Title: The Fire Still Burns...
Featuring: Scourge
Date: March 2019
Location: Unknown
Show: Evolution 46

“Another opportunity, another disappointment.”

The scene fades in on the man called Scourge sitting by a small campfire on a cool March evening. It doesn't seem overly cold, but there are still signs of breath in the air. Given that he has his back to the camera, it is safe to assume that he is not wearing his mask for this piece. As he sits in a slightly slumped, somber looking position, he continues speaking. Is he speaking to us? Or is he simply thinking aloud? It's not clear at this point.


“I came here with two very specific goals in mind. To win championships like any good professional athlete, and to battle injustice and deceit where it arose. So far I've been championship focused and the results have not gone my way. To say that I'm a little disappointed would be an understatement.


I first had a chance to outright win the rookie tier and limit my Paramount Championship match to two opponents and failed. Then I failed to win the championship at Modern Warfare. And last week, I failed to become the number one contender for the very same Paramount Championship. Not so good.


I've been letting myself get sidetracked by a number of out of the ring distractions recently. The old man, his family, and now his wife is stalking me to claim they had anything at all positive to do with me. Great, now I've got the old man begging for forgiveness, and his wife threatening to get me back for her own discretions. Fuck my life.


Lady, I don't know what bad weed you smoked, but even the old man himself admits you two were awful to me. I don't know where the hell you got the idea that ANYTHING you did “for me” was in ANY WAY good, but you're either insane or an idiot or both.


But enough about that. That's the whole point I was starting to make. I'm letting the outside world distract me from the goals at hand. Well no more. This week it's all about the title. I have a non title match against the man who captured the championship at Modern Warfare.


Jimmy Allen. As was just established, we've crossed paths once before. This time though, it's one on one. Just you, me, and my focus regained. This is going to be one for the ages. Two of the best the business has to offer colliding in singles action girls the first time. This match could easily be the main event on any CWF card anywhere.


I just need you to understand this Jimmy. I'm coming with nothing left to lose and everything to gain. I'm coming at you with the force of a freight train with no brakes. If I were still on the street, this would be the last chance. I eat today or I may die. Well son, get ready to be dinner. I am the Alpha of the Omega. Darkness Incarnate. The right hand of Justice herself. I am Scourge. And I...am...back.”


With that, Scourge puts out the fire, bathing in the embers and smoke.



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