Title: Home Sweet Home...
Featuring: Scourge
Date: 2/22/19
Location: The Old Man's House
Show: Evolution 43

We open with a shot of the front exterior of an old but well-maintained home. Judging by its appearance and style, the average person might consider it an early model modern home. It's definitely seen better days, but it's not antique by any means. It looks to probably be from the 50s or 60s originally, although some work has been done to try and fix it up over the years. Standing outside of it we see Scourge from behind. We then hear him speaking half to himself and half to the viewers. Just loud enough to be heard by the camera but with his gaze firmly on the old house.

Scourge: What the hell was I thinking coming back here? I know they asked me to, and they're nothing like the old man, but this is Hell on Earth to me. I mean sure I've found a good mental place finally, so it's not like I can't handle being here…I just don't want to be. This place took decades to get “out of my head” for lack of a better way to put it. Why come back now? Because the same bastard who used this as his torture chamber for me also gave the world 4 kids by blood who tracked me down and welcomed me in with as much passion and love as he used to spit vile and venom. Well, I suppose it’s now or never.


He leads the crew up to the door, before walking in quietly. After all, there’s some surprising to be done. We can hear a chorus of voices coming from what looks to be the living room of the home. Scourge asks the crew to hang back for now but says to keep filming. He slowly makes his way into the room. The two youngest folks have their back to him and have yet to notice his presence. He leans against the doorframe of the living room and gives a nod and a wave to the others. The kids have obviously noticed the wave back from those they can see and turn to see who’s behind them. Once they see who it is, the kids go mental, jumping to their feet and charge hugging the big man as tightly as their arms will allow.


Both Kids: Marius!


Scourge chuckles at the reaction as he puts one monstrous arm around each new leg ornament, he’s found himself with.


Scourge: Hi kiddos, it’s nice to see you too. I missed you guys. -looking at the left most child- Look at you Jake, getting some tall you are. You have another growth spurt like this, and you’ll be the one guarding me at the next family basketball game! -turning to the right-hand child- And Darian, look at those muscles! I’m not arm wrestling you anymore, that’s for sure!


Darian: Aww come on Marius, I’m getting big and strong so I can be just like you! You GOTTA keep arm wrestling me so I can see how I’m doing!


Jake: Yeah Marius, we want to be just like you! We’re gonna be a tag team one day! Jake “The Jackyl” and Darian “The Destroyer”, the Bruise Brothers!


Scourge, for the first time ever in front of the camera, lets out a proper laugh at this announcement.


Scourge: That might be the most adorable and flattering thing I’ll ever hear in my life boys. I love the names, and the enthusiasm. Maybe when you’re a bit older I’ll bring you in the ring and get you started. For now, you guys just keep enjoying your time as young’uns. I know it doesn’t seem like it now but grown up life isn’t always as fun as it looks when you’re your age. Now, big brother’s gotta go do some work, but I’ll just be out back. I’m here for the weekend with you I promise.


Both Kids: Okay Marius, see you soon!


Scourge: Oh hey, I need one big favor before I go! I don’t like to let the audience see me unmasked, wanna help me put it on?


Both Kids: Yeah!


Scourge pulls his now well-known white mask out of his trench coat pocket and hands it to the two boys. They each grab a side of the support straps and carefully but eagerly slide it on for him. He shows them how to readjust it back to his comfort zone, then looks up at them in full Scourge mode.


Both Kids: Go Scourge go! Go Scourge go! Go Scourge go!


Scourge pats the boys on the head and now finally turns to face the camera crew, leading them out to the backyard of the home. Anyone who witnessed the video clips from his introduction piece will recognize the large oak tree and old wooden fence. The fence is clearly in rougher shape than the video, but it’s quite obviously the same yard. Scourge walks over and lets his left hand run up and a section of the tree for a few moments. He pulls out his cell phone and opens the music player. He puts on Linkin Park’s “Numb” loud enough to be heard, but not drowning him out as he speaks over it.


