Title: A Change Of Heart...And Motivation.
Featuring: Scourge
Date: April 4th, 2019
Location: A hospital, town unknown
Show: Vertigo 2019

“I can’t believe I’m about to do this. This is probably a terrible decision. That said, I’m tired of crazy lady following me around, so here goes nothing.”

We fade in on the person who uttered those words, and it is the man audiences know as Scourge. However, it is apparent we are dealing with the real-life Marius Manson today, as he is not showing his face to the camera much if it at all and he is outside of a hospital. He makes his way past the reception desk, and turns to hit the nearest elevator. He heads up to the ninth floor, then makes his way down the hall to room ninety-one forty-five. He lets out a slight but audible sigh and knocks on the door. A male voice on the other side of the door says to enter, which he does. The late middle-aged man, probably about fifty-five to sixty seems very surprised to see Marius. After a few moments of silence, the man smiles slightly and speaks first.

“Please Marius, have a seat. I know this isn’t the ideal situation for you and you certainly don’t owe me anything. That said, I appreciate that you’ve decided to come, even if it ends up just being to rail on me in person. I’d rather that than nothing.”

“You’re right John, it’s not easy for me and I definitely don’t owe you anything. I think you know why I’m here.”

“I assume to give me that verbal vitriol I mentioned a moment ago.”

“What? No. I mean, I’m sure it’ll happen some with everything that’s happened between us over the years, but that’s not the primary reason.”

“Oh. Well I’m assuming it’ll take more than one visit for us to get to any form of ‘good terms’, so I must say I’m not sure why the initial visit unless that’s your plan.”

“I’m not ruling it out at this point, but that’s not it either. We’ll get to that in due time. I’m here to ask you to tell your wife to stop stalking me.”

“Wait, what? Is that what she’s been up to lately? I noticed she’s been leaving the hospital more frequently, but I swear I hoped and believed she’d just been going home to rest.”

“You really didn’t know she was following me?”

“Marius, I promise I didn’t. I know I’ve not been good to you over the years, and that’s something I must take to my grave whether we patch things up or not. But I promise you I HAVE changed, as I’m sure you know from your brothers and sisters. I would never do something like that to you now. Has she approached you at all?”

“Not directly. She did film me and pay someone in the CWF editing team to splice it into my promotional stuff. But she hasn’t spoken to me in person yet no.”

“Good. Listen Marius, I know that we have a long way to go before we can get anywhere near the same page. But I’m asking you, if nothing else comes from this visit, to do me one father-son favor.”

“What’s that?”

“Please call me if you catch her continuing this. I can’t change who I used to be with you, but I’d at least like to help you with this while I can. I knew she was taking your dismissal of my invitations to meet harshly, but I had no idea she’d gone off like that. I’m truly sorry about all of this.”

“You know what? I believe you John. You’re right, this isn’t going to be an easy process, but I appreciate you backing off a few weeks ago and giving me some space to think this over. The more time I’ve spent with the other kids, especially the young ones, I think I’m ready to give this a try. I can’t promise there won’t be some harsh times, but if you’re willing to try it I am.”

“I understand. I’m ready to face the music. But first we need to sort out this mess with Jackie. I can’t believe she’s gone that far with this.”

“Do you want to see the footage?”

“No, but I feel like I should, so let’s do this.”

Scourge pulls out his cell phone and pulls up the CWF website. He loads up the piece he did that Jackie highjacked. The look on John’s face is one of such shock and absolute horror that it’s very hard to imagine it being fake. It’s very clear at this point that Jackie has gone into business for herself, despite saying ‘we’ during the speech. It’s obvious from Scourge’s body language that he realizes this too, as he just shakes his head.

“Marius, I’m so sorry about this. We’ve got so much to work through as it is, without this on top of it. I promise I will handle this for you. She will not bother you again.”

“Thank you, John, I appreciate that. Listen, I have to go grab my gear for the fellas with me to film some business stuff. You get some rest for now, because I will be back to see you again. When I am, the tough stuff starts if you’re feeling up to it.”

“I’ll be ready for you. It’s the least I can do after all of this alone.”

“Thanks. -patting John on the hand- We might just make it after all old man.”

“-smiling- I hope so.”

With that, Scourge turns and heads for the door, the cameraman following behind him. Once the reach the parking garage, Scourge heads for his nearby car. He reaches in the backseat into his bag and puts his mask on before turning to fully face the camera for the first time. He then begins speaking.

