Title: Kryptonite
Featuring: Xander Haze
Date: June 5/18
Location: Philadelphia
Show: Evolution 23

Xander with the smile still on his face walking away from the Philadelphia hospital gets in to his car picks up his phone pushes number 1 on his speed dail the phone rings once.

" It's done."

Xander hangs up the phone starts the car and drives away he drives back to his motel and begins to pack up all of his belongings. Xander receives  a text from CWF management giving him the card for the next show. Running down the matches not really paying attention untill he gets to his match Xander Haze vs Clark Steele. After reading his match he developes a bewildered look on his face not recognizing the name.

" Who in the fuck is this?"

Xander looks up the results for the latest episode of Evolution http://cwf.ewmania.com/results/evolution. He hears about the new face in CWF he couldn't help but laugh at this prissy stuck up little bitch this so called "Man Of Steele". Like a light bulb going off Xander get an idea he gets in to his head he jumps back in to his car and drives to the nearest electronic store he walks in goes to the the front counter.

" Give me a video camera."

the shop keeper pulls a huge catalogue of different types of video cameras.

" Which one would you like sir we have plenty of different types and sizes anything to suit your needs."

A annoyed look over takes Xander's face.

" Just give me one that fucking works and make it fast.... Oh and give me a tripod too."

The shopkeeper rushes to find a camera and a tripod and then rushes back to the counter and nervously hands everything to Xander he looks the camera up and down.

" This will do I guess I'll give you $20 for this piece of shit"

The shopkeeper realizing that Xander is no one to take lightly agrees with him Xander throws a $20 bill at the shopkeepers face turns around and walks out the door. He then gets in to his car and drives back to the motel sets up the tripod and camera in his room he then presses record then sits in a chair.

" Is this thing on hello Mr. Steele you may not know me my name is Xander Haze but don't worry you're gonna get a chance to know me really well when I kick your teeth down your throat. First let me tell you a little about myself show you  who I am and why I am the way I am.See I was born with a disability called cerebral palsy if you want to more google it. Anyway as I was saying because of this as a child I was tortured mentally from being ridiculed at school all the way to locked in the closet several time by my own brothers. Our mother who was addicted to cocaine and would sell our toys just to get more and my father was much much worse."  

Xander takes off his shirt turns around and shows his back towards the camrea his back full of old scars.

" See my father was a chronic alcoholic and where everyone else would torture me mentally he took a more physical approach to things. My father would always tell me how much of a mistake I was or how big of a crime against nature I was and at the same time whipping me with his leather strap. This is where all the rage and anger came to fruition."

Xander turns back around in the chair and moves the camera closer towards him.

" As I grew older the physical violence slowed but the ridicule kept growing and growing no one can tell me words don't hurt words will fuck you up. I got to a point in my life where I just couldn't take it anymore I let all that built up rage flow out I did horrible things to friends and family the people I care about. I became more like my father then I ever could have imagined when I took that same leather strap and I beat the fuck out of not only my kids but also my wife just for looking at me funny. Hell those are the people I say I love just imagine what I'd do to someone I hate or even merely dislike I mean just today I took a man's life."

Xander begins to smile.

" Why you might ask I barely know the man but he was in my way and now you Mr. Steele are in my way nothing is going to stop me from getting what I want not even the legendary Man Of Steele....snickers you will be just another stepping stone for me.You made quite the entarnce in to CWF without even really saying a word you had those two goons Jim Gunt and Mike Rolash sing your praises like you were in the fucking hall of fame. I don't care where you've been or what you've done you're in CWF now it all means nothing now here you start at the bottom say hello to your fucking kryptonite bitch. Now you might be wondering why do you have to fight some handicapped guy some gimp well I'm not just some gimp I am the motherfucking gimp. I can't wait to humiliate you your ego will be your downfall your ego won't let you take me seriously. I'm making this video not only introduce myself but also to help you out a bit I am not to be taken lightly I am not to be fucked with I am going to end you. You'll never be able to show smug face in CWF again I'll see you at Evolution."
Xander stands up and turns off the camera he then picks up his cell phone he calls J. Rish.

" What the fuck Xander what did you do to Zach?"

" Whats done is done I didn't call you to talk to you about what happened today. I need you to tell me where this Clark Steele fucker is staying when he gets to Providence I have a welcome gift for him."

"I'm not sure I should be telling you this just don't fuck up my show he is going to be staying at The Renaissance Providence Hotel."

Xander immediately hangs up the phone puts the video recording in a brown envelope then writes Kryptonite on it. Packs his shit into his car checks out of the motel and starts the long drive to Providence Rhode Island for the next show.

Fade To Black
Xander Haze

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