Title: When Respect Clashes With Desire...
Featuring: Scourge
Date: 2/17/19
Location: Scourge's Private Residence
Show: Evolution 42

The first thing we see or hear is the sound of a cell phone ringing. The video fades in on Scourge looking down at his new phone and shaking his head. After letting it ring almost to voicemail, he begrudgingly answers the call on speaker phone.

Scourge: Hi Zoe. I take it your old man told you about our recent trip down memory lane?

Zoe: Yes he did Marius, although I saw it on the pay per view anyway. I know you guys have bad history, and I'm never going to pry about the full details, but that was a bit much don't you think?

Scourge: Honestly? No. And if I were so inclined, I'd only feel bad about it because of how it may hurt you and the other kids.

Zoe: And we love that about you. You didn't have to accept us after everything with dad, but we found you and you were open to us.

Scourge: Of course I was. None of you were even born when I had my issues with your father. You wanted to treat me like your missing brother, and I wanted a family. The problem is the old man wanted less than nothing to do with me when it counted. If he had, we wouldn't have had to wait until adulthood to find each other in the first place.

Zoe: I know that Marius. I can't speak for the others, but I know enough about that time to understand your point of view here. And truth be told? A big part of me will always be angry with him for it too, whether I was there or not. But he's dying Marius. I know that doesn't hurt you. It hurts the rest of us. I'm not asking you to forgive him and mean it. I'm not even asking you to forgive him and NOT mean it. Just show up for me. For the other kids. The young ones look up to you so much, and they know nothing about the awful history.

Scourge: *sighing* I'm not making any promises, but I'll consider it...for you lot. Assuming I opt in, where's the “official” gathering taking place?

Zoe: The kids only one will be at the old house next week. I know it's not your favorite place, but it's the only place we have in the family big enough for everyone to gather except your place, but we didn't know if you'd be involved.

Scourge: I understand. *long pause* Text me the rest of the details and I'll be there on two conditions. Don't have some grown kids intervention waiting for me about the old man, and don't tell the youngins, I want to surprise them.

Zoe: Deal. Thank you for doing this bro, I know it's not easy for you. I love you.

Scourge: You better after this. But seriously, I love you too sis. See you soon. I gotta go though, duty calls.

Zoe: See you soon. Now go put the fear of Darkness into this opponent of yours.

Scourge: *chuckles* You got it sis.

With that, Scourge hangs up the phone and turns to look at himself in the bedroom vanity mirror. The room is painted a deep purple, with black bed frame and vanity.

Scourge: Son, you've really done it to yourself now. Going back to that house for the first time in 20 years. At least the old man won't be around, and all of the kids will be together for a change. Anyway, time to get to work.

Scourge now turns and addresses the crew that's been filming him for the past several minutes and addresses the CWF viewers directly for the first time.

Scourge: Hello everyone, my apologies for keeping you waiting. As you all know, I made my debut at Modern Warfare. As those who ordered the event or witnessed it live know, I was victorious for my team. It was a bit of a hollow victory after two members of the opposing team decided to run away from the action. And given not only the events of that evening, but since then, I must say I'm not surprised by one of them.

You see, when you come in on top, you have nowhere to go but down. Some people understand that and can build themselves back up. Others think they should constantly beon top of the food chain, whether their performance dictates it or not. See, you win 3 or 4 times in a row, you earn a big opportunity. But once you blow that opportunity, you have to start over again. Apparently the man in question couldn't comprehend that, and blamed everyone but himself for his winning streak turning into a losing streak.

Enough about that however, it is on to bigger and better things for yours truly. The first week of the Paramount Grand Prix, which will eventually crown a new CWF Paramount Champion. My first match is against one of the only men in the company who can match me physically. He is also one of my partners from our victory this past week, Quentin Scarboro. This is a young man who I must say, has got my attention for more than just the PGP. He seems like a good, honest man that the children in our audience can root for comfortably. I like that.

Unfortunately, we have been put in the unenviable position of having to go from partners to opposition in back to back weeks. Given my mantra, and what I've seen of Mr. Scarboro up to now, this would not have been my preferred option. However, it isn't up to me who stands across from me or in my corner on any given week, so here we are. The irresistible force and the immovable object ready to do battle. Win or lose, I know I'm in for a hell of a fight this week, and I'm excited about it.

Contrary to my opinion on when in the PGP this should have been taking place, I'm excited to have real competition standing across the ring from me. Not the kind of man who loses a game, so he takes his ball and runs home so no one else can have any fun either. This is a man who will win graciously, and lose respectfully. That is someone I hope does great things here in CWF. In fact, he's the kind of guy that if the tag team scene ever calls out to me, I may go looking for as a potential ally. But for now, it's mono et mono, one on one. And that sadly spells disaster for Mr. Scarboro.

I told everyone I was coming to CWF with two missions in mind. To cleanse this organization of those who would sink to the lowest of lows, and to win championships. This is the first step on the path to my first one of those. Let's be honest, with the speed things move around here, this is a must win match for both of us. Do or die as they say. This match will decide who of the “oversized rookies” as I've seen us called by the dirt sheets rides a wave of upward momentum, and who must regroup already.

Now I have no fear of my ability to rebound if needed, nor of my opponent's. It is just unfortunate that with some of the slime being featured in this Grand Prix, two of the more noble among us must bare this fate so soon. But it is what it is Mr. Scarboro, and that unfortunately means I must put a halt to your rise in order to further my own. Just as the CWF.com preview indicates, this will be a war. Two massive athletes stepping through the ropes in a battle of attrition. Only one can win, the other must become the unfortunate victim of circumstance.

I wish I could tell you that that victim isn't you, Mr. Scarboro, but I've sworn to never tell a lie. I've meant every compliment I've paid you here tonight, and I will still mean them after the final bell tolls on our clash of the titans. Sadly, only one of us can claim victory this time, and you're looking at the titan who will do so this time around. Quite simply Mr. Scarboro, I'm going to defeat you because I HAVE to. You see, you NEED this win just as much as I do, but I promise you I CRAVE it more than you could imagine.

This is my first step on a personal odyssey. An epic journey through my own mind, my own fears, and my own rage. Getting my hands on that championship is not only my goal as a professional wrestler. It is my ultimate f**k you to the man you've heard me talking both about and to over the past week. The man who put me in that chain you saw video of all those years ago. The man...nay, the SCUM, who tried to break my will by breaking my body. This is my ultimate redemption. This is my ultimate sign to him that he FAILED! So it has been written, so it shall come to pass. For I am the right hand of justice herself. I am the Alpha of the Omega. I am Darkness Incarnate. I...am...Scourge.

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