“I appreciate everyone’s patience. I wasn’t sure about filming these types of things but given the hack job we discussed just now and my past pieces, I figured everyone should see the remaining chapters in the story. I’ve brought you this far along the path, it’s only right you get to see the light at the end of the tunnel as well. But that’s not what this portion of the piece is meant to be about, so let us move on from that. What you’re all curious about are two things going on in the world of the man when he’s wearing his mask.

The first are my thoughts on the attack I suffered during my match last week, and the man responsible for it. Johnny Graves, who is apparently on some sort of crusade to save wrestling from monotony and boredom. I find that slightly amusing coming from a guy who ripped off the move he used to put me down from about a dozen more famous and much better wrestlers than he’ll ever be. So, Johnny, you have a problem with me, do you? Or do you just have a problem with CWF in general? I really don’t give a damn which it is to be honest, because I now have a problem with YOU!

Congratulations, you’ve awakened something in me that has been lacking the past month or so with my personal issues lingering. You’ve awakened the Alpha of the Omega. You’ve awakened Darkness Incarnate. You’ve awakened the full power that putting this mask on affords me. Make no mistake about this Johnny, there WILL be repercussions. There WILL be backlash for your moronic decision. You picked a fight with a tank, while you’re pulling up in a Pinto. Good luck winning that fight Johnny. See you soon, that’s a promise.

But now we need to talk about my immediate future. This week I’m going one on one with a newcomer to CWF, Ciara Kennedy. I must say, this is my first time clashing with the lady folk of CWF. However, Moe Davis I am not. You signed up to wrestle here, men and women. That was your decision to make and I respect it. However, that doesn’t mean you get a free pass or a laydown from me. An opponent is an opponent and a win’s a win.

A win is also what I happen to need right now, and I’m coming to claim it at your expense Ciara. Congratulations on your new contract, I look forward to seeing your journey through the company after this week. Unfortunately for you, this week your journey brings you into the path of destruction that is my comeback tour. I’ve grown quite tired of failing myself, and I have no intention of doing so again this week. You and I are going to fight Ciara, and I’m going to fight you just like any other opponent.

I’m going to fight you with every fiber of my being, until I’m victorious or until I can’t get up anymore. Either way, I’m getting the win. I either beat you and walk out on my own power, or you beat me until I can hardly breathe. But remember this Ciara…if I go down, I’m taking you with me. The days of me being beaten week after week have come to an end, and unfortunately that’s going to be at your expense Ciara.

Of course, I know I’ll lose again eventually. But it won’t be any time soon, and it sure as hell won’t be at Vertigo. I’m done playing around, and I’m done letting my personal life interfere with my success in the ring. Ciara, I hope you’re not afraid of the dark, because at Vertigo, Darkness Falls upon you. And as for you Johnny? Go ahead and try to stick your nose in my business again, I dare you. Not only will it be the last thing you do in CWF, it may be the last thing you do without the aid of a wheelchair.

I am the right hand of Justice herself. I am the Alpha of the Omega. I am Darkness Incarnate. I…am…Scourge…and I am reborn as of Vertigo.”

Scourge goes to open the back door of his car and put away his mask, when an eerily familiar female voice is heard echoing through the parking garage.

“So, you’ve come to gloat about what you’ve done to us, have you Marius? Come to laugh in the face of a dying man who tried to teach you some respect, but clearly failed? You are disgusting you pissant! How DARE you show your face around US!?”

Scourge chuckles audibly and turns around, opting to keep his mask on so he can stare her directly in the eye without concern about the camera still rolling.

“How delusional have you become, Jackie? Did you even hear a single thing that you just said? First off, your dying husband asked me several times to come here and see him, I didn’t just show up out of the blue. Second, I didn’t come here to laugh at him at all. I decided to give reconciliation a chance. Third, how are you going to deny that what he did was wrong when he himself has owned up to that being the case? And finally, I came here mostly to ask him if he knew that you’d been pulling this bulls**t on me. Unsurprisingly given your behavior, he was as taken aback as I was. So if I were you, I would stay far away from me, and go apologize to your dying husband for potentially ruining the reconciliation he’s so desperately hoping to get before he leaves this place.”

“You bastard! It’s not enough you shamed us in public and lied about our intentions with you, but now you’re turning my own husband against me? I should give you one more lesson about manners here and now.”

“But you won’t, because I’m not a scrawny ten-year-old anymore, Jackie. I’m a seven-foot-tall, three-hundred-pound monster of a man who isn’t afraid to knock your teeth down your throat if you come within arm’s reach of me, you nasty old witch. Go visit your husband, before he changes his mind about still wanting you around.”

With that, Scourge removes his mask in the backseat, gets in the car, and peels out, leaving Jackie standing there seething.


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