Title: The Raven Becomes The Phoenix [Hostility]
Featuring: Nina
Date: 3/20/19
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Show: Hostility: ReAwakened 3

V.E.N.O.M are spotted walking down a dark hallway, the three are decked out in normal attire. Except for Espinoza who still sports his mask, Martinez's face paint is absent but his face is obscured by dark glasses and ball cap. Nina leads the way as the three come to a juncture, opting to go right. Continuing on, they pass by several doors on both sides of them, soon choosing the fifth one on the left. Removing a key from the pocket of the dark trench coat that covered her frame, she inserts it into the key into the door knob and twist.


With a turn of the knob, the three step through into what seems to be a typical Motel 6 or some other form of living establishment.  Omar removes the coat that he's wearing and tosses it onto a bed, headed for a mini fridge located in the corner, retrieving a Budweiser from it. Popping the top of the can, he has a seat in a chair that's near a window as his gaze drifts to the night. Vince soon removes his mask, but the back of his head is the only thing visible as he heads for the bathroom, closing the door behind him. Nina has a somber look on her face as her eyes trail behind Vince. Turning her attention to Omar, she removes her trenchcoat and throws it on one of the two beds, and then proceeds to have a seat on his lap. The two soon embracing in a kiss.

Nina: Te quiero. (I love you.)

Omar: Yo también te quiero. (I love you too.)

They embrace in another kiss.

Omar: Entonces, ¿dónde vamos desde aquí?(So, where do we go from here?)

Running her hand through his hair and then across his face before looking lovingly into his brown eyes.

Nina: Ahora causamos dolor a todas las almas que pisan el anillo con nosotros.No importa en qué momento suenen, ellos recordarán nuestros nombres. (Now we cause pain to every soul that steps foot in the ring with us.. No matter what ring when step in, they will remember our names..)

Just as she finishes her statement, the bathroom door opens and Vince walks out, his face now being visible for the first time since debuting. We now notice that it's badly disfigured with cuts and brands. Both Nina and Omar look over to him as they both smile.

Nina: Estoy seguro de que Angelo tiene algunos demonios que absolver. ¿Qué piensas, mi hermano? (I'm sure Angelo has a few demons to absolve. What do you think, my brother?)

With a crooked smile on his face, he cracks his neck before placing the mask back over his face. The three begin to sinisterly laugh as the scene fades out.


--- --- ---


We fade in to the beautiful smile of Nina, panning out, we finally get a full view of the Cobra Emperitza as she sits on her throne. The Hostility Aversion Championship sits elegantly on her lap as it shines brightly from the Arizona sun. Absent are both Espinoza and Martinez as she calmly strokes at the spider that crawls up her arm.

Nina: Here we are again Autumn and once more this precious title that you hold dear to you is on the line.

Her view drops to the title as she brings it up and begins to give it a once over. Placing it back on her lap, she looks back towards the camera.

Nina: It's almost cute how you finally let that darkness consume you. How you forged your attack on my comrades and me during my encounter with Mr. Risin. You even went so far as to beg Mr. St. James for a contract because you wanted to get your hands on me so badly. Heheheee..

Her head tilts back from the laughter, her breath exhaling.

Nina: See Ms. Raven, what you have to realize is that this isn't about a title. No.. no.. my sweet, sweet little bird. This is a battle for your soul and in the end.. your soul I will have.. I told you to embrace the darkness and currently that's what I see you doing. And I for one am proud, Autumn let us guide you through the darkness and help you see the light. First though, we have to help you fully see the darkness that festers on your soul. I must tear you down limb for limb only to help build you back up. And once you step out of the fire… and only then will the Raven emerge as the Phoenix.. Autumn prepare for your soul to be Re-Awakened..

That famous sly smile falls upon her face as she begins to look proudly at the Hostility Aversion Championship.

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