Title: New horizons
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: Today
Location: Workout
Show: Evolution 44


// The scene opens up to a shot of a bustling little strip of store fronts located somewhere in the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.  Traffic whizzes by the random store buildings, while people exit in and out of said places. A sleek black car pulls up by the curb of Black Diamond Enterprises, killing the motor.  The drivers side door opens up slowly, and Autumn Raven is shown getting out of the car, dragging a familiar duffel bag with her as she slams the door shut, auto locking the beast over her shoulder as she walks to the door and pulls it open, stepping inside.  Familiar sounds and sights grace her eyes as she makes a bee line for the various work out machines and whatnot, only nodding her head a few times to some familiar faces that were there already. They were familiar with the dark haired woman enough that when she had that look on her face, they knew to leave her well enough alone.  That’s what she wanted, as she threw her bag over by the nearest wall and took a look at the shoulder press machine, adjusting the weights until they were where she wanted them before sitting down and lifting her hands to the curved bars on either side, pulling down with an exhaled breath


“I’m in a good mood lately.  I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I made C&J’s door explode off of its hinges.  Scared the shit out of that old man, that’s for sure. He probably had a clue I was on my way, but he didn’t know when or how quickly I’d make his door a distant memory.  I made it clear and simple to him, really. You guys saw what I did. I told him what I wanted, in plain black and white, no bullshit. Literally pushed him to the wall, and gave him my orders.  Like a good boy, he listened and let me sign away on the dotted line.”


She let out a huff of exhaled air, pushing the levers down around her and then up again, repeating the motion over and over a few times until she was satisfied that enough time had passed of working on this machine.  The bars were released and Autumn flexed her fingers back and forth, slowly getting the feeling back in them once again before sliding off and walking over to a leg flex machine...or whatever you called those things. She couldn’t think of it right now.  She just didn’t care.


Getting comfortable, once things were in place, she started in with this thing, lifting her legs back and forth.  Concentration was etched into her face, loose pieces of hair sticking to her skin. Ataxia was the end point into this equation but she was going to take her sweet time getting to it so he could just wait on his busted ass until she got there.  She just felt like...talking since it was going to be one of the last times she would get to speak to this kind of audience before the big move came.


“So yes, ladies and gentlemen.  You are looking at the newest signeee to the Hostility brand.  The Beautiful Psychopath is on her way to the hallowed halls of Hostility and whatever new and exciting opportunities await me.”  She pauses for a second, a strange smile appearing on her face. “Like getting my hands on Nina and regaining *my* Aversion title back.  I still haven’t forgotten about that. That was the one thing I wanted out of my little talk with C&J, and I wanted to get it at whatever cost it took.  I knew this draft was happening, and if she and the rest of her buddies left Evolution, I’d be screwed...and not in a good way. I’m willing to do whatever it takes when I get there, to get it back and punish the bitch...and her little friends...for every little slight they’ve made against me.”


She keeps on going, still smiling, still plotting whatever little dark ideas she has rolling around in her brain.


“I wonder how Espinoza and Martinez are doing after I channeled Babe Ruth on them?  Sore, cut up, bloody and scared probably. What I did to Nina was just an afterthought, a taste for what was...is...to come.  About what happened when I interfered in the end of that match….if she and her friends can come at me with the book and the mind games left and right...then so can I.  What’s the saying, all’s fair in love and war? I consider this a war, a damn bloody one that’s marching towards Hostility’s front doors with each passing second. One that will end when I get what I want back, and that bitch is laid out at my feet while her loyal Martinez and Espinoza watch on, unable to do anything about it.”


Autumn does a few more reps, then gives it a rest, panting a little bit, eyeing a spot on the wall in vague interest.  A water bottle is grabbed from her duffel bag, and the top is opened before she takes a drink.


“I could keep on going, but I’m starting to get bored talking about the what ifs and what will bes you know?  This whole thing would be filled with nothing but me going on and on about VENOM and Nina...and a whole bunch of other shit.  It wouldn’t get very much accomplished and would probably put everyone to sleep. Ataxia too, if he’s not still dizzy as fuck from being slammed through a literal brick wall by Dan.”


She chuckles.


“How’s the head, how’s everything ol’ buddy?  Tell me you still have enough brain cells left in your screwed up head to listen to me and go through with this cause I don’t want to repeat myself again.  So shake your cobwebs...or whatever webs you have dangling up there...loose and pay attention. We good? Good. Now….” Another drink of water is taken. “...now we can get right down to things.  We haven’t seen much of each other, and to be frank, I wouldn’t want to see you on a daily basis so let me get you up to speed. You know that asshat I used to run with? I’m sure you do. He’s gone, gone and away from me for good.  You saw what I did to him right? What hell I put him through...what hell he put me through? All to end it, to prove a point. That I’m fine all on my own, and I will keep on pushing and fighting through each and every obstacle that is set in front of me.  You, some would say, would be an interesting obstacle to push over and kick to the curb. But like I said, I’m up for whatever challenge that I can get my hands on.”


Autumn tosses the water bottle down at her feet, cracking her knuckles a bit.


“You have your own opinions about everything, about me, about whatever floats your boat.  Which, by the way, I don’t even want to hear about. However, I do want to hear about whatever way you plan on beating me or doing this or that because after what I’ve seen, I don’t think you’re going to make it all that far into this….or out to the ring period.  Seriously. You got space jammed into the floor. Being the person that I am, I’m going to take advantage of every bit of this. Why not? It’s something that I can exploit, and another thing I can add to my list before going after whatever is out there over in Hostility-land.  If we see each other tonight for the last time...for a while...then dammit boy you’d better haul your broken ass out there on all fours or I will come find you and drag you out by the hair on your ass myself.


Don’t keep me waiting, Ataxia.  I hate waiting.”


Autumn glares at the camera and pushes it down to the ground, things fading to black.

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