Title: Always on the Go
Featuring: Kendo
Date: 03-02-2019
Location: GYM
Show: Evolution 44

(The scene opens outside of a gym in north California with beautiful sunny day brimming down. All of sudden you see a black Lincoln navigator pull up in front of the gym. You see JT Barrett jump out of the back of the SUV with his custom black suit and on his cell phone you hear)


JT- “Yes I know what the contract says...I...egh...it will be fine. Thanks. Bye.”


(JT hangs up the phone and puts it in his inside suit pocket and walks into the gym. As he walks in the gym he looks around as to try to find someone. He spots Kendo in the background on a bench press. JT quickly walks up to him)


JT- “Kendo, buddy, we got to talk. The sponsors are starting to lose confidence in us and I'm really enjoying the free Jimmy Johns...”


(Kendo stops bench press and sits up and looks at JT as to be annoyed. Kendo wipes the sweat off the face and walks over to grab another set of weights and begins to do curls)


JT- “I don't think you are seeing the affect here. If we keep losing then the titles could go bye-bye and then the sponsors won't be far behind.” Now we have a warm up match before Confliction to get back to our winning ways and I've talked to Crimson and he is more focused and I'm just making sure...”


(Kendo stops and looks at JT as to put the fear of God into JT)

JT- “Okay, okay...I know that your focused but you got to know that the two that we are facing this week at Evolution are new to CWF.”


Kendo- “So.”


JT- “Sooo...thats not going to be a problem?”


(Once again Kendo stops and looks at JT annoyed)


JT- “Guessing its not going to be a problem. Well then those guys will be a light breakfast before the main course at Confliction. Keep up the workout.”


(JT turns to the camera as Kendo continues to workout in the background)


JT- “Yeah thats right. I hate to classify you as a light breakfast but honestly Moe & Sabastian, that's exactly what you are to the Samoan Ghost connection. So early congratulation on the opportunity at the tag champions but it will come as a sad and depression beatdown from the hottest tag team in CWF! So entering the ring is an option but leaving is no guarantee!”


(The scene goes black)

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