Title: Final Words
Featuring: Loki Synn
Date: Are you paying attention MJ?
Location: Because we don't think you are...
Show: Confliction 2019

The stage is set. Confliction.

No escape, no rules, no foreign objects though let’s all be frank here, there’s going to be foreign objects. There’s going to be domestic objects too, made in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Because as MJ wanted, this is no disqualification land too. So what’s the worst that’s going to happen if we were to push your precious boundaries even further?


Did we make you upset? Did Mia get one over on you and out wrestle the petty legend that is Mariella Jade Flair? So you decree a match against us, Loki, or whatever you would like to call us, lock us in a cage with no escape, complete with a roof; take away a rulebook you claim to hide behind and uphold at every opportunity, the only way to win is pinfall, or submission. A definitive winner. No Excuses.

It’s funny really. You used to be this paradigm of what success in CWF looks like. You were the poster child that everyone wanted to be, the children the world over look up to you, hoping to follow in your footsteps, and be called worthy enough just to pick up your sweaty towels and make sure your water bottle is always full. We come along and jam up your game, force you to open your eyes to how the world works, and what happens?

You DQ yourself and then decree a match with no disqualifications needs to happen between us. Yet we are the bad person in all of this. We’re the villain that you’re set to destroy so the world can be a better place, yet the methods that you’re going about doing it? MJ, look at what you’ve done up until this point. Since coming back from an injury we provided you with, you have been hell bent on defeating a monster that has already been defeated. Not only that, but you look to claim yourself as the slayer of the beast.

MJ Flair. Slayer of Loki Synn.

We keep coming back to this though MJ, are you prepared for the cost of what you’re asking for? You say that you are, but we doubt your convictions. You’re out to destroy a former friend that reached out with an olive branch, giving you a match against her to try and convince you that she has everything under control. What happened?

You smacked her with a chair. Repeatedly. And we are quite sure that if given the chance? You would be more than happy to do it again and again until the cows come home and the hawk flies at midnight. You talk a really tough game MJ. You truly do. We are impressed by the big girl things that come out of that little girl mouth you have. But we also see you for the child you are. Let’s look at this realistically, which coming from us?

It’s a stretch. But humor us as we take you on a trip into the future a couple different ways. Option number one Mariella?

You fail to beat us, once again. You fall before us, on your hands and knees and you realize that there are powers far greater than even someone with a massive ego such as yours, can comprehend. You leave us alone and you realize that Mia is back, and willing to give you another shot at friendship.

Option two and Option three: You win the match. You force us to tap, you pin our shoulders to the mat, oh baby, oh baby, oh. One, two, three seconds later and you are declared the winner. But this once again brings up a very important part that we think you keep forgetting, whether on purpose or due to childlike naivety. At what cost? 

You came back from a career threatening injury, early if memory serves according to what the doctors expected and asked of you. Your eyes were centered on yours truly, who has undergone her own transformation. But while we have turned into a butterfly, exuding beauty and grace, you have transformed yourself into a moth, spreading salt everywhere because you didn’t get your way. Please hold the salt, watching our cholesterol, thank you.

Not only did you come back and decided to put a target on our back, you did so in a way that doesn’t fit your personality, one that you once took so much pride in exhibiting for fans and fellow roster members alike. You once took pride in the fact that you worked for what you earned, never stepping on toes and always following everything by the books. You minded your p’s and q’s while turning into a trophy child any owner of CWF would be proud to have under their thumb and sniffing their ass.

But then after our tag match you exhibited something that took us by surprise. You exhibited anger like no other. Your friend Tara noticed it, have you apologized to her for how you treated her? Have ya? Or have you been too centered on us to care about other people’s feelings? Mia tried to show you the way, tried to force you to realize that you had nothing to worry about with Loki, tried to take things back to the way they were. YOu?

You were too busy taking things personal. Remembering slights that have already been addressed and amended. You’re too busy feeling bitter about losing a title by, what was the word you and Shadow used? “Ambiguous circumstances?” Stop. WE helped.

Since we gifted Shadow with that belt, he has been on a quest to prove that he is a worthy holder of it. He went through hell and back during Modern Warfare and retained it, we feel it only apt to say that he has proven himself a worthy champion. Had we not gifted him with that title? Would he have found that same fire to propel him to where he is now?

In terms of you Mariella, look at where you stand now. Trying to vanquish a monster that has already been vanquished. Forcing a match by any means necessary, regardless if you lose fans, or friends in order to get what you want. Apparently, we serve as a blinder for what really matters to you Mariella and if you feel that the only way forward is through us, again, one final time, no matter the result, then so be it. We gift you the match against Loki you crave. We gift you with the fire to get to this point.

Because in all honesty Mariella, would you really have gone this far for a match against anyone else? We didn’t really think so. You turned your back on Shadow’s offer for a match, his olive branch to get you back on the right path, a way to pick up where you left off. You shrugged him off and said we were more important.

You yelled at your best friend, Tara, in order to get a point across that a match with us is the most important thing on your mind. 

We wonder if you would treat your family the same way. Your trainer? P.S. That was Loki that won that match against Impulse. You want to push buttons Mariella and force our hand? You want to bring the monster back?

That’s fine. We made those rules if you remember and we can very easily go back to playing that game. As such, we push the buttons that we kNOw for sure will get you fired up the most. We live for the pain and the humor that comes with it. Don’t see the humor? You aren’t looking close enough.

