Title: an animal's revenge
Featuring: Moe Davis
Date: 4.6.19
Location: Denver, CO / Washington, D.C.
Show: Vertigo 2019

FADE IN to an uninspired, yet comfortable, chain hotel in downtown Denver.

Insite the hotel is “Go-Go” Moe Davis.

Moe lays out on his hotel bed, gym wear and flip-flops on top of the covers With a Band-Aid on his forehead, Moe licks his wounds after the beating he took from Freddie Styles last Tuesday at Evolution.

He holds an ice pack to his head, another ice pack on his knee, as he watches TV, the movie The Devil’s Advocate, Al Pacino’s 3rd act monologue.

He’s a sadist. He’s an absentee landlord. Worship that?...Never!

The movie is interrupted by the jingle of a cellphone. Moe reaches for the nightstand and answers.

Moe Davis: Hello?


Moe Davis: Harris? Whatsup?

Harris Jones: What happened out there?

On the other line, is Harris Jones. Young, black, educated, ambitious, and most importantly, he is Moe’s…agent? manager? advisor? brand consultant? All of the above. And, somehow also, none of the above.  

Harris sits behind a clean, organized desk made from a dark, heavy wood in a sleek downtown Washington, D.C. office. Glass surrounds the building, revealing a view of The Washington Monument and The U.S. Capitol Building.

Moe Davis: What happened? You didn’t watch the show?

Harris Jones: I just know that it didn’t go down.

Moe Davis: Thanks for taking an interest in your client’s work.

A beautiful secretary knocks at Harris’ door. He waves her in, gives her a flirtatious smile as she places a folder into his desk inbox. She shoots him stone serious daggers as she walks out.

Harris Jones: Something came up. What happened?

Moe Davis: Oh, nothing. Just some guy named Freddie, trying to make an example out of me.

Harris Jones: And what does that have to do with you attempting the world record?

Moe Davis: He jumped me from behind before I could do it.

Harris Jones: Is that what happened?

Moe Davis: Yeah, that’s what happened.

Harris Jones: It sounds like you’re letting somebody fuck up your money.

Moe’s voice goes up a couple of decibels.

Moe Davis: Whoa whoa whoa, this isn’t about money.

Harris Jones: Maybe for you. It’s all about money for me. You know how many endorsements you lost out on? Live event money. Instagram money. This ain’t rolling around on a school gym mat like we used to do back in high school. CWF is full of animals. Eat or be eaten? Can you handle that?

Moe Davis: You know I can handle that, moe.

Harris Jones: Are you going to let the Freddie’s of the world dictate your future?

Moe Davis: Heeelll no!

Harris Jones: What would you do to Freddie if you had him in the ring?

Moe Davis: I would do what he did to me, twice over.

Harris Jones: Consider it done.

Moe: What?

Harris Jones: At Vertigo. It’s going to be you and Freddie Styles.

Moe Davis: Okay. I like that.  

Harris Jones: …and Johnny Graves. And Zac van Owen. For the Impact Championship.

Moe pauses the movie and sits up. The ice pack falls off his knee.

Moe Davis: You got me a title shot?

Harris laughs.

Harris Jones: I got you a title shot.

Moe jumps out of bed and pumps his fists like it’s the most exciting news he’s heard all day.

Harris Jones: There is one catch.

Moe pauses.

Moe Davis: What is it?

Harris stands up out of his chair. A diminutive, but muscular frame fills out an expensive pinstripe suit. He walks over to the office window, stares at the city.

Harris Jones: It’s in a cage.

Moe goes silent.

Harris Jones: Can you be an animal?

Moe slowly hangs up the phone. He sits with his elbows on his thighs, head to the ground. He contemplates his next challenge.  

MOE DAVIS: Freddie Styles. I can see the pressure getting to you. I might let the pressure get to me, too, if I was the most wanted men in CWF. As if you haven’t pissed off enough people, you wanted to add me to the list. The Freddie Styles that hit me with a chair in a match and attacked me backstage at Evolution was not the Freddie Styles I thought I knew. I thought Freddie Styles was straight shooter. I thought Freddie Styles was a professional.

But, no.

Freddie Styles is just a sensitive thug who needs a hug.

But why so sensitive, Freddie? Could it be because you saw a younger, faster opponent? Was it a “crabs in a barrel” thing? Did you feel threatened that I was going to take your  spot? Our match at EVO 46 may be listed as a DQ victory for Moe Davis in the box score, but in everybody’s memory, it’s the night Freddie Styles realized Moe Davis was the better man.

Ya’ know, a wise woman once told me, “The best revenge is your paper”.

At Vertigo, I’m gonna’ get the best revenge I can think of…and that’s by winning the Impact Championship! Freddie. Johnny. Zach. This Tuesday, when I climb out of that cage before you, all you’ll be able to say is…watch. The Kid. GO!


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