Title: [CD] No Excuses
Featuring: MJ Flair
Date: Now
Location: Here.


“So what then, Mia?”



“You’ve accused me of a lot. Being the golden girl. Being the chosen one. Being the example that everyone should follow.”

“And that I’m destroying my entire legacy in a fruitless quest for revenge.”


“Man, shut the fuck up.”

“The Shadow is doing great as the CWF World Champion. He’s representing this company with dignity and class, and I’m glad to support his reign.”

“And yet, somehow you’re taking credit for him finding his fire?”


“Man, wise the fuck up.”

“You’re the second person that’s beat me for the CWF World Title. Did it ever cross your mind, why I didn’t seek some form’a revenge against Caledonia?”

“Because it’s not about the World Title.”

“You opened my eyes to ’how the world really works’ huh?”

“Thank you.”

“You wanna know how the world really works, Loki?”

“Actions have consequences.”

“The Beast is under control? The battle is already won? My actions are nothin’ but antagonization?”


“Man, keep the fuck up.”

“Am I hurting Mia’s feelings? I’m legitimately sorry for that. But let’s play a game.”

“Let’s say you’ve got a friend. Let’s call him Mia. Let’s say she’s good people, but she ends up going on a three month bender and in the process, she gives you a concussion by hitting you in the back’a the head with a solid metal bar. Cuts your neck while trying to strangle you. Sics her boys on you to try and beat’cha up, and then at the end’a the day…”


“She fractures your fucking skull after baiting you with your former friendship.”

“Wouldn’t you be upset? Wouldn’t you be angry?”

“And let’s say you spend months tryin’ ta get yourself healthy again, and you can finally walk without pain, and you reenter… let’s say an arena, where you can stand in front’a your friend Mia and say ‘You hurt me… and I’m gonna make sure you never hurt anyone else like that again.’


“And let’s say Mia and everyone around Mia says ’Oh, that was Drunk Mia. Drunk Mia is under control. Get over it.’ Would you be able to just get over it?”

“Would you look Mia in the eye after being betrayed by her, and assume that Drunk Mia is locked away? Would you take her at her word?”

“Therein lies the crux’a the problem. I’ve come back from serious injury. I’ve proven that you couldn’t take me outta the game. I’ve stood in the ring across from you and I haven’t blinked.”

“All’a that, I needed t’do for me.”


“I do this for the CWF.”

“I know, I know, I’m selfish, I’m mean, I’m not putting forth a positive example for the CWF fans, and all that tired bullshit.”

“After everything that’s happened in the past six months…”

“Why… the fuck... should I believe a word that comes outta your mouth?”

“Who’s to say Loki Synn isn’t just playin’ a different kind’a mind game? Who’s to say the kittycat isn’t even more dangerous, but’s pullin’ a Patrick Bateman with time, place, and manner?”

“Is there a point?”

“Here’s the point.”

“Maybe you’re a danger. Maybe you’re not.”

“If you are… I’m the only one that’s ever managed t’put you down, so I nominate me to do it again.”

“Y’know - for the good’a the CWF.”

“And if you’re not, well… that’s just a thing I’ll have t’live with.”

“About as easy as Mia’s apparently been able t’live with what happened at Northern Crown.”

“Because if Mia - if Cheshire - had really locked up The Beast…”

“You might’ve felt the slightest bit bad about it.”


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