Title: [CD] Where we go, you don't make the demands and there are no rules
Featuring: Loki Synn
Date: We're past this schtick
Location: Proven not to matter

Oh Dear!

Mariella Jade Flair seems to have found her big girl panties and brought them to the fight. Such scathing remarks for one of CWF's mainstays. You deserve a lot Mariella and while we may have... Overlooked Loki's use of a name long since gone to her advantage, why are you blaming us for your mistake? For someone who claims to have come so far in such a short time...

You still have a lot to learn.

You want Loki? You want US to give up everything we have worked toward so you can earn your redemption against a monster? Are you ready for such a thing? The guilt I hold for having to deal with Loki being a part of our existence is a lot. You may have come a long way since that night long ago in a diner in New York City, eating french fries dipped in mayo, but who do you think that you're talking to chicka-rito?

You're talking to someone who split into two personalities and took a witch down a peg in Cassandra.

You're talking to someone who helped Shadow put The Forsaken on the map. He and I? Tag team champions and if you thought The Lost Boys and The Aces are the team for all in CWF to look up to, then think again because The Forsaken might have something to say about that... Someday... Maybe... Again?

It doesn't matter Mariella. You keep demanding and we don't think that you fully understand what you're asking for. Cheshire is no longer a player in this game. She warned you away from this idea of facing off against Loki once again.

She asked you to consider what it would do to me. After having to watch you get thrown through the air. Landing on the ground...

Do you know what I thought about as I lay shackled, a prisoner in my own head?

"We won't be able to have any more french fries dipped in mayo together."

I came to CWF and I was looking for friends who understood. Who could look into the Abyss with me and say, "Well shit, that's scary, but I've got your back."

Yet here we are.

Mariella demanding that she gets her own way.

Mariella making threats to, what was it, rip my cheshire grin right off?

M'dear, you're going to wish that you had Cheshire to contend with. You want Loki? Fine, you can have Loki.

But first you have to survive the person that is holding the key to her cage.


Right parenthesis.

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