Title: At home in the desert
Featuring: Ryan Dream
Date: February 17, 2019
Location: Ryan Dream's home in Phoenix Arizona
Show: Evolution 42

The picture cuts to Ryan Dream sitting outside on a lounge chair in a pair of black basketball shorts and no shirt and a white and red Arizona Cardinals snapback hat on backwards. He is at his home in Phoenix Arizona enjoying the sunshine and warmth in mid February. The sun is beating down reflecting in the pool water. His head is buried into his cell phone, as the sliding glass door that leads outside opens, and then a couple seconds later closes. Ryan is so involved in looking at his phone, he doesn't hear the door. A moment later, a shadow is cast over Ryan's phone, as he looks up to see a brunette woman in her early 30's standing over him. 


I should probably get going she says.

Ryan: Alright Amy, take it easy

It's Amanda, she says, rolling her eyes and muttering something under her breath as she walks away.

Ryan sets his phone down, takes his hat off, and dives into the pool, as water is splashed in all directions. He lifts his head out of the water, as beads of water are caught in his beard. He stares off into the distance looking at the mountains. His lips slowly form an arrogant smirk.

Ryan knows, he will be making his professional debut into the wrestling business shortly, and competing for the CWF Paramount Championship in the Grand Prix tournament!

As Ryan is thinking about his oppurtunity to show the world who he is, and make Ryan Dream a household name, the sound of his phone vibrating snaps him back into reality. He swims over to the side of the pool, and pulls himself out, as water is dripping off his shorts, as he walks over to his phone. 

"Incoming call from B-Mill" it says across his phone screen. 

His childhood friend Brandon Miller is calling

Ryan swipes his phone to answer the call. "Sup bitch" he says.

Brandon replies: Yo man, I'm in the neighborhood, care if I stop by?

Ryan pauses for a minute, sniffles, and says "let yourself in, its unlocked", then hangs up his phone before Brandon can respond.

Several minutes go by, as the sliding glass door is opened again. Brandon walks through and leaves the door open behind him. Ryan is back in his chair again, with a grey beach towel wrapped around his waist.


Brandon: Sooo..... did you end up hooking up with that slut from the club last night?

There's a long pause after the question is asked

Ryan: Do you have a cigarette?

Brandon: Uh, no.. I asked if you hook..

Ryan cuts him off

Ryan: Man, you're worthless. You know I officially signed with CWF, right?

Brandon: Yeah man, you've told me twice already

Ryan: Remember when we were kids? And I used to always say I'd be a wrestler one day? And you always said it was a stupid dream I had, and that I should be more practical. That I should finish high school, because I would need something to fall back on when this wrestling stuff didn't work out? You remember that, my dude?!

Brandon swallows hard

Brandon: I was just looking out for you man. Look at all the people that have tried out to be a pro wrestler. Look at all the young kids that do backyard wrestling, or guys fresh out of high school that join wrestling shools in hopes of making it big some day. The percentage of people who actually make it is extremely low. You're extremely lucky to have made it this far man.

Ryan: Lucky?? Did you really just say I'm lucky?!

Ryan stands up out of his chair, and walks up to Brandon and points his right index finger in his face about 3 inches away from face

Ryan: I didn't get here by luck Brandon! I've worked my ass off to get where I am. While you were out at partys, I was training. While you were at home at night, playing with yourself, I was watching wrestling tapes and studying movesets and counters. Don't tell me I'm lucky. This is all skill involved. The world will soon know my name. I promise you that! 

Brandon: Look man, I didn't mean it that way. You're being too sensitive. Listen, you know I'm proud of how far you've come. 

Ryan: Sensitive huh?! As far as I'm concerned, the only thing that's sensitive, is the jealousy you have of me. You're jealous that whenever we hang out, the ladies always come up to me. Not you. You're jealous of the confidence I have. And you're worried that once I make it big in the wrestling business, that you'll be left all alone here, and I'll forget about you. Admit, you've always been jealous of me

Brandon: You've lost your mind man, I'm outta here. 

Brandon turns to walk away, as Ryan runs up behind him and knees him in the back, as Brandon proceeds to fall face first into the sliding glass door. The glass shatters from the impact and cuts the side of Brandon's face, as blood starts to trickle down. Ryan takes off the towel that's wrapped around his waist, and wraps it around Bradon's neck and starts strangling him with it. Brandon, gasping for air, can barely choke out the words"get the hell off me man, I can't breathe!!"

Ryan removes the towel, as Brandon drops to the ground holding his throat in agony and choking.

Ryan stares at Brandon with a crazy look in his eye. He then looks down at his hurt friend, and softly and calmly, says "get out"

Brandon, who is face down, as the blood is dripping from his face onto the ground, making a red puddle that's staining the cement, slowly stands up, still holding his throat, and walks through where the glass door used to be, and walks back into the house on his way out the door, not saying a word

Ryan then walks back over to his cell phone, he picks it up, dialing an unknown number. The camera tries to pick up the number he's calling, but the sun is creating a glare over the phone, to where the number is unreadable. Ryan holds the phone up to his ear. A mystery person on the other line picks up and answers. Ryan, with evil in his voice, says to the myster person, "Be Ready". "Remember what we talked about. I need you to be ready"

He hangs up the phone, as the scene fades to black




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