Title: [CD] Down the Rabbit Hole He Goes - Where they stop? Crimson Ghost knows...
Featuring: Loki Synn
Date: Another Irrelevency
Location: Left of Albequerque, straight on till morning

Did we touch a nerve Ghosty with the Mosty?

We feel almost honored that you came up with a moniker such as "Emoticon Emily" to describe my affiliation with a winkie face. Here's the thing, if you knew HALF of the things that we have done in this federation...

You would have done a lot more than approach this situation with more than a joke and a shrug. Those titles that we once held proudly with Shadow? They are of no consequence to us. What was it that you called them? Symbols of your own ego?

We don't need symbology to tell you that we are one of the biggest threats to the CWF roster. Titles mean nothing. There IS no title belt that we thirst for. We thirst for carnage, chaos, Madness, and a side of gore. You wave things in our face as if we care that you're new to this roster.

Or you're dressed as a skeleton.

You can come up with clever nicknames for us.

Or that you happened to get lucky with another newbile one and capitalize on a decaying team; claiming the richest prize a young team can claim.

You think that all this amounts to something that we are supposed to care about. You talk yourself up and yet here we are, days away from our encounter and the only thing you have served to do was put a target on your back.

Not for the title because trust me when we tell you that this, "team" we have with MJ will last and go ahead and ask The Forsaken if they would ever accept me back. We'll wait for the response. Not that we need a partner though. We are multiples of one.


The idea of making you squirm in pain as we watch is a mental image that well, might be disturbing to some viewers. You haven't been around long enough to know what wrath you are calling down upon you and in all honesty, it isn't our responsibility to educate the masses about our history with this company.

We want to feel sorry for you Ghosty Roasty. We want to care about whatever twisted blow-up doll family you have tucked away in a trunk, ready to blow up for that Sunday brunch and how... Deflated it would leave them to see you in such... Flattened spirits. We want to concern ourselves with your better half in Kendo and how he'll need to find himself a new partner if you continue to try and push buttons when you don't even know what consequences await you, just for holding those title belts.


Ego? You had better be glad, for your ego's sake, that this is a non-title match. Otherwise, we would be making you look quite silly when the dysfunctional team of MJ and Cheshire flatten you. Well...

This just in, MJ wants to boot us all in the face, regardless of what happens and what tricks we pull from our bag of wonder and holding. So... You won't have to worry about MJ and Cheshire reigning supreme. Because Cheshire always gets what we want one way or the other. Sometimes...

The view is just a bit askew.

We'll see you come Evolution Ghost-Boy. The more buttons you push... The more dangerous we become. Tread lightly down this rabbit hole...

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