Scourge: I’ve spent so much of my life trying to get away from this place, from the horrors of it all, but here I am again. My hand running over the bark of the tree I was chained to as a young child. Walking around the house that I dreaded having to come “home” to each day after school. I thought I’d rid myself of this god forsaken place once and for all. Then they happened. Four of the most amazing human beings alive showed up at my door and asked if I was their brother Marius. Even though I have no blood relatives, I knew what they meant and who they came from. It was at that moment that I knew I would end up here at least one more time in my life.


The old man may be in the hospital, but the aura of who he was to me is still strong. Thankfully for their sake, he cleaned himself up while they were growing up. I’m not bitter about that, I truly am grateful. I know it was his wife, the one with at least a shred of conscience in this household when I lived here, who told them of me. How she knew where to send them to look I’ve never found out, but maybe one day I’ll ask. For now, I’ll continue living this oddly designed life of mine. Hating the man, and to a lesser degree the woman, who came together to create those four magnificent lights in my life. All the while loving the four of them even more than I have ever managed to hate their parents. It is a very peculiar dynamic, but I’m grateful for the good parts of it every day.


However, it’s time to switch gears here. As intriguing as I’m sure the real life of your wrestling heroes and villains are, that’s not what you’re here for. You’re here for me to discuss the second week of the CWF Paramount Grand Prix. You’re here for me to discuss the fact that I was victorious in week one, over a very game Quentin Scarboro. You’re here for me to discuss my opposition for this coming week, Mike Munson. Apparently the so called “rookies” of the PGP should be called “the Hoss’” of CWF because yet again I’m facing someone nearly as big as I am. Ol’ Munson the Monsoon isn’t called that lightly. Nearly three hundred pounds of experienced thoroughbred. He may be new to CWF, but he’s no rookie.


Mike, you seem like a straight up dude. You had my back in our six-man tag at Modern Warfare, even if we didn’t really end up needing each other due to the numbers game. The fact you were doing your part is good enough for me. Much like our other partner and my previous opponent, you and I are going to war, but it’s over glory and glory alone. We all want to be the next CWF Paramount Champion, and that is what drives us to stand across from one another. There are some people around here that I will eventually stand across the ring from with much more personal motivations in mind. I’m beginning to form the list as I look more closely around the locker room. For now, it’s you and I in a battle of pride, professionalism, and points on the scoreboard.


Mike, I hate to have to tell you this, but you’re going to leave another arena with zero points this week. As much respect as I’m beginning to gain for you, it’s simply not your time yet. I want gold in CWF. I crave it with every fiber of my being, Mike. Being successful in this profession is not my destiny. Destiny is something for spiritual, and that’s clearly not me. Being successful in this profession is exactly what I proclaimed it to be last week. A huge F-you to the old man who tried to ruin me in this very yard. But it’s also about something much more positive. You see Mike, it’s about those two little boys in there.


Those two boys are everything I wanted to be while living in this house with the old man. They are everything he was too drunk and sadistic to ever allow me to be. Now that I’m in a place to give them the hero I never had, I don’t take that mantle lightly. They are rooting for me every step of the way, and that fuels me like nothing else you’ve ever heard or seen from or about me. The time has come for these boys to see what greatness is. Sure, they got the nice side of the old man. Even then, he was nothing special. In fact, he was nice to them, but that was about all he did for them. Poor, bullied, and unable to defend themselves, he’d gone so far away from who I know that he did them just as much harm. Instead of being the one abusing them like he did me, he got so soft he couldn’t even bring himself to play fight or spar with them and teach them a thing or two.


Mike, I don’t know a lot about your background, but I’m willing to bet it’s nothing like mine. If I’m right, good on you. I wouldn’t wish the early life I suffered on anyone, even the old man who brought it upon me. But I’m not that kid anymore Mike. I’m a six-foot ten inch, three hundred fifteen-pound tank, and I’m ready to roll over anyone and everyone put in front of me. I’m ready to claim the brass ring that old son of a b***h told me I wasn’t good enough to claim. I WILL become CWF Paramount Champion! Mike, I hope you’ve got good night vision, because come Evolution, darkness falls.



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