So Mariella are you ready for Confliction? Are you ready to meet the monster that took months off your career, one last time, to see if you’re really ready to come back? Are you ready to topple this mountain? You might think you are, but we don’t think you’re ready to pay the price for victory.

We wonder though, if we will get the chance to see your face when you realize everything happens for a reason. Should you win this match against Loki, Mariella?

We still win.

At some point, you WILL see the truth in these words, and you will realize the mistakes that you’ve made leading up to this point. Will it be too late when you realize this Mariella, will you have already won the match? Will you have already sealed your fate?

That’s the thing about slaying monsters. There’s a fine line to tip toe across when dealing with them. At what point do you become the monster that you are hunting? 

See you soon MJ.

Right Parenthe….

You’ve heard from Loki, Mariella.

Now it’s time you listen to Mia. We understand you don’t want to believe in anything that you’re told from us. It’s fair. We took advantage of your friendship, cost you a title, your health, and we are beginning to think a piece of your sanity. We warn you that if that truly is the case, well… You’re welcome.

Insanity is a gift Mariella. One learns to look at the world through the eyes of the different, see things for the way they TRULY are, and laugh as the world spins in circles trying to keep up. Everything has a pattern and that is why we already know the outcome of this battle. We know, because we’ve seen it. We know what’s coming Mariella, and we think that you might as well.

Are you willing to pay that price Mariella? When do you stop? Sure, we’ve pulled this stunt before where Loki pretends to be Mia and capitalizes at the right moment, but this isn’t then. This is now and things are much different behind that mask. We want to assure you that we will make sure that Loki doesn’t go too far in this match. The mind games won’t happen because we’ve seen them all before, you, us, Loki… It’s all been done.

You are after blood and vengeance and sure, we get that. How do you think we feel knowing that Duce and Freddie are still running rampant without feeling my wrath? You want to blame someone for whatever you’re feeling right now? Take out your frustrations on them. They are to blame for this, them and Jarvis. Yeah…

But we both know that there’s much more to this than that.

We know that for some reason, it’s personal between us and we aren’t quite sure why. You lost to Loki in dubious circumstances and the fact that her victory can be overlooked for that reason? It drives her madder than she already was, trust us. You came back swinging for the fences, chomping at the bit, only to find that Loki had already been replaced by Cheshire, who allowed me to take a reprieve and come back stronger than ever before. Sure it’s a weird situation, but what isn’t in life?

We don’t need you to believe in us MJ. You’ve already proven that you have no interest in believing in us ever again and that’s fine, we suppose. We think that at some point we could have put everything behind us, but here we are. 

We aren’t sure what to say in order to get you to believe in us again. We don’t know what to do to get back to eating fries dipped in mayo and gravy in some random New York City diner. Loki robbed you of some very precious things Mariella, this is ever so true.

But you seem to fail to remember that Loki has impacted someone more than you, Shadow, or anyone else on your mind. Loki devastated me, Mia Rayne, the person everyone fell for when she joined the CWF. Hi, remember me?

The Aces took her out for whatever reason. Milenko introduced a hypnotic tape that awakened every single negative emotion that we ever possibly conceived of, and Loki is born unto this world. She takes over our brain, leaving us in a cage, trapped and forced to watch her destroy everything that we created for ourselves. Our home in CWF.

Our place in our makeshift family, The Forsaken.

Your friendship, apparently.

Enter Cheshire who takes over and gives me time to recoup, sending Loki into the depths of our mind, diluted and never to be seen from again…

Or so we thought.

MJ comes in and demands a match against Loki because, well…

She’s Mariella Jade Flair of course.

So she asks for this match, and forces me to bring back a persona that robbed me of so many things it isn’t even funny. MJ-Effin-Eff… CWF’s heroine in dark times, resorting to the worst of tactics to bring out a monster that we beat into submission so that she couldn’t cause any more pain. So now the question Mariella, is who is the monster in this story?

You’re obviously ready to do whatever it takes to get what you want, and that is fine and expected. Bear in mind though, we’ve seen the future, we know how this is going down. 

And we can assure you that at the very end of Confliction, you will be left in the middle of the ring, questioning your choices as everything unfolds around you.

You will be numb.

You won’t register anything except a nagging feeling of emptiness because what is really at stake here Mariella? Who gets what upon victory? You know the answer, just like we know the answer.


So, good luck we suppose at Confliction Mariella. We know nothing we say will avert you from this path of insanity. We know because we have seen and heard it all. We saw the look in your eyes. You’ve had a taste of The Madness and you want more. It is to be expected. We don’t think you can handle the consequences of your actions Mariella. We hope that we are wrong, but at the end of the day, we know we aren’t. You get what you want MJ. At Confliction, you will be locked in your den of zero excuses with the one and only Loki Synn. She will be on MY leash and I will reign her in as needed, but we know where things are going to be headed. We hope you’re ready for this Mariella. We hope you’re ready for the insanity that you have requested. We hope you’re ready for the resounding mess, and we hope that you’re ready to pay for everything that transpires. 

Good luck Mariella. We can’t say that we haven’t warned you adequately enough. You have invited in whatever comes and we hope that you don’t go bankrupt in sanity, paying off the insane debts that you have incurred.

Mia Rayne


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