Title: Rise From The Ashes Like A Phoenix... [Hostility]
Featuring: Nina
Date: April 4, 2018
Location: Puerto Rico




Three words that have been associated with V.E.N.O.M ever since they're debut on a national platform in professional wrestling, thanks to Championship Wrestling Federation. But now the three were signed to the upstart brand or return rather of Hostility.  Nina proudly holding the Aversion Championship for the better part of a month.

At the upcoming event, produced by Hostility: Re-Awakened 3… Nina was chosen to set forth on another journey.. one that had “GRAND” implication. However there was a familiar roadblock.

One that has heart… one that has will… one that is relentless on retribution.. the “Beautiful Psychopath” Autumn Raven…

As the scene fades in, we find ourselves within the rubbles of a horrific aftermath.. A small neighborhood of houses where families formerly lived are nothing more than a barren wasteland. Stores missing half of their rooftops as the drone hovers over the area. Trees are mere splinters in the former wilderness that sat behind the neighborhood, cars left abandoned, no longer able to operate due to severe water damage.

The carnage left in Maria's wake is devastating, however amongst the rubble and debris, standing on top of one of the old corner stores is Espinoza, Nina and Martinez. The trio are decked in their normal gear, the Cobra Emperitza stands front and centered, the Aversion Championship resting beautifully around her waist. The three boricuas stare intently into the drone as it descends down upon them, finally resting in front of them.

Nina: Are your eyes open yet? Have you awoken to what the truth really is? I don't think you have Autumn, I believe that you still have this urge to fight the good fight.. When in reality.. the fight is only with yourself. Autumn I admire you though.. your tenacity, your drive, your ambition… but it's all for naught as the end result will be the same.. No matter how hard you fight.. no matter how hard you claw.. V.E.N.O.M will be right there..

She smiles coyly as she looks at the Aversion title.

Nina: But it's not at the behest of your downfall.. No Ms. Raven, we are merely here to help you rise from the ashes.. See Autumn, you mistook us for a threat on your very being. That is not the case.. we are here to help those in need.. Show then the error of their ways.. Help guide them through the darkness, so that they may see the light.. And we see the light in you Autumn.. You may say.. you're chosen..

Nina looks to both Omar and Vince before staring off into the distance. Her pale white eyes, almost menacing as she continues on.

Nina: The truth of the matter is this.. No matter how many times we are place across from each other in that ring.. I'm going to torture your soul until you're begging me for absolution. Begging me to help free your soul from the pain and suffering.. Begging me to help guide you to the light..

She focuses on in the camera.

Nina: We'll accept.. because we do not judge… and it'll be GRAND!!!

Nina begins to laugh hysterically as her soldiers don't move a muscle. The drone begins to drift away as the three begin to survey their home island at the scene fades to black.

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