Title: The Road Home - Intermission
Featuring: MJ Flair
Date: 2.21.2019
Location: The Interwebs
Show: Evolution 43



Adrian Evans sits in his bedroom, looking very tired, staring into his computer. 

Adrian: You should take Cheshire at her word. 

On the other end of the conversation, MJ Flair sits in her hotel room, her legs up on the chair itself, her face peering into the camera between her bare knees.

MJF: I can’t afford to, Adrian. I did that once, and I lost my title. 

She fidgets, spinning her chair back and forth as she talks. 

MJF: Ya know, I don’t want to hold Cheshire responsible for things that Loki did, but… yeah… y’know? 

Adrian shakes his head.

Adrian: This is a mistake. You came back with a bang, you had an opportunity offered to you by The Shadow to reclaim the CWF World Title - that’s the money, Ms. Flair. 

In response, MJ raises her eyebrows. 

MJF: Maybe that’s the money, Adrian, but that’s so fucking not the path. You’re a former World Champion, you know the deal. The Champion is the best, right? 

She can see it in his eyes: Adrian may be the former World Junior Junior Champion, but he held and defended that title with more respect than anyone ever expected a ‘midget champion’ to carry. 

Adrian: Right. 

MJF: Right now, that’s Shadow. More or less. He’s the man, but he wants to see how we’d bounce, right? 

Adrian: ...Right. 

MJF: Why? 

The question surprises him. Fortunately, MJ continues. 

MJF: He won that belt from Loki, but was Loki the best? Loki took the title from me, but did she beat me? He offers me a shot at the belt I was semi - robbed of, but do I deserve it? 

Adrian: Mariella…

MJF: No, Adrian. Loki took the title from me, but she had Jimmy Juggalo stacking the deck for her. I retained the title against her but it was a lucky shot with a piece’a metal, and I had nothing left. If I’m gonna accept Shadow’s offer, the chance t’regain that title - I have to earn it. And if I can’t beat her, I have no right fightin’ for that belt. 

Silence. Adrian appears to be considering this.

Adrian: You realize she’s not your opponent this week, Mariella… she’s your partner. 

MJ smirks. 

MJF: That, my friend… means fuck-all.

He doesn’t smile at that - he full on belly laughs. After a moment, MJ joins him. 

MJF: I respect the Lost Boys, I have no opinion on the Aunt Flow Party… but Loki is gonna get a boot in the face. 

She smirks.

MJF: Possibly more  than one.


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