Title: The Time Has Come...
Featuring: Scourge
Date: 3/6/19
Location: Scourge's Private Residence
Show: Confliction 2019

“Love, it's a really big word but haven't you heard...it's dangerous. And you, you think you got it locked down and figured out and...buttoned up. But I've, been burned enough so I've learned enough to watch my back. That's why, I'm warning you what you're about to do is deadly as...”

The scene opens on a montage of several previously seen visuals involving the man known in CWF circles as Scourge. The opening verse of Spinning Revolver by Chris Carmack plays over the various clips. Scourge at his old foster home with his makeshift family. Him in the rain visiting his blood father's grave. When the last line of the verse hits, the clips change to show him winning his early matches and highlights from them.

“Dancing on the Devil's stove, playing with the fire below. Pushing your luck, dipping your toe in the water! It's a pedal down to race the train, chasing down a hurricane. A bullet in a spinning revolver.”

As the second verse kicks in, we see more match highlights. This time though, they are times when Scourge was on the defensive, up to and including his first defeat in the rookie block finals last week at the hands of Quentin Scarboro.

“Now a heart, it's a fragile thing hanging on a string...don't take much. And a soul, it's a little bit stronger takes a little longer...to use it up. But when, when it all comes down 'cause it's gonna come down, you're gonna look around and wonder how you got to where you're standing right now.”

As the second chorus hits, we see new footage of Scourge preparing for the Grand Prix finals. He's dancing around a heavy bag with quickness and footwork unusual for a such a large man. As he hits the bag, he has clips of his three opponents playing in the background. He peeks at the visuals when he gets around to where he can see the screen, and listens intently to the commentary we don't hear due to the audio track the rest of the time.

Once the song finishes, the video fades away as well. It cuts in again on Scourge as we know him now. Full ring garb, including his mask, facing the camera with a slight smirk on his face.

Scourge: It seems I slightly misunderstood last week, and I'm prepared to own up to it. My apologies to everyone involved in my tirade about the PGP rookie block finals. I saw the original version of the tweet announcing the match, and the first tweet wasn't clearly worded. I read that and mistook it to mean the winner of the match was the only person who could advance to this weekend. In my misunderstanding, I was of course extremely upset. To win three matches including the PGP preview match, only to have my victories mean nothing out of nowhere, that was gut punching. So to Jon Stewart, my apologies. At least for now, you're in the clear. Just remember, you've besen given the proverbial Governor's reprieve. Don't screw it up.

So now that we've got that out of the way, it's time to discuss the match last week itself. Unsurprisingly to anyone with eyes on our product the last month or so, Quentin and I beat the holy s**t out of each other. We tore the whole damn building down, torched it, and watched it turn to ash. I don't care what anyone says, we stole the whole damn show...again! Congratulations Quentin, you earned your spot at Confliction. You came back from a rough start that includesd a loss to your truly, and you whooped my ass fair and square in the middle of the ring. You copped the fall, and now we're in a fatal four way match for the CWF Paramount Championship. Well done friend.

Jimmy Allen. One of the men I was told to keep an eye on when I first arrived, but lately you've been having some rough luck haven't you? You fell to the same fate as I did last week, which has now made both of our lives twice as difficult. But in your case, you'd been on a bit of a slide before that. For me, this was my first loss, and to a guy I have no problem losing to. You strike me as the type who doesn't like accepting defeat from anyone, let alone the people you've been losing to lately. I'm not quite sure what to make of you, other than you sare now officially in my way, which is bad news for you Jimbo. That's the difference between you losing again for sure, and at least having a fair chance of recovering with a win. Sorry not sorry as the kids say.

Silas Artoria, the young man who looks like Bieber and fights like him too.*snickers* I kid, but seriously, you're the underdog in this match without a doubt. The smallest competitor, you're fighting an uphill battle that may be insurmountable. The deck is stacked against you, it's David vs. two Goliaths and and a slightly larger second David. I could go on and on with the cliches, but the point is you're in for a long night. You're gonna get beaten from pillar to post and back more times than anyone should ever have to endure in one night. Unfortunately that's the price that has to be paid by both you and Jimbo in order for us “rookies” who actually belong here to get down to the two of us.

Quentin, you and I are one a piece now. So let's be honest, we're the attraction in this match in terms of the roster. Of course the crowning of a new champion is always a big deal, but everyone is putting money on it coming down to you and me for the third time. That likely includes you, and definitely includes me. I told you before and I meant it, I NEED to win this. I know you do too. So now it's time to put up or shut up. One way or the other, one of us in my humble opinion are walking out of Confliction as the new CWF Paramount Champion. So for the final time before that happens, may the best man win good sir.

CWF, say hello to your new Paramount Champion. The Alpha of the Omega, Darkness Incarnate, the right hand of Justice herself...Scourge. See you soon.

With that, the camera cuts away for the final time on the big man. However, after a few seconds of blackness, static fills the screen. We then cut to what appears to be either camcorder or cell phone video of Scourge from behind. It appears this footage was taken during his debut promo, from the alley beside the gym. From there we another jump cut to more footage from behind Scourge. This time, the footage is from when he was standing outside of the old “family home” a few weeks back, debating if he should go in or not. Another cut is from further away but clearly a camera with decent zoom. This time it's Scourge in front of his birth father's grave. And finally one more cut shows us footage from a distance showing Scourge during the piece we were just watching. Suddenly, an altered voice comes through the screen.

???: Did you really think we were going to let this go, Marius? After all of these years, and everything that we did for you...for you to behave like this? No, no, no. You don't get to stand on your high horse claiming to be the right hand of Justice while spitting on the legacy WE tried to hand you! Just because you were too much of a coward to EARN IT, that's not OUR fault. You brought this on yourself, Marius. You we us EVERYTHING, and yet you claim that WE'RE the bad guys? How god damned DARE YOU! It's time Marius, it's time for you to finally pay the piper. It was bad enough when you were just doing it in your day to day life. But now...now you have the nerve to try and use US to make a name for yourself!

That is unacceptable Marius, and we're coming for you. If it takes us to our final breaths, we WILL make you beg for forgiveness. We WILL make you regret turning our beautiful attempts to guide you into something disgusting and vile! Your day of reckoning is coming Marius, and there is no way you can avoid it. The only thing you can do is pick your deity and get to praying. It won't save you from us, but it's best plan b you've got left. So Marius, go enjoy your big pay per view match. In fact, good luck with it. We actually hope you win it. That way when we finally take back our respect, our pride, and our pound of flesh, we can also take away your precious championship reign! See the people soon you said? Oh no Marius, WE shall see YOU soon...very soon indeed. Ta ta for now.


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