Title: It's only just the start of things
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: 2/16/2019
Location: Here
Show: Evolution 42


//  Location:  Backstage, Autumn Raven’s locker room, post Modern Warfare match

Time:  Who the hell knows

On/Off Camera:  On


The Modern Warfare event is still happening out in the arena, but the camera is currently focusing on the closed door of Autumn Raven’s personal locker room.  From within the room, you can hear screaming and the sounds of banging fists...or something else, followed by soft thuds at random intervals. There’s also the sounds of some very colorful language being thrown around as well, which makes the dude behind the camera very...very nervous about going in.  He’d like to keep his job...and what brain cells he has left in his head from being destroyed by a randomly thrown object from one Autumn Raven. Praying to whatever gods are listening, he slowly opens the door to see what’s going on.


Autumn is sitting by her locker on the floor, knees curled up to her chest and her forehead resting on them.  Her duffel bag lies a few feet away from her, some of the contents inside spilling out. The one remaining title she currently holds, is sitting carefully on the bench, the gold plates shining in the light.  The cameraman sneaks a little closer and then comes to a stop, keeping the focus solely on her. Her arms are wrapped around her legs, fists clenched so tight that her knuckles are turning white. She stays completely silent for several long minutes, the only sound is the fan above and her heavy breathing.  Finally, she stirs and lifts her head just a little bit but her eyes focus straight ahead.


“I lost my title.  All because Nina pulled that stupid lights out bullshit with that book of truth appearing.  What the holy hell was that all about. I get a little bit of an edge, some help getting out of those cuffs thanks to Dorian, but no.  She shuts the lights off and throws that book in there, then blind sides me with that kick and walks out with the Aversion title….my title.  The symbol of everything that I fought and clawed for for over a year….all gone.”




Autumn ignores it and continues to stare ahead, thoughts only on what happened.  Her hands relax, but she keeps them wrapped around her legs.


“I’m still in a state of shock, to be honest with you.  I thought I had that. I thought I had it all in the bag but that one little blip, that book, changed everything.  Why involve that book at all. What was the point of throwing it in the middle of the ring? To take the slightly cheap way out, scare me, just so you could scamper off with the belt held above your head like some conquering hero?  You and your VENOM buddies. They must be awfully proud of you now.”

Autumn relaxes, dropping her hands and leaning back against the locker, brushing a hand through her hair to get it out of her face.  She looks frustrated and disappointed all rolled into one very distressed woman who is looking for a solution to this mess.


“Was it worth it though?  You were more interested in getting me to join VENOM than winning the title.  That’s the way it looked to me, and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong here Nina.  So now what. You carry around a title you probably have little attachment for, for what?  To throw it in my face, to use it as a barganing chip for me to join you guys? More mind games?  Let me know when I’ve hit the nail on the head okay? My door is always open to people who want to talk, or in your case, leave a favorite book for me to find.”


She snorts, rolling her eyes, glancing at the one title still left in her possession.  The WCWA title. At least there was a little bit of a silver lining in the whole situation.  Not like losing the Aversion made anything any better.


“So the big wigs told me on my way backstage as I was shoving things over in my anger induced state that I would be involved in a six person tag team match against the whole sphere that is known as VENOM.  My partners are the newly crowned tag champs, the Samoan Ghost Connection. Not the Samoan Ghost ‘Raven’ Connection. That just sounds silly. I’m only here with a couple of guys who are just as eager as I am to show off and get their hands around the proverbial necks of those guys.  At this point I don’t think I could do it alone because something or other would happen and I would end up in the middle of the ring unconscious and bleeding.


I don’t trust those guys as far as I can throw them.  If I’m gonna fight VENOM, I’m gonna do it with The Crimson Ghost and Kendo on my side.  Those two are hungry and more than ready to go to battle with me. After winning gold, can you blame them?  I would advise them to think before they leap into this. As fun as this may seem, and as much hype as we can build for this, I know that VENOM will be dealing out every card and every trick in the book to throw each and every one of us off.  Mostly me.


Whatever things end up to be, I just want to get my hands on Nina, nothing else.  Can you do that for me boys? Save me a piece of that bitch? I’ll pay for drinks tonight, in celebration of our win.”

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