Title: Haven't Been Myself
Featuring: Duce Jones
Date: March 16, 2019
Location: Memphis, Tennessee - Phoenix, Arizona
Show: Evolution 45

Was I too focused?


The fatal fourway match from Confliction plays on a television screen as I sit and watch intently.


For one thing, we went to the well too often with that D-Trigga..


I'm not understanding.


Watching on with a concentrated focus like none other, I stare at the screen as the match plays out. I'm soon interrupted by Sierra who enters the room.

“How many times are you gonna watch that bae? You're gonna drive yourself crazy.”

Hmph.. Runs in the blood..

“Duce? Duce are you listening to me?”

I am but I'm not. But my silent reply is all it takes for her to leave as I continue to watch, I'm soon interrupted as my phone rings. I glance down at the phone that's sitting on my lap. Picking it up, I noticed that the phone reads Byson Kaliban.

I sit it back on my lap.

Honestly, I hadn't been in the right frame of mind since Confliction. Using the remote, I press pause on the footage.

The month had already started off kinda odd.. Pops introduced me to an old boss of his, who was throwing a 32-man tournament for a shot at their World Champion. Then on top of that, I'm placed in a first round match against The Big Bifford…

Yeah… that guy….

But my main focus was leaving Australia as a two time World Champion.. Hmph.. Shit happens I guess..


This isn't the end though, because I'm more than ready to work my way back to the top.


First.. there's a good frand that I need to do some catching up with..



Breaking from my train of thought, I notice that Byson is standing right in front of me.

“Why are you not answering your phone?” He questioned, rubbing a hand through his long, wavy hair.

“I didn't hear it ring..” color=white>I replied with a blank gaze.

“Bro, it's almost time for us to go catch our flight.. You got a big match coming up.”

“I kno’ dat.. I'm ready..”

With that said, I rise from my seat, grab my bag from beside the doorway and head out of the room.


Sticking her head out from the kitchen, she answers. “Aww naw don't be calling for me now motherfucker!”

“Fuck it then… I'm out..”

“Damn dude.. Everything okay?”

I didn't reply, heading for the front door, I opened it and step outside, making my way towards the car that Byson was driving. Opening the passenger side door, I throw my bag to the back seat and get inside, closing the door and placing my seatbelt on. Minutes later, Byson opens the driver's door and get inside.

“You really need to lighten up.. I don't like this quiet side shit.”

With a simple glance, I smirk as he starts the car as we're soon on our way.


Five hours later..


I stand inside of a room that seems to be a makeshift CWF studio area. I stand in front of the black logo emblazoned backdrop, set to do a promo as a producer gives me my cue.

“Dis Tuesday night, the Bagman and me dance one mo’ time fo’ ole times sake.. But y'see dis isn't like ole times, where we beat tha shit out'a each otha’ fo’ simple pleasure.. No my frand, we beatin’ tha shit outta each otha’, wit an opportunity fo’ one mo’ shot at tha CWF World Championship.

Y'see Tax.. I would love t'go back and forth wit tha mind games and tha colorful shit talk.. Maybe anotha’ day, cause at dis point in my life.. Y'could say I'm a man on a mission and dat mission won't be complete until that World title is back where it belongs. Y'see at first dis was only sposed t'be a smart business move. But in a way dis shit has become personal..

Not towards you though my frand… Just a simple case of.. wrong place.. wrong time… See ya in Phoenix..”

Taking my hand, I give the camera a lil the feed motion as I exit.. stage left..

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