Title: [Hostility] Every Side of the Fence
Featuring: J. Rish
Date: Saturday, February 23rd
Location: Camp Rishel
Show: Hostility: ReAwakened Episode 2

Flashbacks of Hostility’s first ReAwakened show run across the screen of a 72 inch television to stands against the wooden log wall of Jaiden Rishel’s winter camp. The Blue Scorpion and Alex Cain sit on a beige sectional couch with two full glasses of beer in front of them on an end table. A perturbed Scorpio shakes his head and grabs the remote control, switching the channel to the Outdoor channel.

“What the hell, mate?” Alex Cain questions. “The outdoor channel? Since when did you become a fan of watching men hunt?”

Taking a big swig of the dark amber liquid in front of him, Scorpio responds. “Listen Alex, Jaiden invited us up to his camp for a reason. We are to be THE Reason. And you know what, mate? So far all we’ve been to Jaiden is a failure.”

“Fuck Jaiden.” Cain returns, only half joking. “Most days I wonder why the hell I agreed to pick my old ass out of bed and do this gig in the first place.”

“So I guess my little pep talk at Hilly’s Tavern didn’t have quite the effect that I had hoped, then?”

An embarrassed Cain turns his head upward, making eye contact with Jaiden who had just opened the door to his camp, the Big Man plopping his pint of beer back on the table as he speaks.

“Listen Jaiden, we had a jolly good time the other week at the pub. But I’m just not sure this wrestling thing is for me anymore. I mean I am a five time CWF World Heavyweight Champion, what more is there really to prove?”

“Yeah yeah old man Cain, we all know your accomplishments. You’ve told us a million times.” Scorpio laughs, punching his old friend on the shoulder.

Jaiden shuts the door of his log cabin, shivering as he enters. The Prodigal Son of Championship Wrestling Federation brushes off his black coat with a fur hood, the mostly melted snow and moisture flaking off into the air as he does so. Placing his coat off his shoulders and onto a coat rack directly next to a wall of animal heads and deer horns, Rishel smiles at the display before turning back to his friends.

“So much, my friend. There is still so much to prove.”

“Do tell then,” An unconvinced Cain retorts. “I don’t have anything better to do than sit here and listen to your scrawny ass, it’s not like I’m getting any younger or anything.”

Scorpio attempts a response and just chuckles.

“It is all about the legacy, gentleman. It is about what you want your fans to remember at the end of the day when they reminisce back on your careers. Do you want your thousands of loving fans to remember you as a bunch of old farts who could barely get it done against C$J’s pathetic attempt at a Elite squadron? Do you want to go down in the history books as losers, as three guys who are far past our prime and should have just stayed retired?” Jaiden takes a deep breath, his face reddening as he works even himself up. “Is that the legacy that you both want for yourselves?”

“Hell no,” Scorpio returns. “That is exactly why I switched the channel over to this hunting show. Look at the animals on the walls of The Reason’s founder. Look at the rack on that son of a bitch, it’s absolutely beautiful. But what is even more beautiful is the hunt, mate. Life is all about the hunt. Each and every human being on earth lives their life as either the hunter or the hunted. The stalker or the prey. The high class or the low.”

As he finishes his pint of beer, Alex Cain rolls his eyes. “What is your point, Scorp?”

“My point is this, guys,” Scorpio turns to his friend, over to Jaiden, and back to Cain with his eyes. “We are the fucking hunters, ya know? I know for a fact that I didn’t come out of retirement to just be a bump on a stump, to be a road block for these young bucks to walk over on their path to stardom. No, my legacy is so much more than that.”

“That’s exactly what I wanted to hear, my friend.” Jaiden rubs his hands together, smiling as he looks at the hunt taking place on his large screen television. “How about you, Alex? Are you in or are you out?”

“I’m in.” Jaiden can immediately sense the resistance in the voice of Alex Cain, but he chooses to shrug it off and ignore it instead of making up a stink with the Big Man. 

“Alright then, that is all I need to hear from you two guys to know what we need to do moving forward. There is no more time for playing games, there is no time to sit back and watch the world move around us. We need to talk the fight right to Christopher $aint James and whatever pathetic excuse for a group he is able to finagle up this week.”

“Speaking of,” Scorpio interrupts. “I seen you show up to Evolution last Tuesday. How come you didn’t ask Alex and I to come with you? It would have been nice to be in the know, ya know?”

“I had business to attend to,” Looking slightly nervous, Jaiden responds. “Business that doesn’t necessarily have to have anything to do with either of the two of you. But what does however is the six man tag team match that we have this coming ReAwakened. C$J is a crafty son of a bitch, and when one Becker falls, it seems another two assholes come a calling. When you have more money than you have brain cells, I guess the idiots just come like flies. This week the Australian Submission Machine shows just how much of a turncoat he really is by playing every side of the fence but the sharp one.”

Jaiden walks back and forth as he speaks, taking a second to take a break and wander off into the kitchen of his camp, cracking open a bottle of Shock Top Belgian White before taking a healthy swig. He places the bottle on top of the marbled counter, turning back to his friends as he walks back in and continues.

“And Jon Travis? I’ve never heard of you, but let me tell you this right off the bat my friend. You’ve chosen the wrong fucking side. You seem like a good guy who has found betting on the wrong horse. Listen, Jon. All the money in the world won’t do your dumb ass any good when you’re six feet under. All the amenities and toiletries that C$J that throw you and Paradine to make you two feel at home and more wealthy than you ever have in your lives? It won’t mean shit when the three of us not only embarrass you three so bad that you’ll have no choice but to go running away with whatever other sister C$J may have, but we’ll leave you crippled and unable to make it out of the fucking ring.” Jaiden slaps hands with Cain and Scorpio who are both now quite enthused.

“Come ReAwakened you three will realize the truth that every human being comes to know sometime within their pathetic existence. Money does not buy everything. But unfortunately for you three idiots? It's bought you one hell of an ass beating.”

Oozing confidence, Jaiden is almost bouncing as he stands in front of Scorpio and Alex Cain. The three men that form The Reason continue to discuss their match strategy ahead of ReAwakening as the scene fades away.

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