Title: ain't no sunshine for everybody
Featuring: Moe Davis
Date: 3.23.2019
Location: DC
Show: Evolution 46

FADE in to a busy residential street of Washington, D.C. The sun is out and the people are out, but a gentle chill lingers in the air.

The door of a convenience store, covered in sticker ads for cigarette and liquor, opens. The bell above the door rings.

"Go-Go" Moe Davis walks out with a bag of potato chips and an Arizona ice-tea.

An old friend walks by, they shake hands and bring it in close for a hug.

OLD Friend
What up, Moe? I thought you was just in Australia?

You know I had to stop at home, bruh.

Aight, king, keep doing your thing.

Appreciate you, brother.

Moe's friend walks into the convenience store. Moe walks slowly down the street.

This is my favorite time of the year. The earth starts to thaw out. The flowers are bloomin...

Moe smirks, dodges kids riding their bikes down the sidewalk.

...and all the creatures that were strong enough to make it through a hard winter are rewarded with sunshine.

And even though I spent my February in hot-ass Australia, I feel like I'm going through my winter right now in the CWF. The nights are long. The air is chilly. And the opportunities are scarce.

But I feel the sun coming out, moe.

A group of women yells Moe's name from across the street.

Heyyyy, Moe!

Moe waves back.

One-on-One with Freddie Styles.
It looks like you're having your own little springtime. Your own little resurgence. I saw the Parking Lot Brawl...I don't know who started it between you and Big Rig, but you sure as hell was the one to FINISH it.

You'd think all that success would give you a big head. But No! You decided to go back to your roots, to train at your old gym, with your mentor.

I respect that.

Staying humble. My teachers made me the man I am today.

But you know what my teachers taught me?

They taught me how to prepare.

They taught me how to fear no man.

They taught me to be ready for my opportunities when they come.

Moe slows down as he gets to his car, a white Chrysler 300. He opens the door and sits in the driver's seat.

So here we are. Next Tuesday. Evolution.

Moe closes the driver's side door.

The clouds part and a new opportunity falls in my lap.

Moe starts the car.

Mr. Ballgame. At Evolution, we're gonna see whose time it is in the sun.

Moe drives off.


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