Title: [CD] Plateaus and Rabbit Holes
Featuring: Mia Rayne
Date: Er...Elephant!
Location: Schroedinger's Box (Giggity)

Did you miss me?

I know that I missed me. Or at least the person we were once upon a time in fairy tale land. It feels much longer than a couple months ago that I was bombarded by Duce and Freddie, people we had thought we were cool with, but apparently were bitter that Shadow and us took their tag team gold away.


They were cool people and would have been decent friends. But friends don't bash the brains of friends. It isn't cool and no worries boys. This chickadee has her memories back. All of them.

We're coming for you. Soonish. But not yet. We may haven't forgotten, or remembered what you did to us, the doorway that you busted wide open and didn't care to close, leaving me to deal with the clean up, but you're not the one we are currently concerned with. Duce has his hopes and dreams wrapped up in championship gold that we held last year. Freddie wants to take on the hero of the Forsaken, Zach, a dude that stood up for what is right and well in the world, and then gets stomped on for it.


But again, that isn't our battle. It isn't our fight and just like the history books have it written, Zach will most likely triumph over Freddie once again, dark attire and all. Or not. Please note my field of fucks.

It is barren and dry. Not my circus, not my particular monkey to wrangle.

Not to say that we don't care about you Zach, we do. We hope that someday we will be welcomed back into The Forsaken with open arms, but it appears as if Loki was correct. The Forsaken is dismantled as of right now. Ataxia and Shadow are fighting. Dorian and Chloe are... Where have they been? I miss them...

Zach, you get yourself embroiled in the weirdest of battles, get yourself kidnapped, come back tall, dark, and brooding, and... Well, guess we shall see what happens.

But here we are, a name that was associated with us, fired from the one place we had felt at home in for how long? It's been years and years and years. Sure we got off to a rocky start and in all truthfulness, we never got a chance to see where our full potential would get us. We were ambushed. Loki was introduced, things get hazy, and we're back after a brief interruption in service. In her time, Loki devastated anything she touched. Destroyed relationships we had tried to cultivate, caused a family we had made ourselves to question our motives, and in turn, banish us. Cast us to the side like yesterday's... Garbage.

So… Did you miss me? We’re pretty sure we missed each and everyone of you reading this at one point. A bad day with anyone in this plane of existence, yes, even Silas, is better than a day as Loki Synn. That didn’t matter to anyone though. They saw Loki, they wanted revenge and who can honestly blame any of ‘em? Looks like Jimmy Allen isn’t going to be the only one on a road to redemption. Not even sure what that would look like for us…

It would be as close to perfection as one in my boots could possibly get. We don’t do perfection either. Why would we believe in something like that? A world and existence where no matter what, nothing could be changed to make things better. There wouldn’t be a want or a care in the world. Are we the only one that suspects something like that? There’s ALWAYS something under the surface. A skeleton in a closet. An unknown desire waiting to be discovered. Then, let’s just assume that it’s all “perfect.” Not a care in the world… Everything one could possibly dream of and desire is their’s…. Are we the only one that hears that and thinks that it sounds rather boring? Super boring.

Story Time: There was a movie that came out a while ago. In it, kitchen and wait staff of a restaurant had a, “penis showing” game in order to make their mundane existence somewhat bearable. We watch that movie and we see the character’s individual urges for a better life outside of working at a restaurant. We see them reach out for a better tomorrow, for their idea of “perfection.” Throughout this movie, which takes place over the course of a slow morning/afternoon shift, followed by a busy dinner rush, and finally, the end game, party scene; a viewer sees the ups and downs of working in a restaurant, but more importantly, are exposed to the “family” feeling that employees of a restaurant form. And the “penis showing” game? Well, throughout this day, a viewer is also exposed to the plateau a restaurant employee hits during the day when there are no customers. Nothing to do, no tables to wait. What do these people do?

They show their penises. Penisi? Is there a plural for that word? Who knows?

Anyways, these people created a way to make it through their mundane and plain lives with a silly and nonsense game. Where are we going with this? If you’re having issues following us, then you are lost in the rabbit hole and if you’re lucky enough, we’ll come find you and rescue you. Until then, mind the animals, they don’t like intruders, and stay away from the lich’s coloring books. You wouldn’t want them angry at you, ESPECIALLY if they don’t have their coloring books.

Woe to the world with that one folks.


You will always be our home and we promise that we won’t be gone for too terribly long. There are elements in play here that are beyond some’s comprehension and below others. We see what has happened in Mia’s absence and it is time that it is set right. We might not have received help in our time of need, but we see others in need and whether they want it or not, they will be getting our help.

Mia’s help.

Mia isn’t MIA anymore. She is here, she is angry, and she is ready to make things right in her world again. Whatever the cost.

So, there’s your warning. Do you see what’s happening? There’s a plateau ahead and people are lost, confused, wandering and hoping for an end. People we care for and that is a select few. We are a beacon for you lost souls out there on that plateau. We warn you now… There is only one way out of the hole that you have all dug yourselves in, and if you’re STILL confused, let us lay it out for you with a silly joke that answers all of your questions…

How do crazy people make it through the forest?

They take the psychopath of course…


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