Title: [Hostility] The End Game
Featuring: J. Rish
Date: Saturday, March 30th
Location: Multiple Locations

“Now I lay me down to sleep.”

Jaiden Rishel speaks in a low tone, a bouquet of black roses tied together held in his right hand. The Prodigal Son of CWF looks down at the headstone just out of camera view, a solemn look on his face as he takes a deep breath and continues the prayer.

“I pray the Lord my soul to keep.”

Jaiden lets the long, uncut branches of the roses brush against his black dress pants, thoughts seemingly running through his head as he continues on.

“If I should die before I wake.”

Holding back whatever emotions may be running through his mind by biting his bottom lip, Jaiden peers down at the headstone, his bloodshot eyes never blinking as he stares at the name on it. The camera zooms in, but we as an audience are surprised to see it is not the name of Jaiden’s father Justin Rishel on the tombstone, but instead that of his opponent this coming Friday at ReAwakened, Trent Steel.

“I pray the Lord my soul to take.”

Jaiden bends down, his knees cracking and popping as he does so and picks a steel shovel in hand. Rishel spits on the gravestone of Steel, laughing methodically before digging deep into the soil with the shovel as the scene cuts to black.



“Dad it’s me, how are you doing?”

“Oh Jaiden, it’s great to hear from you my boy. Why’re you calling me from a new number? You know how I am with numbers I don’t recognize…”

“Yeah umm, about that. I do not trust the hierarchy behind Hostility. Christopher $aint James obviously has taken a disliking to my mission, my Reason to destroy his vision before it’s able to get off the ground. Because of that, I have to watch my back every step of the way. But I didn’t call you to blabber on about me all night dad, I want to know how your appointment went?”


The voice of the visionary that founded CWF, Justin Rishel, trails off seemingly into the wind as he tries to find the words to tell his son the worst.

“Do you want the good news, or the bad news?”

Jaiden took a deep breath, he’s heard that phrase a million times but never could it cause as much harm as what his father may be about to tell him. A single tear dripping down his face, the Son of CWF imagines seeing his dad face to face as he speaks back to him.

“Dad, please tell me you’re not dying…”

“Jaiden, calm down. Like I said, there is good news...and there is bad news. The bad news? They found a fairly sizable tumor inside my cerebellum. The doctors say it’s the size of a pea, maybe even a little bigger. And...it’s definitely cancerous. But the good news, and thank god there is some good news, is that it has yet to spread through the rest of my body…”

“Oh wow, that is good...”

“Yes. So we have scheduled a surgery coming up in just a few weeks, and until then they have me started on radiation therapy.”


Jaiden is almost speechless as he looks down at his cell phone.

“I can’t believe you’re so calm through this whole thing. If I would you I would be breaking down crying, I wouldn’t be able to deal with it...ya know? You’re so strong, so calm, cool and collected...it’s just so...unbelievable.”

“When you’ve been through everything that I’ve been through in life, my son, this pales in comparison. I’ll make cancer my bitch, I’ll overcome it just like everything else I’ve ever come across in life, and I’ll come out of that surgery stronger than ever. I promise you that, Jaiden.”

“Well, promise me this one last thing then…”

Jaiden trails off for just a second, letting his father answer him.

“What’s that?”

“That when all is said and done, and you come out of this fight against cancer just like you said - stronger than ever, and you’re once again normal? You’ll join me in this fight. You’ll stand behind me, Cyrus Black, and Christer Lundmark as the voice behind the Reason. Because you, dad, you are the real reason behind everything that I do in both my professional and personal life. You are the Reason that I got into this business, no matter how hard you tried to keep me out of it. You may have just tried to do what’s best for your son, but in this fight, I am doing what is best for you, dad. And when you win this fight, and without a shadow of a doubt I know you will, I need your help with mine.”

“Deal. And son...I love you.”

“I love you too, dad.”


The scene opens up inside of a dank, dark basement with a dangling lightbulb barely keeping the area lit. A man with a black hooded sweatshirt draped over his head slashes a long axe into the air, taking a mannequin out at the head. The plastic doll drops to the concrete floor, a blown up picture of Jon Travis’ face duct taped to the doll’s head that immediately deflates, air puffing into the air. The man brings the axe into the air yet again, this time splitting the head of a Nathan Paradine mannequin right in half, the plastic cut to perfection by the blade, and the doll just dropping to its death. The middle chair holds the final mannequin, the face of Trent Steel looking back at the man in black. The man gently places the axe on the pictured face of Steel, rubbing it slowly down as he laughs behind his hood. Finally the man whips back his head, revealing his identity to all of us.

Jaiden Rishel.

The Prodigal Son of CWF takes the axe, slitting the throat of the Hostile Son of a Bitch and watching the air blood drip like a fountain of death.

The mannequin flops to it’s side, deflated and useless. Jaiden stands over the pile of plastic dolls, raising his axe one more time as he stands dominant over the pack of plastic tools that are the Hostile Elite.

Finally, Jaiden turns from the plastic garbage on the floor, walking through the dimly lit basement a few steps before coming to the end of the room where a stuffed doll dressed to look just like the owner of CWF and Hostility sits on a throne of red spray painted newspapers, piled up on either side to look just like a king’s throne. 

“The mastermind behind this whole charade.”

Jaiden takes the axe, pulling it up high above his head before slashing over and over again, stuffing flying through the air as the “body” of C$J flies in chunks all through the air. Jaiden laughs as the stuffing continues to fly, before taking a deep breath, pulling out what looks like a joint out of his black hoodie and sparking it right in front of the camera. Taking a deep drag, Jaiden exhales and begins speaking calmly.

“C$J, you may think you have me and my Reason right in the palm of your hands right now. You may run Hostility and really the entire CWF right now, but let me tell you one thing right fucking now. You do NOT control me. You can ask my dad what happens when you try to control a Rishel, just try to corner me motherfucker...and I’ll come out swinging so hard that both of your eyes will end up so blackened we’ll all be calling you Raccoon for now on.”

Jaiden smiles, just a little.

“So what do you think, Raccoon, what kinda game do you have for me this week?”

Bending at the knee, Jaiden takes the picture of C$J off the ripped up mannequin and holds it up to his face.

“Don’t answer that, because I already know my opponent for this coming ReAwakened. I got the memo, I’m facing your lap boy Trent Steel in a Cage Match in the main event for the Hostility Title. I don’t know if that friggin’ bat is hanging up somewhere in the cage, outside the cage, underneath the ring or what. I don’t know and I don’t care. At the end of the day I don’t care if you’re the first ever Ataxia, because you’re going to need to wear a mask after I bury you Friday.”

Ripping the picture of C$J in half, Jaiden looks at the camera once more.

“So C$J, bring me Trent Steel, bring me whatever you’ve got to bring to make you feel big and strong. Because I’ve got the Reason behind me, and come Friday night? We will be the Reason you’ll be wishing you never even reopened Hostility in the first place.”

Jaiden puts his hands in the camera as it fades to static.

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