Title: Schadenfreude
Featuring: KC3
Date: February 16, 2019
Location: KC3's Mansion
Show: Evolution 42

Voiceover: Everyone in this world has problems. Some people have problems with money. Some people have problems with booze and drugs. Some people have problems like depression or PTSD. This week, and evolution, Max Becker has a problem. That problem is “The Next Generation God” KC3.

The scene opens up inside of a office, or perhaps it is a study. In the center of the shot there is a desk with a leather-bound chair facing away from the camera. There are numerous shelves throughout the room, each filled to the brim with hardcover books, much like the chair, they too are clad in leather.

Our hero, a man who was last seen felling the giant Christer Lundmark, just a month before sending Silas Artoria and Max Becker a message, walks into the shot from the right side of the frame. In his hand he holds a plain white porcelain coffee mug. He is He is clad in another one of his tailored suits, this one is a shade of emerald green. He sits on the desk, his reflection visible on the top of the finish of the cherry oak desk. He takes a sip of his coffee before placing it down on a coaster and turning his attention to the camera.

“Firstly, I'd like to… apologize for the incorrect information in the voiceover. When that was recorded, Max Pecker, was my opponent. We were sent to engage in a battle of epic proportions. Granted, it would have been epic only because I was a part of the match, but it epic nonetheless.”

“Now, Max Pecker has left the company leaving me in a rather precarious position. For a normal man, this would be problematic. I am not a normal man. I've just gotten word that the “Backbone of Cologne”, a rather ironic nickname when you consider that once that spineless coward realized he would have to face me, he turned tail and ran. But, as I was saying, I just received word that Max Becker has left the company and he will be replaced by the “Australian Submission Machine” Nathan Parasite.”

Davison takes another sip of his coffee before carefully placing the mug back down on the coaster.

“I had planned an entire lesson that was meant to play to Max's German sensibilities. If you haven't noticed, I tend to be a rather intelligent individual. I was willing to delve into his native tongue order to teach him a lesson. Fortunately, or unfortunately, dependent entirely on your perspective, I can apply this lesson to Mr. Parasite.”

“I refuse to acknowledge you by your proper name, Mr. Parasite. Much like Max Pecker before you, you are also a leech, a parasite, playing both sides. Well there's nothing wrong with that in the bedroom, this is the wrestling ring. You need to decide who you're loyal to and you need to do it right quick. Look at me, your Paragon of virtue. I have stated from day one that my loyalty is to no one but myself. I couldn't give two shits what C Dollar Sign J is up to.”

KC3 stands up, taking a moment to make sure his suit sits the way it is supposed to.

“I have the best things in life. I have the finest education. I have the greatest wrestling training. I have the hottest wife. I have the fastest cars. I have work, the talent, the ability and most importantly, I am the bank account that I'm not going to have to wrestle until I'm 44. I have the luxury that I can be a shooting star, lighting up the landscape for a short amount of time. Whoever lays their eyes upon me will remember me for the rest of their lives.”

Davison walks over to the bookcase and uses his finger trying to find a particular book.

“Ah, here we are.”

KC3 takes a book from the shelf and places it on the desk. He sits down, taking a moment ri take in the comfort of the chair.

“There are not many things that can rival a fine Corinthian leather.”

Davison places his hands on the book and leans forward, making certain that he is the focus.

“The word of the day is “schadenfreude.” for those of you who aren't The Shadow, schadenfreude is a German word that means that you take pleasure in the failure, pain and/or misery of others. In my case, I like to take it to the next level, because I love watching others wallow in the throes of humiliation.”

“They say there are three motivating factors for those who experience schadenfreude. The first is aggression. This normally takes place in a team or family environment. I don't want all of you to mistake my actions last week as schadenfreude. Last week was not about enjoyment. Last week was about establishing dominance. Last week was about showing Virus Artoria and even though he's been here the longest, he is not the best. Last week was about showing Mex Pecker, God rest his soul, then although he was the biggest, he was far from the baddest. Last week was about showing the rookies what true veteran savvy is all about. The only way you can win is if you're the dealer. I am the house in the house ALWAYS wins.”

KC3 takes another sip of his coffee. He places the cup back on the coaster before turning his head.


Even though he yelled, the difference in Davison's voice is obvious. Gone is the sharpness of his tongue and the condescendence it is tone. A few moments later, gorgeous woman with sparkling blue eyes and shoulder length red hair walks in the room.

“Hey mama, my cup is broken.”

A gentle smile crosses KC3's face. Ruby smiles back at him.

“Let me guess.”

Ruby's thick Irish scent brings an even bigger smile to his face. Ruby places her hands on her head as though she's trying to pick up some sort of psychic signal.

