Title: Another failed attempt?
Featuring: Jimmy Allen
Date: 3/8/2019
Location: Australia
Show: Confliction 2019

Another failed attempt?

[Post Evolution]

Yet another round of draining of my knee with the good Doctor, treatment to take the edge off the pain. Freshly showered and sitting the locker room, most everyone has left to go back to the hotel or to the bar. I sit here by myself to think about everything that’s transpired and hopefully get my focus back.

“A lot has happened over the months since I’ve been here. 

I was one-half of the CWF tag team champions. 
I was part of an invasion. 
An impact championship match. 
Two shots at the world title.

What do they all have in common?

They all ultimately ended in failure.

Failure is a great vehicle. It’s a teacher. A motivator. A measuring stick. Above and beyond all of those things. It’s an opportunity to grow. To become better. It’s all about attitude and how you handle adversity.”

I lean back in my chair, tilting it back ever so slightly to rest the back of my head against the locker. A fresh wave of nausea sweep over me as my knee begins to throb again. I swallow it done as I close my eyes to attempt to regain my focus.

“I don’t say this to garner sympathy. If you want sympathy, consult your dictionary, it can be found somewhere between shit and syphilis. I say these things so that they are out in the open. If I fail again, then I’ve met everyone expectations. Everyone that is except my own. No one in this company or in this life has higher expectations for me than I do for myself.”

I open my eyes and allow the chair to come back to a normal position. I hold my hand up in front of my face and begin ticking items off.

“KC3; Next Generation God? No, current generation ass clown. We’ve known each other, literally our entire lives. We’ve been tag team champions together, yet you took the low road in our match. I don’t know why, but I truly expected more from you. Nathan Paradine; one of the best pure athletes in the world today. I have nothing but respect for you, the ending of our match surprised me a bit. Probably not as much as it surprised you. Obviously.”

I slide the knee brace on and fasten it as tightly as the material and pain will allow. I grab the crutches and sling my backpack across my shoulders.

“And then there were four. 

A Scourge.
An Aristocrat.
A Q.
And a Catalyst.

Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, doesn’t it?”

I pause long enough to sinch up the straps on the backpack to make sure it doesn’t skew my balance too much. Then I begin to long walk towards the exit to where my uber waits.

“Quentin Scarboro; The American Thoroughbred, a man that lacks a great deal in experience. A man though that from all appearances has that “it” factor. He’s a very straightforward kind of guy, isn’t he? He’s almost blunt force trauma in the way that he speaks to others. It’s not a terrible way to be I suppose, once you’ve been doing this a while. When you’re new though, it’s generally a good idea to be a bit more respectful to others. But….yeah...you’ll figure it out if you hang around long enough.”

I continue to navigate towards the exit sign, which I can now see. I stop for a moment and watch the flickering of the sign.

“Scourge; One of the fastest big men I think I’ve ever watched in the ring. We don’t know each other yet, but you and I are about to get extremely familiar with one another. Another new guy from parts unknown, born to dubious parentage.

How original.

I give you credit for sticking it out and making a go of it, even if you are a rip off of a rip-off. I’m sure that management took notice of your complaints about the brackets. Like usual they filed them under advisement. 

You’re all about justice right? Don’t make me laugh kid. You’re about feeding your own ego just like the majority of this roster. Like Q, you have a lot to learn big man. Fortunately for you, class is about to be in fucking session.”

I shake my head in disgust. I inhale and exhale slowly.

“Silas; we’ve met. I think under different circumstances, you and I could have been friends. I know that’s as amusing to you as it is to me. We’ve fought before and I have yet to defeat you. I’ve no intention of disparaging your character or your ability. Believe it or not, I admire your courage and determination. I think deep down inside, that you are a good man, with nothing but good intentions. 

Funny thing….

Good Intentions…..

The Road to Hell is paved with them.” 

I shoot a wink at the camera.
“I’m just sayin.”

Fade as I continue my way to the exit….


[The G, a few days later]

I look out across the perfectly manicured cricket field and smile. A light wind, the warmth of the breeze. The throbbing in my knee competes with the beauty. There IS beauty here, instead of allowing the pain to ruin the view, I focus on the positive. My will and medication helps to take the edge off. I continue to receive treatment and get my knee drained as needed. Fortunately the last two days, there hasn’t been any need to get it drained. The pain has become less, but still present. It flares every once in a while to remind me that there is still something wrong with my knee. I continue to stand there and take in my surroundings.

“This place is pretty impressive, capacity is in excess of one hundred thousand people. Well done Australia, well done. The real quest is, can we fill this place? I certainly hope so, it’s been a while since I’ve entertained a crowd that large. The one thing I really want from this event. I hope that the Australian crowd goes home happy with the event and that no one sticks their nose in our business this time.”

I take a few unsteady steps, no longer needing the crutches, my knee complains but not as much as before. I give it a hesitant smile and proceed with caution. I pay carefull attention to where I step. My knee is in a brace and tightly bound to insure maxium support. One can never be too careful though.

“In the not so distant past, every time Silas and I are in the ring. There is always one person that can’t keep their nose out of my business. I think that the next person that does that gets kicked in the face. The other two people in this match are green. So, that being said, and no I’m not overlooking anyone. I just believe that the two most injured people in this match have to be the oodds on favorite to win this. I know how that must sound and honestly I’m not trying to belittle the abilities of the others. I’m just stating the obvious.”.

I continue on until I reach what I suspect is roughly center of the field.

“This is where it will all go down. Australia will come here to watch it’s heroe’s and it’s villains come to fight, and fight we will. The Paramount Title is finally getting the recognition it deserves. The prestige that this title once had, is coming back slowly. It will be a long process but that’s really the key. It’s a process. It is currently not the most important title in the company. It doesn’t have to remain that way though. A single person can elevate what that title means. What it means to hold it and what it means to represent it. The right person, the one not scared to jump in head first. The one person to not worry over consequences. Someone who is willing and able to risk it all. 

When I win this match and the Paramount Championship. I will do exactly that. I will bring the prestige and the respect back to this title that it warrants. I’m the only person in this match who can. For Silas, as good as you are, and you are damn good. This title is not for you. What would you do with it? Let it collect dust among your other bling on your trophy wall? That’s no way to treat a championship belt. Scourge; have you even considered what kind of champion you would be? You’re so green….that’s not the reason for my doubt though. You’ve got a twisted perception of the world you’re living in. I think you drift too much between cloudy and clarity to be effective. Q; you are truly the odd man out in this scenario. You’re another green kid with championship aspirations. You’re not ready for prime time kiddo. After that, there is only me.

I am obviously the underdog in this match. A knee injury that no one can figure out. A history of failed championship matches. The eldest son of a legend. The guy that no one seems to be able to bring themselves to trust. Even Shadow doesn’t trust me, that’s obvious, considering he comes out to the ring every time I wrestle to make sure I’m toeing the line. To make certain that I’m staying true to my word. 

My path of redemption has run it’s course. I’ve run out of olive branches to extend. I’m here and I’m now. I’m not looking forward or backward. I am simply here, and my time is now. Whether anyone likes it or not, doesn’t matter to me kids. The title is mine and I’ll take it, not because I need a break. No, I’ll take that title because I can. Can you feel me now?”

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