Title: The Long Road
Featuring: Jimmy Allen
Date: 3/30/2019
Location: Somewhere over the rainbow
Show: Evolution 47

The long road

Some things that had been said were just not adding up for me, so I decided to watch some tape. What I saw infuriated me and I sat there with what must have been a deer in the headlights look.

Jimmy Allen: What in the actual…*bleep*...is going on……

The more I thought about it the more I knew he was to blame, but how to get him first and foremost to admit to it. Then how to make him pay for his indiscretions. I gather my thoughts and begin recording them.

I’ll start with Silas Artoria this week. They say that in someone’s story you’re a villain. So, in Silas’ story, I get to be the villain. Shit. I’m okay with that. Artoria seems to think we have something in common. Redemption. People like to twist that around to make it mean what they want it to mean. No Silas, we are nothing alike, not even close. I am glad you got to have your mic drop moment though. Not that it means much. To. Anyone. 

*slow steady clap*

We’ll talk later I’m sure Silas. 

To the more pressing scenario, this week it’s a triple threat match. I love triple threat matches, the chaos, and confusion, the wildness of it all. Are you sure that Ciara Kenedy is even on the roster? I looked all over the place and couldn’t find a single thing on this person. Alex Aries? Never heard of him. That’s because he’s a green ass rookie, come to play with the big boys? Kid, go home, you’re not ready for what you are about to receive. 

I raise a single eyebrow. Then smilingly I say….

Welcome to the karma cafe, you don’t get what you want, you get served what you deserve. 

I allow the smile to slide away and the eyebrow to come back into the normal position.

What’s being served is education on respect, respect for those who came before you. If education on respect doesn’t tickle your taste buds, I’ve got just the thing for you. A good old fashioned Texas-sized ass whoopin. 

I get it, respect is a two-way streak, you, however, are not stepping into the ring with some unproven commodity. You are stepping into the ring with the Paramount Champion. A title that I carry to the ring with pride. Pride for everything it took to get me to that final match. Pride in knowing that I shouldn’t be the champion at all, but I still carry it as I deserve it. Because I do. I’ve paid my dues in this business thousand times over. You’re just beginning yours, it won’t be easy and it won’t be pleasant, but enjoy the ride. 


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