Title: I'll win like I always do.
Featuring: Pandalike
Date: 6/10/2018
Location: Tokyo
Show: Evolution 23


6 a.m.

Revenant’s apartment,



I opened my eyes, sweating from the nightmare I just had. I can’t remember what it was about though.


Light seeped in through the drawn curtains and fell on my bed. I turned around and looked at the time on my digital clock. 6:00 A.M flashed on the screen. I stayed on the bed looking up at the ceiling. Still having a hard time shaking off the nightmare. It felt familiar and yet I couldn’t recall it. My hand moved towards my face as my fingers felt the shape of the scar across my right eye. I do not know why I have it though. For some reason it felt important and yet it felt like it could wait. I sat up on my bed and started the pull the curtains away. I could see the city down from my apartment. Quite the view.


CWF pays well, gotta be thankful for that.


I get up and as I walk towards the bathroom a raging headache consumes me. Memories flashing in front of me. I fall unconscious on the ground.


Sometime in the Past.

In the Jungles of Africa.


A forest fire consuming everything around it. I could hear a voice.


That voice felt familiar.


That’s my voice.

I looked down and I was covered in blood. My hand pressed hard against the left side of my stomach. I was bleeding a lot. I start to move towards the trees. Walking down the dirt road towards the river. I kept screaming.


I reached the riverside and what I saw made me sick inside. Terror took over my legs and I stood still and watched as a wolf the size of a man had it’s jaws inside the guts of a woman. She looked at me with unfocused eyes. She was dead. Saraswati was dead.


9 A.M.

Revenant’s Apartment,



"Wake up! Shit is the spell wearing off?! Oi you better not die on me!"

This voice? Who is it? Where am I?

My vision slowly started to become clear as I looked up at Schamor’s concerned face. I was lying on the ground of my own apartment.

"What the hell happened?!"

"I just… I…"

What was that memory? Who was that girl? Did I know her?

Schamor helped me up my feet and made me sit on the bed. He kneeled down as he examined me and checked if I was okay.

"Now tell me what happened, Rev."

"I don’t really know. I woke up from this nightmare and I couldn’t remember it. I was going to the washroom and this raging headache came over me and… and…"

Schamor looked at me and encouraged me to continue.

"I saw what seemed like a memory from my past. I saw this place, a forest in flames and I was bleeding. I walked towards this river and then… I saw this woman being eaten by a massive wolf."

Schamor suddenly stood up as if I said something wrong. He looked at me almost terrified with what I was saying.

“I kept screaming this name. Saraswati.”

Schamor suddenly turned pale with the mention of that name. He slowly walked away from me as if I was a plague.

“Schamor?” I called out of concern

Schamor looked like he was going to be sick. He ran into the bathroom. I got up to follow him but he shut the door behind him. I could hear him vomiting inside the washroom.

What just happened? What does he know?

Schamor got out of the washroom looking like he aged 10 years in this short period of time.

I was going to ask him about Saraswati but he interrupted.

“You will not talk about this with me again. When the time comes you will know the truth.”

I didn’t want to hear no for an answer so I pursued him but the spell that he had on me made my lips stayed shut. I still have to follow his orders.

“It’s already 12 o’clock. We will meet up at the hotel restaurant at 2 p.m. Don’t be late.” Schamor said weakly.

Schamor slowly opened the front door and left.

More unanswered questions started to pile in my mind.

Why am I always left in the dark?


2 p.m.

Hotel restaurant.


I came through the double doors and immediately spotted Schamor lost in thought at one of the tables. I walked over and he notices me.

"So… You have made it. Take a seat."

I sat down across the table.

"Well, congratulations! You have won your first match. At least barely. You actually struggled a lot against a man who should have been an easy target. Sorry Revenant but you are progressing very slowly. I need you to start focusing on what needs to be done. I need results which means I need you to start winning matches. I understand you haven’t yet remembered how you fought before but I need the old fighter in you. The one who didn’t give a shit about anything but winning. I need that drive."

I looked at Schamor across the table and nodded. I guess having brought me back to life, I have been a disappointment to him. Not that I care much about how he felt but still… I need to take over CWF. I need to find answers.

"Fine. I’ll try my best."

Schamor sat up, looking satisfied with my answer.

"Well a win is still a win. This lunch is my treat. I hope you enjoy it."

I had rather he answered my questions then treat me to lunch but right now… I’ll let him have this.


6 p.m.

At the beach.

The camera pans over at a huge rock and sitting on top of it was Revenant. He threw small pebbles in to the ocean and then starts talking.

"I wish I could say I knew what I am doing. I wish I could say I know what my goals are. But having given my fate to destiny I do not hold the answers to these questions anymore. I, for some reason have found myself in another tag match with another unknown person. I do not think this is a coincidence. The management books in these matches because I am someone who doesn’t have particular goal or vision. They do not know what to do with me. They have very little faith in my abilities. But this doesn’t change anything. Like Schamor said. I need to win matches. That is all I have to do. Eventually my path will become clear as to what I have to do."

Revenant looks towards the camera.

"For now let's indulge ourselves in this meaningless match that I have become a part of. My partner is Shadow. A man who I faced earlier and a man who apparently thinks less of me. What was it he said? “You feel familiar but since I don’t remember you didn’t leave much of an impact on me.” Well can’t say that made me feel good. Didn’t leave much of an impact on him, huh? If Azrael hadn’t screwed up you wouldn’t have won that much. I would have made sure of it. But tag matches tend to be unpredictable. I particularly have zero interest in you Shadow but I’ll put up with you. Like I said I want to win."

Revenant chuckles.

"I can understand Eric Dane and his fangirl MJ Flair’s team up though. MJ didn’t have enough good things to say about an old man who desperately hold to his fame. He reminds me of someone I faced in the past. Oh yes, I remember. Harley Hodge. Funny how management push these old fools over the young talents they have. Doesn’t really make any sense to me. Oh well if these are my targets than I’ll have to comply."

"I find it funny, that people I have faced so far couldn’t say much about me. All they had were walking dead references and zombie comparisons. I am sure Eric and MJ probably thinks the same. They probably think that a mindless buffoon is their opponent and that as former champions they do not need to worry about a failure from the past. What they do not understand is that when a man loses everything that’s when a man is most dangerous. And I, my pompous duos, am very dangerous. This is my warning. Come with me everything you got, and I promise you one thing."

"It will not be enough."

Screen fades to black.

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