Title: [Hostility] I need a nightlight
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: Now
Location: This dark as hell box..thing
Show: Vertigo 2019


Autumn opened her eyes slowly, blinking away the tiredness that was there.  There was a light streaming in from the doorway across from her, providing the only slim source of light in there.  She shifted and stretched her legs out, wincing at the slight ache in them...and everywhere else too.  The last few...however long it had been since she had ended up here.  All she could remember last was Nina's face hovering close to hers and whispering those words to her before everything went dark.  Now she was here and she apparently had all the time in the world to think.  To plot, and to do god knows what.  Things were all messed up and there needed to be a right-ed pretty quick.

"Least you could have done was given me a candle or something, this darkness sucks honestly.  Christ I don't have any idea where the hell I am right now.  Don't know if that's a good thing or not."

Autumn sniffed, staring at her feet for a moment deep in thought, choosing her next words carefully.

"So this is where I end up after the end of that disaster.  I let Nina get a taste of these hands and feet, and she returns the favor before I got thrown over and landed against that guardrail.  Man that felt like a Mac truck hit me.  Next time throw a little to the left huh?"

She snorted, shaking her head a little.

"I wish I could have brought it home.  I really did.  What I don't understand is why a woman like you Nina needs a couple of Meatheads to do your dirty work for you.  Why not fight me without them?  I always see them everywhere.  They're like glue that just won't come off.  Why not crawl out f on under that Shadow and be your own person?  Just...why to all of it really.  I don't even know anymore"

A piece of lint was removed from her pants and discarded on to the floor without another word after that.  It was silent for a while longer as she stared at the door, thinking she heard footsteps coming towards her location.  When nothing came, she relaxed and continued on.

"When your backed into this kind of situation, what does one do.  How do you absolve this.  VENOM is hell bent on showing me the err of my ways.  They have done everything to make me see the light on this twisted little situation as it stands.  They play the games, I play them back but it does nothing it seems.  I do not know where to turn or what else to do in this situation...unless..."

She gets a strange smile on her face, fingers wiggling slightly.

"The voices of the dark, of the serpents, tell me what I must do.  Maybe the time has come to join with them and hear of what they have to tell me.  Maybe they have been right all along...this whole time...


is on my side..."

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