: Fuck it all.

Not having a good day. As opposed to having his trademark cocky smirk on his lips, his face is contorted in an expression of pure hatred, rage, and disbelief. He glares at the page in front of him as the cheers of the crowd filter into his office. None of it mattered. Hostility as of this moment, for all intents and purposes, was dead. Given the amount of enemies made in recent times, the sooner that happened, the better off he’d be. Finishing his drink, he puts the finishing touches on the important aspects of what he is doing. Deleting computer drives, grabbing hard copies of everything he needed to ensure that he would be able to disappear once again from the wrestling world, and get out of dodge before….

 ???: ReAwakened number four just started C. Dollar sign. J. Leaving so soon?

The voice. C$J grinds his teeth and tries to play nice. However, at this stage it was a pointless endeavor. Looking up from the piece of paper he was combing over to decide if it was worth keeping or not, C$J only flicks off the new CEO of the CWF, Jon Stewart before going back to what he was doing.

Jon Stewart: Oh please Chris, can I call you Chris? Not that it matters… Hand gestures such as that are such… Uncivilized ways of handling things.

C$J doesn’t know how he did it, he didn’t know how he got through all the legal chains, paperwork, and other things he did to prevent this very occurrence. However, while it was certainly an issue, and it wasn’t supposed to be the outcome; C$J did have a general plan on how to proceed. He has also been around long enough to know how mind games work. Why give Stewart the satisfaction of knowing he won? Nope, won’t happen. C$J will end up coming back to win the day, it wasn’t going to happen now, but in the future, down the road, and from a place that C$J doesn’t have to deal with the potential backlash. Stewart wants to fuck with his plans? So be it. C$J could do the same.

Jon Stewart: Cat got your tongue? It’s fine Ceej, I know how it goes. However, you should know that whatever crafty thing that you have planned as revenge against me, it won’t work. While you might think of everything that could potentially happen, every “x-factor” that could potentially throw a wrench into your plans, I can assure you that I am now, and will forever be one step ahead of you.

Typical bluff. It didn’t matter. C$J continues to work while Stewart prattles on. Let him think he won, he’ll regret it.

Jon Stewart: Well, I can see that I’m not really wanted here, that you have some more packing to do and I don't want to get in the way of your...

He looks down upon C$J's empty glass and the stench of the alcohol is almost visible throughout the room.

Jon Stewart: Process. It's a pity. For a show deemed to be, "reawakened," it certainly didn't last very long.

Without another word, Stewart gives one last triumphant smirk before turning on his heel and leaving C$J to his packing. Shutting the door behind him, Jon can't help but smile as he hears several choice curses and the unmistakable sound of a glass shattering approximately where he had been standing moments before. Some might call that a warning shot, but to Jon Stewart it was music to his ears.
Cyrus fuckin' Black.

I get kicked down off of my god damned pedestal I had built up for myself, coming in and saving the CWF from itself by giving it something to compete against. Giving it a reason to evolve into something bigger and better, and little did I know, my plan worked a little too well. Stewart one upped me but I have already vowed to have the proverbial last laugh in this twisted tale where somehow, the guy that for once in his overly corrupt life had the best of intentions.

Yet you all scoffed.

You all laughed.

You all poked and prodded, set me up for failure instead of rallying behind me, for my, nay, for OUR success. You cheered people like Jaiden Rishel who has vowed my destruction at his and Cyrus Black's hands. You waited for the day that someone, somehow would be able to get their hands on me.

Here we are.

Jon Stewart has come to all of your aid and carried out your command, knocking me from my pedestal I had built on the promise of making everything that it enshrouded BETTER. I was going to be the catalyst that brought about a golden age for the CWF the likes of which have only been the contents of a Rishel wet dream. I had the plans to make it all work, the prove that no matter what brand a star is from, Hostility or Evolution, the CWF produces the best week in and week out no matter the show you put on.

But here we are.

Cyrus fuckin' Black versus yours truly. Because I find myself in the position of being demoted to mere roster member or face the consequence of jail time for past misdeeds. Stewart is a crafty son of a bitch, though not entirely bright. He let's me pick my first opponent in Castle, a pushover that could be taken to the cleaner's by CWF's lowest rung star. After that all bets are off, I'm at the disposal of management as he sees fit. He laughs as Jaiden Rishel ambushes me from behind. He thinks it is cute.

Funny. One can almost hear his laughter, echoing like the annoying alarm call that it is.

But from day one, Jaiden has been a thorn in my side, recruiting, eliminating, and re-recruiting "help" for his cause. So that brings me to this week. Jon Stewart's first choice for my first test back in the ring in over a decade. Jaiden Rishel's last member of his "help." His... "Reason."

Cyrus fuckin' Black.

I have no respect for you as a roster member Black. Never did and now that I no longer have to play nice, held back by the constraints of the corporate world, I am free to express my true displeasure at the fact that your parents hooked up, and had the unfortunate mistake of... Whatever you claim yourself to be. To me?

You're nothing. Less than that, but even still, I feel like that wouldn't do much to express my genuine displeasure that for at least one more week, I have to suffer your existence. Here's the thing though, the thing that allows me to go to sleep every night and awaken the next day feeling refreshed. It keeps me going, drives me to make sure that come Evolution 45... I am the one that "cleanses" Cyrus fuckin' Black from this plane of existence.
General Café
Locale doesn't matter to you

The day is bright and C$J is grateful that at the very least, his idea of a "non-descript" appearance passed in this area of town. The café he was seated at was small and rinky dink, nothing to write home about and definitely not anything that C$J would be caught dead frequenting. However... His associate today insisted and C$J knew... If he wanted his help at this point, he had to play by his rules. It should be noted however, that C$J hates playing by other people's rules. It was very rare that he would allow it, either throwing money at the problem until it went away, or making the matter go away by any other mean necessary. Sure these methods led to deals going bad and C$J's name being on every list known to the underworld in the continental United States, but hey, that's business right?

