Featuring: Loki Synn
Date: Is than really relephant?
Location: The Rabbit Holes
Show: Evolution 43

It was a dark and stormy night.

The wind whipped against the glass windows of a creaky old house, causing the people inside to feel the ever present fear of the unknown, the dark, and the scary. The right people will harness this feeling and use it to drive their spite, to push them through and onto the next level.

Sometimes people need a push in the right direction in order to awaken that feeling of primal hunger. 

Now, the entrance to these thoughts we’re quite sure was jarring but we are also told that most great stories, epics even, begin with the simplest of cliches. Did you notice how we took control of your feelings and made you feel that primal fear? Don’t lie to yourselves, you know you felt it. We have built up a reputation in the CWF as someone uncontrollable, primal, dangerous, and by far our favorite, ca-razy. 

Imagine us walking as we are talking to you all, forcing your eyes to track my every move as we tell you about what we want you to hear. Do you feel that prickling in the back of your neck? We have you where we want you. That prickling sensation you feel is my very presence as it sifts through your being and feeds upon what you think drives you to that imaginary finish line that you have set up for yourselves. 


Imagine that giggle to be soft in your ears as you try your hardest to pay close attention to what we’re telling you. You think that you have us all figured out, just another crazy person with the voices in her head telling her what to do and how to proceed. You look at our history and you see that we got lucky a couple times.

We found family in The Forsaken. Took refuge among them.

We won the title of titles from a person who was made out to be the hero of CWF, THE person to beat, Mariella Jade Flair, at such a young age. Young enough to be considered a prodigy of sorts. Perhaps? Oooo… We beat her with a finger and it is called dubious circumstances, but that is besides the point. We won the belt and then handed it over to The Shadow. Thus far, our rantings probably sound just like that, rantings. If that is you, you haven’t been paying attention.

Everything has led up to The Shadow taking that step to the next level and being that hero in MJ’s absence. The destruction of The Oreo Cookie Gang? While it was for the best, it was inopportune. Shadow needed a driving force. Mia went under, Loki came out to play and it is all history from there. Cheshire took over to allow Mia time to get her feet under her, allow her to learn her strengths while Cheshire keeps her safe. Coincidence or not, one can not say that we didn’t follow through. We propelled Shadow up to that next level and would you all look at him now? World Champion. Paramount Champion. Former Tag Champion with ironically enough, yours truly, and just an all around GOOD person. WE propelled him to this spotlight and whether he wants to believe it or not, he deserves to be there. We have opened his eyes to that possibility and we get shunned for it.

Understandable, we were bitches. Or at least Loki was. The oh so Chaotic One. Her sins, or synns, fall on our shoulders and we are paying the dividends for them. We put her away and instead of thanks, we get challenges. Not Mia the friend.

Not Cheshire the mysterious.

Loki, the destructive. Loki the person that laid waste to the whole of CWF, cut a path of destruction that began with the destruction of The Forsaken and ended with shelving the proverbial hero of the time, MJ Flair. MJ comes back and instead of saying, “Thank you for taking Loki away” we get a challenge.

MJ versus Loki Synn: This time it’s personal.

Cheshire doesn’t understand this challenge. She did the favor of taking Loki away and introducing herself to take the shots that you are all firing in our direction. Don’t you all believe that if Loki was still around, she would have destroyed any and all before her at this point? Cheshire did you all a favor. Cheshire did MJ Flair, a favor. Take out the personality responsible for so much pain and destruction. Allow Mia time to recoup and regain herself. Give her time to become that butterfly you all believe her to be.


You come back to challenge Loki Synn almost pleading to have her back to lay waste to the landscape once again. Cheshire came to hide Loki down a rabbit hole she should never be allowed out of. Cheshire did you all a favor.

Cheshire gets beaten for her efforts. 

We get challenged by little kids with egos the size of Jupiter, calling out beings that are far beyond her understanding. Our efforts are mocked. Overlooked. Instead of our words being taken seriously, we are instead gifted with…. A match.

The new to the roster Crimson Ghost and Kendo.

The returning Lost Boys who have apparently found their way home.

The awkward to say the least team of a returning MJ Flair and her partner Cheshire.

