Title: Broken Spirits
Featuring: Most Known Unknowns
Date: February 12, 2019 & February 17, 2019
Location: California
Show: Evolution 42

February 12, 2019

During Modern Warfare after Viper's Nest


The smell of burnt flesh is almost intoxicating as Vince Espinoza makes his way through the curtain leading into the gorilla position. He's soon followed closely behind by Omar Martinez and the newly crowned, Hostility Aversion Champion, Nina. Her sadistic smile is soon swept away as CWF medical personnel rush in at Vince. They are trying to get a better look at his burnt back, but with a growl, Espinoza begins to throw medical staffers left and right as Omar tries to get between everyone to stop things. Road agents and security soon become engulfed in the mix, however the Cobra Emperatriz stands there with a scowl, the Aversion title still within her clutches.


Immediately the commotion ends as Nina walks through the sea of people. Both Espinoza and Martinez stand between the officials, she speaks without looking back.

Nina:  ¡Ven ahora! (Come now!)

Just like that, the men follow her lead, everyone else stand there dumbfounded, staring at the exposed, darkened back of Espinoza as V.E.N.O.M make their way through the corridors.




Later that night.

House of Will


The show had been over for hours, all the competitors having gone their separate ways. As for V.E.N.O.M, they find themselves inside of the House of Will, deep within the bowels, underneath the hotel. The trio stand inside of a room patiently, suddenly the door swings open as Cassandra comes walking inside. The sound of her footsteps echo off the walls of the vacant room.

Coming to a halt in front of the three, she begins to examine them closely. With a quick glance at Omar, she moves over to Nina, who still has the Aversion Championship in her grasp. She then looks at Vince, gradually running her fingers across his exposed temple. She then walks around him, examining his back.

Cassandra: Take him to the rehabilitation chamber!

Making a full circle around Espinoza, she comes face to face with him. The metal door opens as two men step inside.

Cassandra: Vince, you've done well. Now go with these men so they can heal you and prepare you for the next battle.

Nodding in the affirmative, Vince makes his departure, following the two out of the room. Focusing her attention now on Nina, Cassandra surveys her newly won accessory.

Cassandra: May I?

Cassandra motions towards the Hostility Aversion Championship, Nina handing it to her with a bowed head. Cassandra looks at it with a smile, before speaking again.

Cassandra: The three of you have made me proud tonight, though your work is not done. Elijah now knows the error of his ways and will go prepare himself accordingly. Until that time, I grant the three of you, your release until you are needed again. Until that moment, carry on as you have, corner the raven and help guide her mind towards the truth.

Cassandra returns the title to Nina, who receives it with a still bowed head.

Cassandra: I must depart from the three of you, Vince will be healed within the night. And while you're still within the ranks of the Championship Wrestling Federation, wreak as much havoc as you see fit.

Nina and Omar both nod as Cassandra leaves, the both of them unmoving like statues. The scene soon fading out.





Opening up on a shot of the Hostility Aversion Championship, the camera pans out a bit to catch a glimpse of the title's owner, Nina. Calmly sitting on her reptilian throne, which has now been encrusted with emeralds along the scales of the reptile. Nina has her right leg crossed over left, the title resting her lap, facing the camera. Her smile more sinister than before. Attached to the left arm of the throne is the glass case, containing her recluse. She affectionately stroke at the case with her right hand, which is covered with the golden clawed glove, she used on Autumn.

Backing up some more, we see Vince and Omar at their normal positions, Espinoza now sporting a redesigned mask and coveralls. Menacingly the two stare deeply into the camera, meanwhile Nina's focus is still on her pet. Done fiddling with the case, she sits back, her white pupils soon make contact with the audience.

Nina: We warned of an oncoming storm. We foretold a future of chaos, madness and destruction.

She begins to laugh, laying the Aversion title across her lap and begins to rub it.

Nina: No one listened.. No one heeded our warnings until the threat was real.. Now… you search for answers… Why? How? Now though things have been revealed, there are questions that still remain and in due time, answers will be given.

She sits the title back up on display in her lap.

Nina: At Modern Warfare, spirits and dreams alike were crushed.. Elijah's worst nightmare becoming a reality as he looked into the eyes of the Prophetess. The Shadow showing concern because an old foe.. one he thought long forgotten has showed her face.

She giggles once more before looking over at Vince.

Nina: Many people knew we were a force, but many people didn't want to open their eyes and see the truth… After Elijah fell at the hands of Vince, he too saw the truth. And that truth?

Focuses back on camera.

Nina: Is that it's only a matter of time… Until then, there have been a lot of rumblings for the services of V.E.N.O.M. It seems that we've all been what you call, drafted to the Hostility brand. Apparently Christopher St. James sees us as a monetary value, instead of giving credit for what we're truly capable of. Modern Warfare was only the prelude of the things we have in store and the CWF and now Hostility will reap the benefits of our terror.

She takes a moment to collect her thoughts.

Nina: And that reign of terror continues when we step inside of the ring with Autumn along with Kendo and The Crimson Ghost! The Samoan Ghost Connection, is what they fondly call themselves. Two men who've instantly created a bond and sit upon the tag team throne. A throne of which we have allowed teams like Smokin’ Aces, Hostile Takeover and Sanctioned Violence to sit on.

Both Martinez and Espinoza come to full attention as she continues on.

Nina: At Northern Crown, we could've easily went through any team in that tournament. However we had business elsewhere and now that that business is concluded. Things are not looking safe for either of these rosters. The Crimson Ghost! Kendo… the two of you step into this match stubbornly, not knowing the full scale of how severe things are about to get. You see... not only are we here to help guide Autumn to the light, we are also here to turn this place on its head.

She's suddenly cut off.

Omar Martinez: Chaos. Destruction. Madness.. Have you not heard the creed? We are here to destroy and rebuild in the image of The Founder. We are here to suffocate the very being of what you all consider home.

Nina smiles as Omar finishes.

Nina: And in due time.. we shall, but we must focus on one task at a time, which leads me back to Evolution. Some may think with us being drafted to the Hostile brand that, the day is saved.  Everything will be alright… Hehehe… that could be furthest from the truth. One thing everyone needs to get a quick grasp on, is the fact that whenever we want, we can break spirits. So Crimson Ghost!, Kendo, I hope the two of you have been paying attention. Because soon, just like Autumn and for as long as you have those CWF Tag Team titles . We plan on breaking your spirits as well.

Nina begins to laugh as the camera zooms in on them. Almost zooming in on the back of Nina's throat as she cackles, the camera is suddenly snatched away focusing in on Vince.

Vince Espinoza: Time to die a slow death….

With that statement, he drops the camera as it crashes to the floor, killing the feed.

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