Title: We are all just Civics
Featuring: Azrael
Date: 6-9-18
Location: Fireside
Show: Evolution 23


[Azrael is sitting at his usual spot with his usual drink and usual roaring fire, feeling very cozy.]


Well Revenant, I again delivered pushing you to your limit. I took two of your finishers and was still able to kick out, if the ref has seen things correctly.  It surprises me that people still don't listen and believe what I tell them. I speak the truth. It's not always good to hear but it's there. I am the most talented unlucky employee of this company. Maybe it is my lack of emotion and drive to finish things out and will the win. Maybe it's that I enjoy the bitterness of defeat as it allows me to feel something. The joy from winning is not enough. I have too much sorrow that it can't penetrate. So maybe the bitterness and disappointment are close enough to sorrow that sorrow doesn't over take them but are just different enough to allow the feelings to be felt. Maybe I don't feel like I deserve to win. That I need to continue to suffer and pay my penance for crimes. Or it could be a combination of all it and more. Whatever it is holding me back I don't see it changing any time soon.


[Azrael stops and looks into the fire, slightly mesmerized by the flames. Amazed that something so powerful is also so weak. It can destroy anything in contacts but at the same time subject to its three requirements. It needs spark, fuel and oxygen. Too much of any of those and nothing. It's extinguished.]


Balance. Balance is extremely important in life. Without it things don't work. Without the bad you can't appreciate the good. It just becomes normal. Without sour sweet loses its intensity. Without rain the sunlight is just there. Balance allows us to miss the good things in life and gives us perspective to handle the bad. Perspective.  Perspective and balance are the keys to a happy life. Perspective allows you to first see the positive in a situation, or the negative. Changing your perspective changes how you will see and handle things. Let’s take a look at my upcoming match with Omega. A world title contentor, one of the cream of the crop. Now, I could look at this match as a chance to prove myself again, against some of the best in the company.  Or I could look at this match as another loss to add to my record, since I am facing one of the best. Finally I could see it for what it really is. Just a match against another CWF star. Nothing more, nothing less. Just the same thing each week, with a new face and name. I will tell you Omega, what I have told everyone else. The truths that I have spoken, and have fallen upon deaf ears. Though I am not sure what you can do about it, but I will provide you with the insite regardless.  I will push you to your limit. I will give you one helluva match. After that, I don’t know what will happen. You may rise up to the challenge like Mia was able to do? Or will you fall and not have the strength to rise up again? Do you have enough of whatever it takes to push yourself over the threshold of winning?


[Azrael runs his hand through his hair and rubs his neck, trying to work out kinks and tightness he has been holding in]


I can’t wait for this to be over and to move toward “normal”. Whatever that could be and will be.  I am working towards a new normal, a happier normal. A more fulfilling existence. This, for me, has just become a distraction to prevent me from worrying to much about my situation.  This has become a play to have a feeling, other than overwhelming sadness and despair. Pain, frustration, hope. So Omega, why do you do this? What is your driving force that allows you to get up every morning?  What gives you that last push to secure victory? Is it some mysterious force that drives you? I hope you know the answers to these questions. It’s the only thing that will help you.


[Azrael reads over a piece of paper from his side table, checking off the points he already knew]


Omega, the head of the SSRI, or something like that.  I couldn’t figure it out, mostly because I haven’t seen the point.  SSRI, Ouroboros, Forsaken. Mystical mysterious groups within the CWF.  They have all shaped the CWF in one way or another. What makes you more special than any of the others?  Nothing. There is nothing that makes any of different from one another. Nothing that makes me more special than you, or you more than me.  There is nothing really special about any of us. So what does this have to do with our match? Nothing, but just showing that there is nothing that makes you better than me, or me better than you.  We are not little snowflakes. We are more like Honda Civics, just in different colors, but all the same boring uninspired people with different colored shells. This sheet has points of interest that I could use to point out flaws in your character.  Use to poke holes in your facade. But I don’t need to. I don’t have to stoop to that level. I just know that I am going to push you to new limits. Limits that exceed what exists within yourself. That I guess is my role in this world now. To make people better.  To sacrifice myself to make others better. Omega, can you get better? Have you reached your potential? I hope so, because if you have, then I have a chance at victory. A hard earned, victory. Otherwise, I will be just another boost in someone else’s career. I can’t do this anymore.


[Azrael gets up and walks out]

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