Title: Punishment from the shadows
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: Now
Location: Over there
Show: Hostility: ReAwakened 3

The scene opens to a starry night sky in Melbourne.  The night is quiet, save for the random night time noises that one would hear at this time coupled with the waves lapping at the shore.  The beach is quiet, but during the day this place would be filled with all kinds of people from the young and old to the random tourist looking to escape the crazy weather back home.  The moon is nearly full above and casts a soft glow on the sands below, along with the one lone human sitting there.  It's Autumn, quietly watching the waves drift back and forth.  Music is playing loudly out of her cellphone nearby filling the quiet space around her.

"It's a beautiful night don't you think?  The stars are shining, the moon is bright, and there's not a soul around to bother me while I talk to the night and what ever critters are out there."

Autumn barely cracks a smile, as she watches a lone crab scuttle across the sand, barely even acknowledging the one lone human out on the beach at this time of the night.  She watches it for a few minutes more before turning her gaze to the waves lapping at the shore.

"It's a wonder how many creatures are out there in the world that use the cover of darkness to hunt and to travel to where ever they are going.  They sit patiently, watching their surroundings, waiting for the right time to strike and grab their prey.  It's almost magical in a way."

That same crab stops in it's path, its claws down at its sides, taking a rest possibly.  The distant whir of an airplane caught her attention and she could just see in the inky blackness the lights of a commercial airplane flying across the sky.  That was her days ago, flying across the sky, stalking her prey waiting for that proper moment to strike.

"You ever think our parents did things like this.  Just sit on the sandy earth like our ancestors once did and enjoy the company of each other and the sights and sounds of nature as well?  No one does that anymore, takes the time to just really take in the world as it is, go after what they want so deaely.  Everyone has a nose too far deep in cellphones to notice all of this "

Autumn briefly motions to the area around her, a frown on her face.  She rests her hand down, tapping her fingers on the dark blue beach towel she's sitting on at the moment.

"So the Raven lands in the beautiful world of Melbourne, procuring a place to lay her head and rest before plotting her next move.  She knows that there is a thief out there, someone who has stolen something very precious to her and she has come all this way to another country...another company...to retrieve it back.  A dirty snake snuck into the garden, took my shiny belt and just ran off with it.  That is why I asked to be placed here, just so I could stalk this thief properly from the shadows and wait for the right time to strike.

im a woman who knows what she wants, and is willing to do anything and everything to get it back.  It isn't right that you have that belt Nina and you know it.  I don't know what you think you're doing with it, trying to use it as a bargaining chip in your little quest to make me see the light....the truth or whatever you want to call it."

Autumn slaps her hand down besides her in anger, kicking up a few grains of sand and causing the crab to quickly scuttle away lest it become a target of her anger.

"I didn't go through hell and fire just to have someone like you come up and steal that belt.  This is why I have followed you all the way here to Melbourne Nina.  This is why I followed you to Hostility because I knew my chance to rattle you around like a broken toy and punish you for your stupidity.  You sit there comfy on your throne, watching everything around you, walking through the wrong part of the neighborhood.  You know that part of the neighborhood that mommy and daddy tell you to avoid because of the bad things that are there.


They were right.

I am bad, and I'm waiting for a dirty thief to come by so I can snatch her away from her little friends and drag her to the depths screaming and begging for mercy before anyone can reach out and rescue you from the terrible fate that awaits you come tomorrow.  I will have you beg, plead for the madness to end before I rip that title away from your cold hands and put you out of your misery."

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