Title: do the right thing
Featuring: Moe Davis
Date: 3.2.2019
Location: training hard x canberra
Show: Evolution 44

FADE IN on a weightlifting bar sitting idle on the gym floor.

A pair of legs move into the frame and plant themselves behind the bar.

A pair of hands, taped and chalked, reach down to grip.

MOE DAVIS (off-Screen)
I always try to do the right thing ...even if it means losing everything.

Cut to a clip of the movie Do the Right Thing. Da Mayor drops wisdom on Mookie.

Da Mayor
Doctor...always do the right thing.

That’s it?

That’s it.

I got it. I'm gone.

The hands dig into the bar deeper for grip.

But what they don't tell you about losing everything...

From Beauty and the Beast.

It's not until you lose everything that you truly appreciate...

eve r y t  h   i    n      g

The tape speed slows to a crawl.

Belle's face distorts, turns to static.

Those hands grip the bar tighter...

The lifter cleans and squats...

A grunting Moe Davis, teeth clinched, pouring sweat, pushes a challenging amount of iron to the heavens.

Moe inches the bar closer to the sky until...

Yes! Got it! Moe stands firm on both feet, supporting the weight. Vascular arms and puffed out cheeks.


Moe drops the weight. This elicits a spattering of cheers from spectators in the gym.

Moe points to the camera, spent but full of adrenaline.

Thanks for the L. When I take Ls, I work that much harder. I appreciate you, moe.

Moe walks out of the frame.


Cut to Moe Davis and Tara Robinson sitting in an interview studio watching that video as it plays on a monitor.

Moe, cleaned up, in a black CWF tracksuit, grins ear to ear. Tara sits opposite of Moe.

Hello CWF fans! My name is Tara Robinson and sitting here to my right is one of CWF's newest signees - "Go-Go" Moe Davis. Thank you for joining us.

It's a pleasure to be here.

That was a pretty cool clip we just watched.

Yeah, that was just a little something I made for my followers on social media.

You made that yourself?

Yeah, that's just me having fun with it.

You talked about taking Ls, taking losses. You wouldn't be referring to your loss last week on Evolution to Autumn Raven?

Tara, I've been fighting my whole life and sometimes no matter how hard you try, you still lose, knawmean? Even if you're defending what you think is right, even when you KNOW you're right, you still may come down on the wrong side of things.

Moe sighs.

I lost last week. No excuses to be made. Would I have handled it differently? Not at all. Because I know who I am and I know what I stand for. And like I said in the video, losing only makes me hungrier, Tara.

Well, this week on Evolution, you have a new challenge, as you team up with Sebastian Diakos to take on the CWF Tag Team Champions, Kendo and The Crimson Ghost.

Can't wait!

You and Sebastian have never teamed together before. How does it feel to have to depend on a new partner for such a big opportunity?

If he's as motivated as I am, then we're not going to have a problem. Besides, Sebastian is six foot six inches, two hundred fifty two pounds. That sounds like a guy I want on my team, moe.

And what do you think of your opponents on Tuesday - the Samoan Ghost Connection.

I know that the fans can't get enough of 'em.

Moe and Tara laugh on that comment.

But seriously, Kendo is a mean dude and Ghost is wild and unpredictable. I'm gonna bring my best and I know those guys are going to bring it. So, I'm looking forward to a good fight.

What's the future hold for Moe Davis in CWF?

That's a secret! Dang, Tara! Nah, forreal? I have plans. Big plans, but I can't talk about 'em just yet. The fans are just going to have to sit tight. But I promise, I got a surprise or two up my sleeve.

Moe Davis...thank you for joining us.

Thank you.

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