Title: ...grindstone
Featuring: Freddie Styles
Date: 2/23
Location: airborne
Show: Evolution 43

I don't know why I love air travel so much, with all the aches and pains my professional life brings and all the mental stresses that accompanies so much of my personal life I guess I like the idea of some vapid blond chick with large breasts serving me peanuts and fluffing my pillow with absolutely no strings attached or follow up questions to bombard me with. Don't get me wrong, I love my job even with all the hurdles, and my personal life could always be worse.. but I just like the simple nature of it all. "Welcome sir, everything alright? Comfortable? Good, if you need anything just press this button." Simple, easy.

Business could be better, could be worse. The CWF whizzes past me at such a pace I choose not to follow these days. I didn't even concern myself with the goings on at Evolution.. keeping my head down just always seems the smarter course of action. On the next card I'll be competing in a tag team main event with my brother Duce for the first time in a little while...and the opponents just, well, make me uneasy. I simply don't like them, and they are a fine example of why I choose to keep to myself when I'm at work. No sense getting involved with people that I really don't respect.

But honestly I find it hard to keep my mind on trivial things when the opportunity to shine on the main event stage. Despite the bullshit I've been in lately and all the losses I've taken, I probably need to keep things simple, easy.. no need to muss things up, complicate them with fruitless details that prove nothing.. just simple and easy.

I think that's something I've come to realize.. I perform better, I work more viciously and precisely when I keep things very simple. My friends and pregnant girlfriend, my life at home.. secondary. My opponents feelings? Their thoughts about me and our match? I could honestly care less, my friends. They call it being cold, I call it being calculated.. they call it being heartless.. I call it being a consummate professional. I'll keep my head down, I'll show up each and every week and lace up my boots and run my finger across that white board, find my name.. drag it to the right and find what poor soul faces me on that given night and what will be will be, no matter what the match is, or what odds I must face....I will come out and put it down in the pursuit of my future greatness, my growing legacy. Win or lose. I'll still be here, head down, nose to the grindstone.....ready to work.

And right now....honestly, that's all that I have right now.

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