Still, the juice was definitely worth the squeeze, C$J's sizable fortune spoke to that. With Jon Stewart prying his nose into C$J's business and finding out about all of it somehow? Well, this changes things. C$J wasn't dumb enough to have all of his eggs in one basket so to speak, but any contingency plan set up needed time in order for it to flower fully. Multiple were in effect, it was time to figure out which ones were poison, and which ones would lead to C$J's freedom to fight another day. His inner thoughts are interrupted as the person that insisted on the café finally shows his face. He sits down and removes a familiar fedora as C$J smirks.

C$J: Tobias. Good to see you again 'ol friend.

The Cajun is quiet, uncharacteristically so. Neither say another word as the waitress comes over and takes their order. C$J doesn't order anything, declining even water. Tobias on the other hand looks to C$J and breaks the awkward silence between them.

Tobias Deverauex: Is Tobias to assume this to be a business expense St. James?

C$J rolls his eyes behind his designer sunglasses, though not as flashy as he's used to.

C$J: Fine, whatever, the check is on me, make your order please.

Tobias smiles and orders himself a healthy sized breakfast platter. C$J only looks on, his revulsion easily revealed by the look of disgust on his face. Tobias only smiles coyly back but remains silent.

C$J: Right. Well then. It appears that Stewart has found out about some of my past... Misdealings, deals gone bad, and whatever else. He has my name and my nuts on a silver platter for whomever wants them and we both know how many people are on that list. I need your help Tobias, I need to disappear and I need it done quickly. Stewart has me contractually obligated through Twilight of the Gods, which gives Jaiden plenty of time to get to me. Bastard already attacked me once.

Tobias Deveraux: I 'ppreciate the call mon amie, but what does dis have to do with ol' Tobias?

It's C$J's turn to smile before he replies.

C$J: My friend, don't you remember the premise behind Dirty Money Inc.? One of us goes down...

Tobias' smile falters slightly and a dark look shrouds his eyes.

Tobias Deveraux: We both go down.

His voice is hesitant but he nods and shakes C$J's hand as CWF's newest roster member drops a couple bills on the table. He picks a few more from his wallet and drops them in front of Tobias.

C$J: For expenses. I appreciate it. Let me know when all preparations are in order. I need to disappear from here and all strings linking me to any misdoings are cut, severed, and essentially knotted away neatly, away from me. You have my full support Tobias, I have complete faith in you.

C$J turns and leaves the little café at that moment, ignoring the onlookers, the fact that Tobias was starting the process of making C$J disappear and reappear on an island somewhere. Hopefully someplace with sun, this travel schedule has been nothing short of chaotic and C$J's tan was suffering.
Do you get the irony of it all yet Cyrus?

You were hired by Jaiden to take me out, to be "the reason" I was to fail. As it turns out, Jon Stewart is the man that you can thank for me failing and in terms of yours and Jaiden's mission? It's a lost cause. Look at me, I'm defunct, I'm no longer the CEO of this place and yet your fearless leader continues to try and take me out on a regular basis. Is this part of your cleansing Cyrus? Is this how you raze the Earth of people like me?


I've fought and won against tougher opponents than you and your little pussbag of a leader combined, and yet you still come to me like you're a threat. You come to me like I should feel worried and quake in my boots about the mere mention of your name. You are all about the symbology of flames and thrones, lighting things on fire, and claiming that you're about to cleanse the world of all the "bad things" yet if you were to look at things from my perspective, I think you're being quite the prototypical "bad guy" here Cyrus fuckin' Black.

So come at me with your motorcycle game meant to inspire fear. Bring all of your words of cleansing and bringing the fire down, turning me into ash, and rebuilding something so much better than before. The thing is Cyrus fuckin' Black is that I've been through all of it before. Worse people than you have tried to put me through trials and tribulations, meant to burn me to a crisp, enjoying the fact that I fell and never returned.

The issue with that story Cyrus fuckin' Black is the fact that when I fall, I come back and I hit way harder than before. So come at me when you think I'm at my lowest and I promise you Cyrus. Fuckin'. Black.





Take that to the bank, deposit it into your account, and treasure it for years to come Black. That's the closest you'll ever come to a million dollar promise coming close to touching anything of yours. I look forward to our meeting come Evolution. I hope you come to prove to the world how much you mean to Jaiden and his "Reason." I hope you bring that Cyrus, because I look forward to seeing the look on Jaiden's face when I destroy you in the middle of that ring. You want me scared of The Reason? Nah, it's time you both realize that you need to be scared of the man who was just put on the roster with nothing left to lose. The boss that everyone had a target on? They just took away any and all reason for "The Boss" to hold back.

C$J the owner of CWF is long gone Cyrus fuckin' Black.

Christopher St. James.

God's Gift to Everything.

Mr. #1derful.

The Personification of Perfection. Trademarked back in 2012 Starr, so don't even start crap...

HE is the one that you have to contend with now. The owner? He couldn't touch you, couldn't lay his hands on you without some lawyer down the lane getting an erection and itching to stick it in his business. You effectively saw to it that he vacated this area.

Welcome to my world now. I'll excuse you if you don't start running scared. God may have given you some wrestling talent, but he certainly didn't give you any brains, Black. No worries though, after I beat you, you will be able to retire on the fact that you once shared the ring with the one and only.

C. Dollar Sign. J.

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