Title: the children are the future
Featuring: Moe Davis
Date: 3.9.2019
Location: victoria primary school
Show: Confliction 2019

FADE IN to the ABC News (Australia) back from a commercial. Smiling news presenter delivers a puff piece in her non-regional Australian accent.



On the lighter side, children at a local school got a big surprise visit from some special guests. Jim Harris reports.


Cut to a field reporter's pre-taped package. Students, uniformed in polo shirts and shorts or skirts, play in the school gymnasium.



The students of Victoria Primary School in Melbourne are probably too young to remember The Flying Kangaroos or Killer Kowalski, but they might remember this day for the rest of their lives.


"Go-Go" Moe Davis, black CWF track suit, dark shades, watches kids try to back flip on a blue mat. One kid almost lands one, hyping up the whole gym.

Cut to Moe doing a perfect backflip on the same map. All the kids ooh and ahh. Moe picks up his glasses and wallet next to the mat.



That's because this physical education class received an unsuspected visit from Championship Wrestling Federation superstar "Go-Go" Moe Davis. Tuesday is Confliction, the last of a series of shows on the American promotion's Australian tour.


Moe has a microphone in his face, being interviewed by the news crew.



We're out here trying to promote activity, healthy living. It's important to stay active early on. I've wrestled all over the world, but it's my first time in Australia. The people have been wonderful. The crowds have been amazing. And the kids are a lot of fun.



They're tough critics.


Moe laughs.



They are. They are.


Cut to the gym again. Moe stands with the kids in a semi-circle.



Have y'all seen the shows?


Some of the kids respond "yes" like kids do when they're in a group.



Yes, my cousin was at a show.



He was?



The one where you lost.


Moe and all the kids crack up laughing. Cut back to Moe's interview.



They already got the trash talking part down.


We see a group of kids flexing their muscles and growling for the camera.



From Victoria Primary School in Melbourne, Australia. I'm Jim Harris.


Back to the studio.



The last CWF show on their Australian tour, Confliction,  will be this Tuesday at Rod Laver Stadium. Tickets are sold out.


Fade out. Bustin' Loose fades in. Moe Davis is cutting a promo for us.



The Go-Go Kid is on a little slump. All the CWF fans know it. All the little kids in the world know it, too. I know for sure that Sebastian Diakos knows it.


Sebastian, I told you last week I do things the right way, even if it means not getting what I want in the end. Last week, in our tag team match, you decided to do things the wrong way, and you STILL didn't get what in the end. This week, we're opponents and I'm going to show you that hard work, not cheating and taking shortcuts is the key to success.


Johnny Graves, you call yourself "The Sin City Saint". I know your story, but I don't know your intentions. Are you a sinner or are you a saint? I guess we're all going to find out at Confliction. And at Confliction, you and Sebastian are going to find out why they call me The Go-Go Kid.


It's time. To watch. The Kid. Go!


Moe, big smile, freezes for the camera.








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