Title: [Hostility] Til Valhall (To Valhalla)
Featuring: Christer "Fenrir" Lundmark
Date: 03-Apr-2019
Location: Unknown

The picture fades in to a room, the background clad in black velvet. In front of the is stands a tall, blond, bearded man, clearly of Scandinavian descent, but it is not Christer Lundmark, who everybody had expected. With a sombre look on his face he takes a deep breath and begins to speak with a strong Swedish accent.

Simon Cederbergh: God afton, good evening. As you can see, I am not Christer Lundmark. My name is Simon Cederbergh, some of you might recognize me as one of the Druids of The Shadow.

You may have heard a few weeks ago that Christer’s father had a stroke and was in an artificial coma in Kiruna. Christer had stayed here to fight in the spirit of his father, but unfortunately things have not quite gone as planned. And he had asked me to convey this message.

He pulls out a folded piece of paper and looks at it for a moment. After a big sigh he looks past the camera.

Simon Cederbergh: Viktor, jag tror inte att jag kan göra det här. (Viktor, I don't think I can do this.)

From the off we can hear his brother.

Viktor Cederbergh: Jo det kan du. Han valde dig av en anledning. (Yes, you can. He chose you for a reason.)

Simon closes his eyes, takes another deep breath and begins to read.

Simon Cederbergh: "Dear Hostility, dear CWF family. I would like to apologize for having to take a sudden and yet open-ended leave of absence. My father Staffan has had a stroke a few weeks ago, but it was his wish that I would stay here and continue to fight while the doctors would take care of him. Unfortunately I have received word that he suffered a second stroke while being at the hospital and min mor, my mother, told me that things are not looking good for him.

I apologize to Mr. St. James, who believed I would be an asset to Hostility, to my opponent Nathan Paradine, to my allies Cyrus Black, Jaiden Rishel and the rest of The Reason. I had said that I am a man who would not break his word, but this situation does not leave me a different choice. My father is the strongest man I have ever met, braving the hardships, facing adversity, yet meeting it all head on, never faltering. It is my duty as a son to be with him, when he will step onto Naglfar to sail towards--

His voice breaks for a moment.

Simon: --he will step onto Naglfar to sail towards Valhall.

I do not know how long it will take, but I will be back.

Again I am sorry, but I am now where I have to be.

Far Vel,


He lowers the letter, seemingly at the verge of tears. It looks as if he is trying to say something else, but instead just motions for the feed to cut and the picture switches to a black background with the following letters appearing:

"In memory of Staffan Lundmark (1956-2019)"

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