Title: Chronicles of Duce: Part 2
Featuring: Duce Jones
Date: April 6, 2019
Location: Key West, Florida
Show: Vertigo 2019


“I thank I made em mad y'all..” I say as stare into the handheld camera that is positioned on the counter once again. “Ask me if I give a fuck..” I take a moment for the viewers to get the question out. “I don't...”

I pace from left to right, thoughts slowly creeping through my brain.

“Y'right D-Ry… dat is tha difference… Where yo’ punk ass would bid yo’ time an’ creep through tha grass like a snake.. I'm comin’ at ya head first like a bull.. An’ it's fo’ dis very reason.. why I did what I did. I mean we could'a done tha whole respectable one on one match.. But where's tha fun in dat?”

A chuckle escapes my body.

“I get dat you at one point respected what I stood fo’ an’ all dat shit, but now tha real D-Ry.. is steppin’ tha fuck up.. an’ I love it. Y'see Danny tha only reason I did what I did is cause I like livin’ on tha edge.. Tha thrill of tha risk you take, make life worth livin’...”

I shrug my shoulders.

“Fuck it.. you only live once.. Gotta take chances.. gotta take risk an’ instead'a bidin' my time like a lil bitch.. I'll ratha’ snatch dis shit by tha balls.. Dat's where you come in D-Ry.. Y'see… granted you have ya background.. which quite honestly I respect but could give two fucks bout. You got somethin’ dat belongs t'me an’ I want it back..

I mean I could'a held off wit tha chain in tha kneepad trick.. but I wanted you to kno’ what I was capable of.. Give you a small taste of tha lengths I would go t'make becomin’ World Champion fo’ tha second time a reality. Besides.. we all kno’ confidence goes a long way.. Why else would I be in Key West, Florida.. preparin’ fo’ what literally could be tha biggest challenge of my career… only to turn around an’ compete fo’  one'a tha greatest prizes in my career..

But just like you try an’ dismiss me as some inferior bein’ t’you. Tha reality of tha matta’ is dat it was neva’ really bout you. It 's bout dat shiny piece'a metal dat sits comfortably on ya shoulda’. It's about tha fact dat you put ya dusty ass boot on my chest an’ fo’ dat reason alone is why I so desperately have put my hands on ya.”

A sinister grin begins to form within my lips.

“In dis business, sometimes sacrifices have t’be made.. We both kno’ dat, moreso you, given yo’ experience within dis profession.. Even if it means fo’ tha sake of shit not makin’ sense.  Y'wanna kno’ why I wanted an 'I Quit’ match? Because it's time fo’ so called legends like you, like Biff.. who thank tha world should just bow at ya feet cause ya been there an’ done dat.. it's time fo’ y'all t'step aside.

Dis a new era, ol’ school.. we take what tha fuck we want. By any means necessary.. I mean dat in tha most sincerest of ways.. You can always respect tha legacy, but you really don't have t'respect tha man… right? Specially one who gets in his chest an’ wanna call ya a cunt..”

I shake my head.

“Seriously what's up wit all tha name callin’? I'm stupid, a cunt, amongst countless otha’ thangs.. I was always taught dat name callin’ was fo’ lil kids who neva’ got their way. I'm sensin’ just a bit'a dat energy floatin’ off ya, bruh. If you had it yo’ way, I'd probably be off somewhere wit my thumb up my ass, givin’ someone else a headache. But here I am, bringin’ tha fight t’you, as if we've known each otha’ fo’ years on end..

I hate sitting at the back of the line, I always gotta be first and come Tuesday.. afta’ I'm done slayin’ Moby Dick.. I'm gonna walk into Denver and I'm gonna beat ya ass.. not because I hate ya. Not because I thank your're some evil villian or some shit.. It's just.. I'm sick of guys like you who walk right in an’ namesake themselves t’tha top. Where someone like me, had to do unspeakable thangs to get where I'm at now..

Fight. Scratch. Claw. Blood. Sweat. Tears.∆

All dat shit! I've done too much fo’ dis company fo’ some outsida’ t’waltz right in wit’out a care in tha world t’tha very environment he's stepped into. Only focusin’ on tha main prize as if tha rest of us are peasants or obsolete. It's what you represent dat I'm not cool wit. I've seen it time and time before. Guys like you come here, thank thangs are easy pickin’s. Basically flap ya dick at tha school competition and keep movin’ as if there's really no purpose because you're at where you're at.

Then there's the lil nobody.. dat no one gives tha credit where tha credit is due. But he ignores it and keeps pushin’, keeps fightin’, keeps thrivin’… cause he knows what's at stake. He knows tha ramifications of his action because he's a man who stands on his ten toes bout every word dat he says and every move dat he makes.”

I stare deeply and menacingly into the camera.

“I get it.. I've riled up the beast and I should be afraid because you have no bounds to tha lengths of what you could possibly do to me. Blah. Blah. Blah.. Heard it all before.. I've had my ass kicked numerous times.. my faced sliced up in ways dat will make Freddy Kruger shudder. Countless head injuries, fucked up knee, all types of otha’ shit. But I'm here, showin’ up every night, fightin’ fo’ what I believe in. And that's what's best for the CWF..

It's not some washed up 90’s wrestler who wants to still dwell on past accomplishments as if they mean shit in tha present. It's not some has been who thanks just because his back account is lined up wit comas dat he's warranted t’tha red carpet treatment.. Naw.. There's a new wave on tha horizon an’ D-Ry you're just in tha way.. You're nothin’ more than a bully, who's a disgrace t’tha CWF World Championship.. and dat's who we want representing our company? Someone who likes to make fun of someone because of tha way they speak.. as if he has a degree in teachin’ literature.

