Title: [CD] Complete Ataxia of the Heart (Az - Eat your <3 out)
Featuring: Mia Rayne
Date: Does it matter?
Location: The Rabbit Hole


Never loved us.

Manipulated us. Lied to us. And is somehow under the delusion that he was responsible for Cheshire handing Shadow the World Title.

Yet people say that we are the crazy ones.

It should be expected though. Ataxia was CWF's resident psycopathic crazy person before we came along and took that role from him and ran with it right? Are all of your memories back Tax? Are... Are you sure that they are?

Was showing lil' ol' me your face, no mask, no hiding, no nothing a ploy, another trick in your arsenal of mind games?

Were you expecting me to leave?

Are you expecting me to come back on my hands and knees, expecting a heartfelt reunion only to give you the chance to hurt me more than your so called "sick and twisted" mind ever could when you rip my heart out and stomp on it?

Here's the thing about messing with the crazy chick Tax, and you'll want to learn this lesson real quick since obviously, you want to go down a path in this rabbit hole that you should stray so very far away from. The crazy chick never expects a fairy tale ending. They don't expect to be swooned, or swept off their feet, all of their hopes and dreams finally coming to light. What they expect?

Is the worst. They expect a cacaphony of cataclysms when things start going too good to drown out even your most demented laugh. Your "master plan" of wooing me? The one that you blew your own whistle on?

Should have waited to spoil that one Tax: You verifying it for me only confirms in my head that you aren't the person we thought you were. Do you know what this means?

This means feelings like "love" and "friendliness" go out the window. This means that when you and I meet face to face, and Ataxia make no mistake, we WILL meet face to whatever mask you decide to wear on that day; and you will see that we are not just some easily manipulated girl that you can run roughshod over.

We are Mia and when people hurt us, we have a tendency to make sure that we hurt everyone else back.

No Ataxia, we don't expect you to be intimidated. We expect you to be curious. We expect you to come to us. We know that after you're done with Shadow, you'll be looking to tie up your loose ends from your previous charade. Do you have what it takes to come to my realm?

The CWF is lucky to have you Tax, really and truly. We are sure that you have played savior enough times to warrant the title. You know what they say though, "live long enough as the hero, and you'll see yourself become the villain." And you know what Ataxia? You're definitely a villain at this point. Do you think you manipulated this story enough to make us a good enough hero to take you down?

This... This will be fun.

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