Title: Kryptonite... Funny...
Featuring: Clark Steele
Date: June 9, 2018
Location: Osaka, Japan
Show: Evolution 23

An exquisite hotel room is where our scene begins. Clark Steele is seen packing a suitcase as if preparing for travel. Walking over to a nightstand, he picks what looks like passports up, and begins to shuffle through them. After the quick once over, he places them inside of his suitcase as well. Pacing around the room, he gives it a good once over before making sure he's gathered all of his belongings.

Decked out in an Armani custom made suit, Clark grabs his things and heads for the exit of the room. A sense of forgetfulness comes over him as he pauses, turning around for a dresser set that has a championship belt sitting on it. Smacking himself upside the head, he grabs it and flings it over his shoulder. With an arrogant smirk on his face, he finally leaves the room. Coming to an elevator, he presses the down button, summoning the elevator.


The bell dings alarming Clark of the elevator's arrival to his floor. The sliding doors opening Clark makes his entrance pressing the button for the ground floor. Dealing with the corny music playing within, he's grateful as his destination is finally reached. That is quickly turned to annoyance as he is barrage with a gang of Japanese interviewers waiting to get a few words from the newly crowned HEC International Champion.


Inaudible words are thrown at Clark as he tries to make his way through the sea of reporters. One finally able to get him to stop for a comment.


Clark Steele: You!


He said pointing to the blonde haired female reporter.


Clark Steele: You obviously speak English, besides I know you..


Snapping his fingers to jog his memory, he finally comes to a conclusion.


Clark Steele: Cindy right?


With a shameful look, she calmly replies.


Cynthia Hall: Cynthia… My name is Cynthia Hall and I'm with the Pro Wrestling Inq…


Clark Steele: Doesn't matter…. I'm on a really tight time schedule. So if you could get your questions out of the way.


With a cameraman positioned behind her, she shoots with her first question.


Cynthia Hall: What a night it has been for you, defeating Kyoto Okazaki for the very title.. What are your thoughts on your huge victory?


Clark Steele: Thoughts? I told Okazaki that I was going to fuck him up, and that's exactly what I did.


Cynthia Hall: Alright then, next question. Tuesday night you are set to make your debut for Championship Wrestling Federation, any comments on that?


Clark stares at Cynthia for a moment, pondering the question.


Clark Steele: To make a debut, would mean that I have plans on staying with that company. That is furthest from the truth, I've only agreed to lend my talents to the company for brief period of time. You see my main goal is to walk out on top at Golden Intentions. Tuesday night is just a new constellation prize for them, by my gracing their ring with my presence.


Cynthia Hall: I'm hearing that you are scheduled to go against Xander Haze… Do you have anything to say about that?


Clark Steele: Ah yes, Xavier Hays, the psycho gimp, or the gimp, or whatever he calls himself.. We are talking about the guy with the arm thing, right?


Cynthia Hall: Yes..


Clark Steele: The guy that's got the “CP” thing?


Cynthia Hall: That's the one.


Clark Steele: Just making sure.. That place has so many sideshow freaks signed to their company, Wringling Brothers would be offended. You know something Sylvia.


Cynthia Hall: Cynthia.


Clark Steele: Whatever.. After I beat the shit out of Okazaki for this belt, a tape was delivered to me. And on this tape it was Xavier spewing a bunch of gibberish, that quite honestly was irrelevant. See kid, what you fail to realise is that, life might be about storylines. But inside of that ring, it's about whether you can fight or not. Just a small FYI, I also have a condition. It's called not giving a fuck..


Cynthia seems taken aback by the comment, but Clark keeps going.


Clark Steele: I do not give a fuck about your condition.. I do not give a fuck if you parents neglected you. I do not give a fuck that your brothers tortured you. This is professional wrestling son, and it's time for you to grow a pair. You wanna talk about being my kryptonite, kid you better keep reading the comics. Because this Man of Steele is going to bring a beating to your life so bad… That he's going to be calling mommy and daddy to come back home. Begging his brothers to torture him like they used too. Because the experience of Clark Steele is a thrill ride within itself. Make sure to bring your pen and notepad, cause I plan on taking you school. Teach you a few tricks of the trade, and maybe then people would take you more seriously. And not just as some freak with a condition. Tuesday will be the Evolution of Xavier Hays, when he steps into the ring with the Greatest Professional Wrestler of All Time, because he will just be that one step closer to immortality!


Clark Steele adjusts the championship belt on his shoulders, brushing past Cynthia Hall.


Cynthia Hall: Clark Steele, ladies and gentlemen.


Clark steps outside of the Hilton Osaka, the nightlife of Osaka buzzing from the recent event that just took place. Clark waits at the curb, pulling his phone out of his pocket. Unlocking it, and hurriedly place a call. The other end being answered almost instantly.


Clark Steele: Hello, yes.. You know that reservation for Steele? Yea, that one. Can you cancel that? Cool…


With a press of a button, he ends the call as a taxi pulls up. Clark motions for the trunk to be opened as he places his suitcase inside. Opening the back door, he gets inside, speaking to the driver.


Clark Steele: Kansai International Airport..


Clark begins to shuffle through his phone once again as the taxi pulls off, heading for the airport. The scene soon fading to black.

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