Title: Into the Darkness
Featuring: The Shadow
Date: 23-Mar-2019
Location: Unknown
Show: Evolution 46

The picture fades in to complete darkness. Footsteps echo as if in a cave or corridor, water can be heard dripping somewhere close by. The faint flicker of fire comes into view and before long two torches can be seen coming around a corner, casting dancing shadows across the roughly hewn walls of what looks like a subterranean tunnel, cobwebs obscuring the view. The silhouettes of three figures can be made out through the white veils.

The Shadow: Are you sure this is the right place, Sanford?

Sanford Thibodaux: Yes, this is where they saw him go.

Myfanwy: Who is “they”?

Sanford: I don’t know.

Myfanwy: What do you mean, you don’t know? 

Sanford: Sometimes you know when to stop ask questions, if someone gives you information.

Myfanwy: How do you know they were not just bullshitting you?

Sanford: Gut feeling.

The Shadow: He has enough gut to go with that.

Sanford: Are you calling me fat?

The Shadow: No. Fluffy.

Myfanwy: Enough. So what are we looking for here?

Sanford: This.

He holds the torch down towards the ground, showing some footprints as well as a few torn cobwebs.

The Shadow: Someone has been here not long ago.

Sanford: Careful!

The Shadow pulls up just short of a rough wooden beam protruding from the side of the tunnel.

The Shadow: Holy cow, you could take an eye out with this!

Myfanwy: Looks like you wouldn’t be the first.

She bends down and picks up a broken set of shades.

Sanford: I’ll check them out. 

He pockets them as Myfanwy continues on, the two men following her lead. After a few more metres she stops and bends down again.

Myfanwy: Pills. Some of them have been crushed. I can get those checked, if you can get me access to a lab.

The Shadow: OK, sounds good, but now what? This is a dead end.

He raises his torch up high in the hope to find some doorway or anything else, but all that the flickering light of the flame shows is solid rock.

The Shadow: So much for that. Well, people were here, that is for sure, maybe we can get the glasses and pills checked and get some info at least. Let’s head back.

With that the three of them turn and make their way back, with Sanford taking the lead, searching the ground with his torch held low.

Sanford: Ow! Stupid beam…

Fades to black.


Again total darkness. A humming sound can be heard, but there’s no indication of its source. Footsteps approach and a door opens.

The Shadow: I’m here.

The clicking of a switch can be heard.

Myfanwy: What happened?

The Shadow: Total power outage, there’s nothing in the whole house. Or outside.

Myfanwy: Aren’t there any flashlights or candles or anything?

The Shadow: Nope. I checked the whole place until my phone died. Even cell phone towers are out, talk about a blackout.

The footsteps can be heard again, followed by a dull thud.

Myfanwy: Ow!

The Shadow: Ah, you found the table. It introduced itself to me, too.

Myfanwy: What are you doing in here anyways?

The Shadow: Think.

Myfanwy: Think about?

The Shadow: Many things. Too many things…

Myfanwy: Is there any more furniture between here and you?

The Shadow: Nope.

Shuffling footsteps, followed by the sound of someone letting herself fall onto a couch.

Myfanwy: Ataxia?

The Shadow: Yep.

Myfanwy: Dan Ryan?

The Shadow: Yep.

Myfanwy: Duce?

The Shadow: Yep, all of the above.

Myfanwy: What is the deal with this tag team match anyways?

The Shadow: I have no idea, but it’s not the first time that they stick people together like this. And I wouldn’t put it past Stewart to be behind this, boost the ratings, you know?

Myfanwy: Yeah, the almighty ratings… So what are the clues, Holmes?

The Shadow: Well, Watson, to be honest, I am not really worried about winning or losing this match. Yes, Ryan has the belt, Duce is the number one challenger, so they can bash their heads in as much as they want and vie for that title, but it is Ataxia that I am worried about.

Myfanwy: This is still bugging you a lot.

The Shadow: Well, we’ve been through a lot together, on the same side. Now I know that the stability of his mind has been questionable at best sometimes, but this switch is too sudden and too extreme even for him. 

Myfanwy: And now you have to step into the ring with three people you don’t get along with…

The Shadow: Well, Dan I don’t really have a beef with, I mean, there hasn’t been anything bad happening with him. Duce, yeah, him and Freddie were involved with the whole Mia beatdown, so I will never forget that--

Myfanwy: Do you think you can forgive them?

The Shadow: I don’t know, the gravity of it all was bad, really bad. It’ll depend on Mia once she hopefully will be back, see what she thinks. But I don’t have much of a choice but trust Duce that he will not double-cross me. And to be honest, since those attacks on us, there hasn’t been much. Since they booted out Jace and then Jarvis fizzled out, I’m seeing more of the old Aces again.

Myfanwy: So what does that mean for Evolution?

The Shadow: That I will step into the ring and team up with Duce to the best of our abilities. Even if it is just to get a crack at Ataxia and maybe knock some sense back into him. And there is one other thing. I don’t want you to get involved in the match.

Myfanwy: I am too much of a distraction? Or could cost you the match?

A hint of hurt in her voice is easy to hear.

The Shadow: No, no, I just don’t want you to get hurt. You can’t trust Ataxia not to try something crazy. Or something just to get to me

Myfanwy: Oh.

The Shadow: I rather lose the match than something happening to you.

Suddenly Myfanwy’s voice has lost all of the edge.

Myfanwy: I’m sorry that I--

The Shadow: No need to be. 

Suddenly a loud snore can be heard.

Myfanwy: Aah! What was that??

The Shadow (sighing): Sanford.

Myfanwy: Sanford? You mean, he’s been here the whole time?

The Shadow: Yep, he was asleep before the power went out. Once he’s out, you can fire a cannon next to him and he won’t wake up.

At that moment the light comes back on. Myfanwy is sitting next to The Shadow on an old couch, her legs tucked under, head on his shoulder. To the side in an equally old armchair Sanford is sleeping, head tilted back, snoring loudly, a band aid on his forehead where he had struck the beam in the tunnel.

The Shadow: Welcome to the world of Sanford… Live hard, party hard, sleep like the dead.

Fades to black.

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