Title: Dangerous headspace
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: 2/23/2019
Location: Somewhere
Show: Hostility: ReAwakened Episode 2


(The last Evolution show is shown in selected clips, all of them set to that intense action music you hear playing over movie trailers.  Something to get you interested and excited to watch such a thing. High points are met with the rise and fall of the music, going over and over again until it ends on that poignant endnote with the shocking return of The Lost Boys.  Something that the fans were still talking about, among other things. Everything fades to black on the last note, before fading in on something a little bit more lighter yet still intense to listen to. It’s an internal shot of the inside of a plane, all of the passengers seated in the appropriate places.  The view shifts to show the side profile of Autumn Raven seated against the window, staring out at the clouds as they float lazily by. She’s dressed in a grey t-shirt and jeans, and bears no emotion on her face at all. Or rather, you can’t really tell what she’s feeling. She’s staring out the window, hardly blinking, hardly moving, earbuds in her ears to drown out the random bits of conversation and everything else going on...which isn’t much.  She sighs, blinking slowly, the first sign there’s life within. There’s no other movement, just enough to let you know there’s something there.


The seat next to her is surprisingly empty.  No one occupies it, no one is there for Autumn to scoot herself around when she needs to stretch.  The flight attendants walk back and forth, attending to the other passengers on the plane, each glancing their eyes to the dark haired woman sitting against the window who looks on outside without a care in the world.  There’s a bit of worry, but not enough to bother her to ask. What battles she faces, must be tough ones indeed, they figure, so they leave her alone for the time being. Autumn shifts every once in a while, before her eyes shut and she begins to relax for a few minutes.  She’s walking through a bookstore, browsing through the different sections of books, a few stuck under her arm. Her steps take her into the paranormal section and she browses there for a couple of minutes before stopping dead in her tracks. There sitting on a display rack is the Book of Truth.  Slightly worn and mocking her with its presence.


Books clatter to the floor, and she pulls that off the shelf, not bothering to flip through it, more or less to stare down at it in naked shock.  She looks up, and gasps in shock, turning around and around in circles, finding that every book in that section is an exact copy of the one she holds.  Even the ones on the floor that she dropped are the exact same thing. She begins to panic, eyes wide, panting heavily as she squeezes her eyes shut and she let’s out a scream.  One so real that it jars her awake in her seat on the plane, hand slightly up by her shoulder as if to throw something. She drops her hand, eyes nervously darting around, searching for any evidence.  Anything to tell her that things were fine and she was still on this plane, safe for the time being. No one noticed her sudden jolt awake, and the sudden appearance of one of the flight attendants by her side made Autumn jump in surprise.  The lady looked concerned, wondering what in the world was going on with her.


“J-just a bottle of water, please.”

“Right away miss.  Are you sure you’re ok? You look pale.”


“I’m...fine.  Just had a...bad dream.”


“Okay.  I’ll be right back with that water.”


The lady walked away, leaving Autumn to shake her head and attempt to collect herself after what just happened.  She ran a hand through her hair, taking a deep breath before exhaling it slowly. A shadow appeared besides her and Autumn turned her head, finding the same flight attendant there with a smile, setting her water bottle down in the holder.  Autumn mustered a small smile and a ‘thank you’, before watching her walk away. She quickly grabbed the water bottle, pried open the top and took a long swig of the water, sighing loudly as she replaced the top. She placed it back in the holder, and leaned back in her seat, turning her head back to the window and the clouds again.  A small adjustment to her earbuds, and she was ready to start talking. About everything, but mostly about the upcoming Evo show. That was the most important thing right now.


“That damn book.  That DAMN book. It haunts me, day and night.  It follows me whereever I go it seems. In my dreams, and even into my matches.  Take the last show for example. I had a good groove going with Nina, and I finally had that spooky bitch right where I wanted her.  A little...redemption for what she has done to me up to this point. She seems hell bent on making me see the ‘light’ and wanting to bring me over to join her little pack of misfit toys.  VENOM. I know she is behind the book appearing in the ring. It’s the mind games she’s hoping will work, and I’ll fall to my knees and say take me away, teach me what I don’t know. I have sinned and blah blah blah.”


Autumn rolls her eyes, sighing softly.


“I can’t focus on that right now.  I’ve got to get myself right for this show.  It’s just a book. No harm ever came from ignoring a book.  I’m up against Moe Davis, who won his match on his first night out in this company.  Seriously bravo to the kid, bravo. A drink to you dude. I can’t even say that and that’s saying something.  I’m sure you’re having your thoughts about fighting me, fighting a woman. You’re nervous, afraid, scared of going against what you were told as a kid growing up.  Don’t hit a woman, don’t do that because it’s wrong in so many ways.


My words to you Moe is…


Come at me.  Come hit me. This isn’t a tea party, this is a fight, a wrestling match.  I want you to come at me with everything you have. This is your chance to either stretch your limbs and gain another victory, or get knocked the eff down by the one and only Beautiful Psychopath.  GO back and look at the stuff I’ve done, then come back to me and ask yourself if it’s a really good idea to be doing this in the first place. After giving Silas a permanent migrane, I think beating you will be no trouble at all.”

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