“It's empty. Fancy another cup?”

“Yes, dear.”

“It will be a few minutes. I have to brew another pot.”

“That would be amazing. Thanks, love.”

Ruby turns and walks out of the room and KC3 returns his attention to the camera in front of him. All signs of the kind, caring husband that we saw just a second ago are no longer there. It's almost as though a light switches in Davison's head.

“The second form of schadenfreude comes in the form of rivalry. Unlike aggression based schadenfreude, this one is purely individualistic. This happens when someone goes out of their way to dominate another person to ensure their failure.”

KC3 pauses, holding his chin as he looks down introspectively.

“I suppose I could understand how one would construe my actions last week as the second form of schadenfreude. I assure you, that is not the case. In order for this to qualify as any sort of rivalry, the two men I obliterated last week would have to be some form of competition.”

Davison lets out a long, audible sigh.

“Alas, the is simply not the case.”

“The last form of schadenfreude is easily the most righteous. It is the kind where do you find joy that those who have done wrong the finally received their comeuppance. It is the joy, the euphoria that I will experience when I take Virus Artoria to task for all of the many atrocities he's committed over the years. It's the pleasure that I experience at Evolution when Nathan Parasite falls at my hands.”

KC3 leans back in his chair with a confident smile etched upon his visage.

“The sins of the father are visited upon the son. I realize that you are not Max Pecker's son. However, as a son takes the place of the head of a family when a father passes away, you stand now in his position. You think we don't realize you're playing both sides. That is a statement, not a question. I'm going to say it again for emphasis. You think we don't realize that you are playing both sides. You think that we don't recognize what C Dollar Sign J is doing. By even having a chance, by be promoting this round robin tournament, it would outwardly appear that you are being rewarded for your treachery. The truth, is it you've actually been sentenced to career suicide.”

“What all of this has been leading up to is the third form of schadenfreude. This is the one I experienced. This is the one that warms the cockles of my heart. Third form of schadenfreude is that which is inspired by justice.”

A gentle knock is heard on the door has Ruby once a again enters the room.

“Coffee's ready, my dear. Be careful. It's hot.”

KC3 smiles and puts his arm around Ruby's waist, pulling her in so that she is sitting on his lap.

“You're the hottest thing in this room, mama.”

“Oh, stop it.”

“You are my world. Don't you ever forget it.”

“I know. In lucky to have you.”

“I'm the lucky one.”

Ruby stands back up and Davison playfully swats her on the ass. He is very gentle, quite unlike the shot she gave Tara Robinson a few weeks ago. Ruby turns around and kisses Him softly on the lips. He brings his hand up and caresses her cheek until she breaks the kiss.

“Hurry up. We've got things to do today.”

Ruby smirks as she winks at KC3 before walking back out of the room. Davison takes a sip of his coffee and his demeanor is serious once again.

“The fact of the matter is that you're very inclusion in the stornant is a slight against God himself. If Max Pecker was too afraid just stand across the ring from me like a true competitor, then I should be awarded this victory. That's not what is happening here. Surprisingly, that's not what I wanted to happen. So I'm glad that the suits decided To put in Benedict Arnold number two. I am glad because I want to establish myself as the dominant force in this tournament. I might be a lot of things, but I am not looking to take the easy way out.”

“This match is a mission statement for me. The last time I wanted to make a mission statement I proved that I was the best lightweight in a company it does not deserve the rub off of my name any further. I walked in to that match and I defeated a man who many had thought would win the Modern Warfare tournament. My mission, right now, is to make a new statement.”

“Nathan, I'm going to have a real honest conversation with you. At 44 years of age, your best years have come and gone. Right now, I I haven't even reached the pinnacle of my career. Equivocally speaking, this match like the old movie “Old Yeller.” In this version, I am the boy and you are the dog. It is time that I put you down. The difference is but unlike that boy, I find no sadness in putting you out of your misery. Remember how I spent all that time discussing schadenfreude? I am going to take great joy in this. There will be no trepidation. There will be no hesitation. I am going to do anything I need to do to win this match and take my first step in my ascension.”

“When we step between the ropes, I am your God. Your God has deemed that it is time for you to prepare to meet your maker as the Reckoning is upon you. You, Nathan Parasite, are about to realize that my feet is the the place where careers come to die. You are about to join a long and rather non illustrious list that includes such nobody's as Dynamite Dynamo, Reggie T. Rascal, The Maestro and, now, Max Becker. I will do whatever I need to do and there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop me because when you are God, you don't have to break the rules. You make them!!!”

KC3 picks up his coffee and takes one last sip as the camera fades to black.

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