Title: Damn...
Featuring: Duce Jones
Date: March 20-21, 2019
Location: Arizona - New Mexico
Show: Evolution 46

Damn… How the fuck I end up in this shit?

I couldn't begin to explain where things went the way that they did, all I know is they did.. Now I'm stuck in some dark room with no clue as to what the hell is going on.

But I'll tell you how my day got started.

It actually started early Wednesday evening.. Around ten forty-ish, I was bored and decided to scroll on social media and low and behold, what do I see?

“T'fuck? Is he serious?”

The question was more rhetorical than anything, especially since I was sitting in a hotel room alone. But he threw the hook… so I'll bite.

“Fuck… I meant on… Hell, he gets the point.”

The back and forth went on between us for the better part of the night. So much so that a challenge was even laid out and accepted. But that wasn't my concern, I'll focus on his ass later.. Currently I had a point to prove and by all means it was going to be proven.

Eight blunts later.

I give myself mid day traveling along the highway, in hopes of making it to Albuquerque to at the very least get a decent hotel room. Along for the ride was Byson as “Questions” by Stunna 4 Vegas plays in the background. The road we travel is fairly deserted as we're the only vehicle on the road.

For my part, I was doing my best to give Cheech, Chong, Method and Redman a run for their money… Snoop would be proud, however Byson was in the midst of holding his head outside of the window as if he were a canine. Motherfucker… letting all my smoke out..

“Aye y'mind rollin’ dat window back up? Y'makin’ it hard fo’ me t'get high..”

“You've got to be kidding me.. You're about to kill what's left of my lungs over here.”

“Don't you smoke squares though?”

I asked with a questionable look as I continued down the highway.

“Yeah, but do you see me firing those things up back to back, like you?”

“At least I'm not purposely givin’ myself cancer..”

“Cancer!? I'll have you know, that this is the finest body that money could buy. This thing is indestructible, thank you very much.”

Running his hands up and down his body, he mockingly displays it off for me, I only take a drag off of my blunt and keep driving.

“No wonder, your lost that match. You need to stop smoking that shit all the time.”

“First off… Fuck you..”

I state coldly, not even giving him the satisfaction of eye contact as I focus on my destination. Curiously, Byson begins to stare at me.

“T’fuck is you starin’ at?”

“I'm still waiting on the second point..”

“Eat a dick..”

“No thank you, I prefer vagina but I'm serious bro. You need to slack up on that shit.”

“Why? Because dat's tha decidin’ factor in whether I make it or not? It ain't one muthafucka in tha locka’ room who puts fear in my heart.”

“Fear and stupidity are two different things.”

“So I've been told..”

“I just don't want to see you back on the sidelines, looking like a sick puppy and shit. Also, how long do you plan on wearing that hideous thing on your face? I'm sure the doctors have cleared you to compete without that shit.”

“I'll take dis shit off when I'm ready. But when I'm in tha rang wit a muthafucka like Tax, I gotta be protected at all times..”

“Since when?”

“Since dat 'Son of a Bitch’ mentor of his, decided t’redecorated my face..”

“Are you seriously worried about that? As many times as you've beaten him..”

“Sometimes winnin’ don't mean everythang, it's tha statement you make…”

“Sounds like some burlap bullshit..”

The both of engage in small laughter from the corny joke.

“All jokes aside mane.. I'm ready fo’ my match, it's nothin’ more than a clusterfuck of feudin’ rivals waitin’ t’rip each otha's heads off. In a situation like dis winning doesn't matter, it's more about tha final impression you've left and by the time tha match is ova, D-Ry is gonna kno’ I'm not t'one t'fuck wit.”

“Sounds convincing..”

“So what.. you losing faith in me?”

“Naw.. it's nothing like that, it's just… you're becoming too… too…”

“Too what?”

“I really can't find the words I want to say, but it's time for you to kick it up a notch, if you ever plan on gaining that World title back.”

“So what… I'm not good enough because ya thank I can't take it t'tha next level? I was born fo’ dis shit.. hell you was too, it's in our blood t’kick ass every single week. Hell every single day if it came down to it. Unlike otha ‘veterans’ I kno’ what it takes t'get t'tha top. Tha shit ain't rocket science, I mean c'mon.. Tax actually gets paid t'do tha shit he does. You thank I should take dis serious? Fuck outta here.. Any muthafucka dat associates themselves wit tha CWF kno’ how I rock, unless they're Johnny Graves.. But dat's a story for anotha’ day.

What Tax and D-Ry fail t'understand or maybe they do, but Tax should kno’ dat whateva beef he has wit Shad is between dem, but don't get it twisted.. I'm a fair man, so if tha officials wanna see Shad and me beat tha shit outta tha two of em, then dat's surely, what's gonna go tha fuck down.. Speaking of which, did you bring Damien?”

“Yeah, he's in the tr… The fuck is that?”

Somewhere.. somehow… someway.. in the midst of us having a conversation as we traveled along the road, we must have made a wrong turn, because we came across what looks to be a spaceship. Just sitting there… well floating.. hovering if you will, over the road. I wanted to speed right past it, because this is the type of shit you see in movies, not while you're driving down the road, trying to get to Albuquerque….


I slowed the vehicle down to a halt as Byson and myself peer out of the front window and up into the sky to observe the flying disk.

“Why didn't we take my jet again?”

“Tha road helps me thank betta’..”

“Sooo.. what you think about this shit here?”

Before I'm even able to reply, a docking door begins to extend from the ship. Seeing this, I couldn't help myself when I placed the car in reverse and tried to speed backwards away from the ship. That is until, an all black car with tinted windows swerved up behind me, blocking my path.

Damn… How the fuck I end up in this shit?

To Be Continued...

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