Not sure how this is supposed to work out. Don’t know if Stewart had one too many pills or C$J took one too many bumps on the head trying to dive into his piles of gold, when booking this match, but what exactly is this supposed to prove? That your new tag champions have what it takes to hang with veterans of the roster? That The Lost Boys are back and a force to be reckoned with?

That MJ and Cheshire will work as a team and show everyone despite their differences, they can work together for a greater good?

We aren’t sure. Just like we’re quite sure that the aforementioned “champs” in The Crimson Ghost and Kendo and the returning Lost Boys thought that we forgot about them. Is that right boys? 

Did you all believe that we forgot to mention you, our attentions devoted to the returning BANE of our existence MJ Flair who is calling out a force that would love to eat you, all four of you, ALIVE?! Trust us, we asked. She would eat all four of you for an appetizer, gladly, with minimal payment required. Minimal.

We don’t understand the point in this match, we truly do not. It is not a title match, Kendo, Ghost, your belts are safe for now. Understand these words though and process them as quickly as you can: If we wanted those belts you hold so dear and came across almost on accident, we would already have them. That isn’t a threat or an empty promise. It is tride and true fact.

Lost Boys, as much as we would love to take you down a rabbit hole or two and help you find your way, we don’t care. You faced off against Mia and Shadow, you lost the title belts to them. Or was that The Aces you lost to while you were still drinking the Oreo kool-aid. It’s ok, we won’t tell anyone that you used to be dicks.

Still are?

Huh, the time off must not have done you well. We have beaten you before Boys. Separately, together, once upon a yesteryear, we made you our bitch and don’t be surprised when we do it again when we meet again. There is nothing you can say, nothing to threaten us with, that will erase the past. Want to know why we aren’t worried about you? Look at the books. Every time, every possible scenario that could have been thrown at us, and we have come out on top. In your absence, we have gotten more powerful, stronger, further than you would EVER be able to understand. We understand much and we warn you to turn tail and run. No one would blame you if you were to find yourselves “lost” once again. 

As far as the champions are concerned, you’re new here so we can’t expect that much out of you in terms of respect. That is fair. You have managed to earn yourselves belts that we have earned on our own with the current World Champion. You weren’t around for whatever reason and we suppose that can be forgiven. Consider this a warning though.

We are not to be trifled with. We are not to be underestimated. Regardless of who might be our partner, we could beat you both with little help from a girl who just doesn’t get it. We have injured people who were far more formidable than the two of you could ever consider yourselves to be. You don’t have to know us. You don’t have to do your research to realize that you’re in too deep. You have both bitten off more than you can collectively chew and no amount of marker boards, extra, hidden, or otherwise, will be able to bail you out. Humor can only get one so far, but what happens when things turn into matters that are increasingly harder to laugh at? What happens when you realize that you’re in too deep Ghost? You’re in the ring with a person that takes your jokes and spits them out, using them as weapons against you?

You reach to tag out to Kendo, you’re oh so close. Your eyes widen in horror as he is pulled down to ringside, being taken by the pandemonium outside the ring. You try to fight back, but the harder you fight, the more you start to sink, much like quicksand. You’re in too deep. 

Your jokes?


Your muscle in Kendo? Just as ineffective if not more so. We have encountered muscle before, Kendo doesn’t concern us. We will leave him broken and battered, much like you. Then, then maybe you will understand what you have encountered. The Madness. It takes no prisoners but leaves us all a little wiser after it visits. If you manage to survive the encounter that is.

We aren’t going to hold our breaths Ghost. Your connection with Kendo? Consider it severed. Your tricks and training? Beaten and irrelevant. It’s time to get lost just like the boys in the other corner. Take the advice while you are able to walk under your own power.

Just ask my “esteemed” partner, MJ motha-truckin’ Flair how it feels to be in the ring with… “Me.”  Ask her how it felt to be sidelined by our hand for months on end, only to come back and ask for another helping. After we did her the favor of taking Loki away…

Come Evolution, you five… You’re all going down the rabbit hole. You’re all going to get what you wanted. 

And you will all be left in ruin because of it. Cheshire can lead you to enlightenment. Or Madness. Do you have what it takes to survive? 

For your sake, we hope so. It would be a shame if we didn’t have a chance to play with you all once again.

Welcome to My Wonderland; my… Mad House… My Sanctuary… See you all, real… Real… REAL soon.

Right Parenthesis.


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