Let's be clear on tha English language.. I don't give a fuck bout it, I don't give a fuck bout how ‘mentally challenged’ I may sound when I speak. At tha end'a tha day, you still don't make sense to a bunch'a British muthafuckas across tha pond. Or how bout those Aussie fuckas  who got different meanin’s fo’ different shit. It's tha way of tha world.. just cause someone don't articulate t’yo’ standards doesn't mean they know anymore or any less..

I get it though.. you're a relic of tha past tryna make a future when you shudda just been somewhere enjoyin’ a margarita or some bullshit.”

I take a step back and wipe the perspiration from my face.

“Y’see yo’ days are long gone, tha days of you getting praised t’be World Champion and only holdin’ tha title fo’ tha sake of holdin’ tha title are over. It's time fo’ a champion who thrives on bein’ tha best in dis company. Not havin’ it as an afterthought as I go and get employed by another company..

You cater t’brangin’ honor t’yo’ name, where I thrive on brangin’ honor to my home. You're basically dat one cousin who's supposed t’only stay fo’ tha weekend and end up stayin’ well past dat.. tha difference is dat I do my talkin’ in tha rang. I only respond when spoken to and you damn right I took tha cheap way out in tha tag match, cause I wanted to expose you fo’ tha fraud dat you are..

Respect from my peers is a lost cause, cause in dis business everyone wants t’be on top. Especially when their my age, you've been down dat road.. you've done thsngs your way and it's got you t’where you are in your career now.. Bravo…”

I mockingly applaud.

“Tha truth of tha matter is dat I'm tied of these so called 'legends’ dat someone is supposed to be afraid of… Like I'm supposed to check yo’ background like you checked mines.. we both kno’ tha answer.. truth is dat we are two men walkin’ into a match fo’ tha spot of King of tha Mountain. Dat rightful spot at tha top, and I love to tell ya dat your days are over. It's time t’put tha past in tha past and time fo’ tha future t’shine bright.

When I'm done with you, tha Denver Police Department are gonna be tryna lock me up for a Battery and Assault. Not because I hate you.. cause I clearly don't. But like I've stated, it's what you represent. I hold you t’tha same standards of Mike Best an’ Eric Dane but when it comes t’you guys, it's like using oil to put out a fire.. Pointless.. but these are tha legends we look up too.. tha men who have paved tha way fo’ tha younga generation. But I get it, technically in wrestlin’ years you're not old. But your highly experienced an’ qualified an’ wit dat said alone, I kno’ what to expect an’ dat's tha unexpected..”

I run my fingers through my locks as my teeth glisten a bit.

“There’s been a lot of folks who have taken me lightly an’ dat's where they've failed. But you D-Ry.. naw I've woken a monster inside of you dat I can't wait t’have some fun wit.. An’ all of dis frustration and pain dat has been built inside of me is gonna come stormin’ down on you. Brangin’ you so much hurt and anguish dat you'll wonder who's personally talkin’ in my ear..

There's no fancy way of puttin’ dat I'm gonna beat yo’ ass until you're squealin’ fo’ me t’stop. Beggin’ me t’let up off ya.. wonderin’ where so much anger could possibly be comin’ from… an’ it's all because ya placed ya funky ass boot on my chest. But see you didn't know me then.. but now it's time to introDuce ya.. tha best way t’do dat is by making you say those two words…”

With that, I end the feed, done with everything I had to say pertaining to Dan Ryan. I knew in his mind, that he didn't take me lightly and that was just the way I wanted it.

These were the moments I prepared my whole entire life for. To stand tall and proud as the true champion of a great company. Not just some other cocksucker using a federation as a way to boost my social status.

I would live and die for the company I loved and this week was gonna be no different. At the end of the night, it all was gonna be left in the ring. Two warriors battling till one is no longer able to continue. Beaten down to the point where being a prisoner of war would seem like a better option.

I lied on my the bed, inside of my hotel room, trying to focus on the task at hand.. two Hall of Fame legends in less than forty-eight hours and little ole rookie me was gonna try and put the both of them in their place. Showing the both of them that sometimes, it doesn't matter about what your legacy was, but more about what have you done for me lately. And truth be told the both of these guys were wasted space in a hungrier new generation.

It was never anything personal, it's just the way the cookie crumbles. A circle of life if you will, because no matter how great you were, the old always have to make room for the new.

I had never been so ready to step inside of a ring before in my life. Too many folks underestimate the talent that I have, the drive and determination that I bring to the ring on a nightly basis. I'm only just the rookie who's good, but still have light-years to improve. Unlike Graves I'm not here to run my mouth on false prophecies of being World Champion. No. I'm here to let my fist and knees do the talking, because that's what it's made for. An instrument to do battle with and when it's all said and done the naysayers will be woke to my true potential.

The thought of that sounded good to me as I nodded my head. My attention suddenly grabbed as there is a knock on my door.

Sitting up and rising from the bed, I make my way towards the door and open it. Standing there is Pops and Byson who are both holding brown bags full of beers.

“I got the sense that you might need to get out on the town and enjoy yourself before your big matches coming up. Don't need you being too focused.”

“He's right, you remember what happened the last time you had your one tracked mind.”

They were right, the last time out I was so focused that I took my eyes off the prize. Besides who doesn't wanna see women walk around town with bikinis on. I might be in a relationship, but ain't nothing wrong with looking right?

“Y'all right, don't need my head bein’ kicked off cause I had tunnel vision.”

With that, I was off to enjoy my night, however Big Bifford and Dan Ryan were both firmly in the back of my mind, and at the end of the day.. my eyes were still on the prize.


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