Title: Justice Is No Longer Blind...
Featuring: Scourge
Date: 3/1/19
Location: Unknown
Show: Evolution 44

“Hello darkness, my old friend. I’ve come to talk with you again. Because a vision softly creeping, left its seeds while I was sleeping. And the vision, that was planted in my brain; still remains. Within the sound…of silence.”

The haunting opening verse to Disturbed’s rendition of the Sound of Silence is the first thing we hear. The first thing we see is Scourge, with his back to the camera. He’s standing in the pouring rain in a graveyard. This isn’t any kind of mind game or parlor trick, he’s clearly there visiting someone.

“In restless dreams I walked alone. Narrow streets of cobblestone. ‘Neath the halo of a streetlamp, I turned my collar to the cold and damp. When my eyes were stabbed, by the flash of a neon light. That split the night and touched the sound…of silence.”

As the second verse plays, we see Scourge remain almost motionless at the grave site. We pan around him and can make out the name of the person he’s here to see. The crew is able to get a clear shot of the grave stone.
The song continues playing over the scene as Scourge lays a plexiglass cube in front of the stone, containing the bloom of a single red rose. With that he bows his head respectfully and begins to depart. The camera follows him to the edge of the graveyard and eventually the video and song fade away.

When we next fade in, we again see the man known as Scourge, still standing out in the rain. This time though, he's in full Scourge garb and facing the camera with what can only be described as a death glare burning a hole through the lens. Whatever is currently on his mind, it's obviously nothing good. After a long silence, he speaks.

Scourge: Can someone please explain this to me? Four men in a round robin bracket. One goes undefeated, two quit, and somehow there's a "bracket finals" between the undefeated one and one of his victories? In what universe does is that fair? In what world is that justice? Did the matchmakers for CWF not understand everything I've said about justice and championships since I arrived here? If you're unjust or stand between me and a championship, you pay the price. So what do you do? Put yourself in the line of fire TWICE with one horrible decision!

Don't get me wrong, I meant every word I said before about Quentin Scarboro. He's excellent, he's a future champion, and maybe even my future tag team partner if the opportunity were to arise. And once I become the Paramount Champion, he can have the first title shot as far as I'm concerned, he's that good. But even he has to know that this is not the way this should be going down. I beat him fair and square, and earned my two points. I then dominated one of the nitwits who got canned, and earned another 2 points. I'm undefeated in the PGP and the company as a whole. I win the rookie bracket, period.

But instead, the "genius" behind putting this thing together decides I have to go to war with Quentin again. And this time it's not for points, it's do or die. If Quentin is able to get the win over me this time, all of the brackets and hard earned victories I already attained in this grand prix mean exactly nothing. If Quentin defeats me in our rematch, he goes on to challenge for the CWF Paramount Championship. Despite the fact that I EARNED the top spot in whatever Grand Prix matches I've had! Even though I've defeated EVERY opponent I've had and beaten some of  them so badly they took their balls and went the hell home!

Quentin, I really don't want to be having this match again right now. I mean it that I'd be happy to give you the first title shot when I win this thing. And I certainly don't blame you for taking what was offered to you. But we both know that this match is a farce. Any rematch between the two of us should have been taking place AFTER the PGP, as an aforementioned title defense. There's not much I can really say to and about you that we haven't said before. You're great, I like you, but I'm going to beat you...again. I have no choice but to beat you, even more than last time.

Last time was about getting the first points of the Grand Prix and earning the momentum. But this...this is sudden death. There is no coming back from this defeat in terms of this championship tournament. The winner gets the title match, the loser gets shit. I've worked too goddamned hard to beat you and every other obstacle to this point to let it all go down the drain now. So Quentin, I'm sorry my friend, but you're going to have to fall to me one more time. I simply REFUSE to let the bullshit decisions of a power hungry asshole ruin everything I've built here. I can't let that happpen...I WON'T let that happen.

And as for you Jon Stewart, your day of reckoning is coming. Did you really think because I avoided calling you out by name before now that you were safe from your punishment? I don't care that you run CWF. I don't care that you hide behind your power suits, bodyguards, and likely a few of the easier to bribe roster members. Put whoever whenever in front of me, you can't hide forever. You've committed a tremendous injustice, which is already something I'm against. But then you took it one step further and committed against me personally. To say you're a dead man walking would be an understatement.

Jon, you won't know where or when, but you will soon be consumed by the darkness. I am Darkness Incarnate, The Alpha of the Omega, the right hand of Justice herself! You've made an enemy of me now Jon. That was your first mistake. Your second will be thinking your position of power will save you from my wrath. Make no mistake about it Jon, I'm going to make your life a living hell. Justice will have her day in the sun. And it will come at the exact moment that your world falls into darkness. I'll see you soon Jon...very soon.

The scene fades away with a shot of Scourge, still glaring menacingly at the camera, breathing heavily like a monster in a horror movie.


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