Title: Celebration!
Featuring: Kendo
Date: 02-16-19
Location: backstage
Show: Evolution 42

(Scene opens in the locker room right after the Samoan Ghost Connection won the CWF tag team titles at Modern Warfare. JT Barrett walks in, immediately throwing his jacket in the air in excitement and followed by Kendo with his new tag title draped on over his shoulder and sits down.)


JT - “We did it! We really did it!”


(As JT is bouncing around the room. You still see Kendo sitting with sweat dripping off of him)


JT- “Let me hold it!”


(JT grabs the belt off of Kendo's shoulder and walks up to the camera)


JT- “You see it!”


(JT stares at the belt with a huge smile on his face)


JT- “This is so surreal! This is all of our hard work paying off and now...”


(JT now slowly turns and walks to Kendo and gives him back the belt. JT now is staring up at the ceiling as in a trans)


JT- “Main Events are going to be coming our way! Endorsements will be banging down my door! Nike, Under Armor, Adidas, will be throwing money at us just to have there emblem on your trunks!”


(JT looks at Kendo)


JT- “Big things were coming but now even bigger things are right in front of us but first its time to celebrate!”


(Scene goes black)


(Scene comes back up in the office of JT Barrett. He is behind his desks with a phone to his ear and another phone on his desk ringing)


JT- “Yes, just send me your best offer and we will go from there.”


(JT hangs up and immediately picks up the other phone)


JT- “Hello...yes it is...oh Subway. Listen, we are already in talks with Jimmy Johns sooo...wait...free subs for life!? I'll get back to you.”


(JT hangs up the phone as you see Kendo walk into the room and sits down. JT stands up with a big smile on his face)


JT- “We have some amazing things happening! My phones won't stop! Everyone wants in on the Samoan Ghost Connection and...”


(Kendo interrupts JT)


Kendo- “Have you seen that we are in the main event for Evolution?”

(JT looks puzzled as his looks at his phone)


JT- “No I didn't...I must have missed that email...oh here it is. The main event! A 3 on 3 match against V.E.M.O.N...oh wait its V.E.N.O.M...but honestly like it matters because they are walking into the hottest tag team in CWF and Autumn Raven will be just the icing on the cake! Should be the Samoan Ghost Raven Connection? Maybe that's to much.”


(The phone rings again)


Kendo- “Let that one go to voicemail.”


(JT picks it up and puts it back on his desk)


Kendo- “We can't lose focus.”


(JT begins to walk around his desk)


JT- “Your right. You and Crimson Ghost have been doing great together and I must stay focus cause the wrestling doesn't stop. Its promo time.”


(JT loosens his tie)


JT- “V.E.N.O.M! You will be encountering the most painful experience of your lives. The Samoan Ghost Connection is more then just a name but a movement that is happening in CWF and your going to be just another victim to the Samoan Suplex Machine! Entering the ring is an option but leaving...is NO guarantee!”


(JT looks at Kendo)


Kendo- “Well said my brother.”


(JT gives a smirk as the scene goes to black)

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