Title: Boo
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: Now
Location: Now
Show: Modern Warfare 2019

Things slowly fade in from the black screen you were looking at, to a shot of a modern yet quiet looking living room.  On the far wall is a flat screen tv that's playing some rerun of Cops at the moment. Gaming systems sit beneath on their own shelf, not in use.  There's blu rays sitting on their own shelves and seated cross legged on a black couch is Autumn herself of course. Her focus is straight ahead, watching whatever is on the tv, hands clasped tightly in her lap.

“So I guess February 12th is when I'm scheduled to meet up once again with the ever mysterious and odd woman known as Nina because the first time around didn't really end up like it was supposed to.  All this strange stuff starts happening, someone breaks into my locker room, writes on my mirror, leaves some silly book, and then I find out it all comes back to Nina. Because she wants me to join her little group for whatever reason.  I gave her my response to that. “


She smirks, leaning back against the couch, watching the boring commercials run by before the show returned to its normal programming.


“I have enough pride in myself to know when to spit in the face of the devil and walk away from an otherwise bad idea.  I had to sit and deal with Silas and his stupid Passenger...which was like dealing with a whole group of people...no offense to Dean and Sam...for a year.  I've been part of another group before, and looking back on it all, it was a really bad idea. I didn't need any of them to truly shine, all I had to do was step out of the shadows and into the light.  So here I am, in the new year, sitting with a fresh conscience, and two shiny belts at my side.


For a long while, people doubted me.  They talked so harshly, but listen to them now, it's great. “


She taps her fingers on her knees, not paying much attention to anything going on in the background at the moment.


“Bringing up the past doesn't really serve a purpose for you, but for me it serves all the purpose in the world.  Why? It serves as a sense of pride and accomplishment for me. Pride because I got to stick it to that was home and send that assclown hurling to oblivion.  Accomplishment because I finally wormed away from him for good and took away his WCWA belt too. I'm my own person for once and it feels darn good. I rely on myself now, no one else and I'm living and loving it.


So if you don't want to be champion, then what are you really doing here Nina?  Why sit there in your creepy little throne, read from your trashy book, and tell me how I need to see the light...the truth about things...breaking down the walls...All of that if you don't want to have anything to do with the belts i have?  All you want is for me to see it your way. “


Autumn chuckles, shaking her head back and forth.


“The more walls you seek to break down, the more you're going to find behind them.  Ima make you work to get to me, just like I had to work to get away from it all. Those walls are to defend against people like you.  People that want to drag me back to that side of the wall and break everything that I scratched and clawed my way to get to. To embrace the darkness, to be true to one's self.


I won't go back to that darkness, not now, not ever.  Its not where I want to be...ever again. I will have my moment with you and I will pull you up that final wall that stands between us by your hair and I will look you in your dark litt!e eyes, smiling.  You will see nothing but fearlessness and willpower as I throw you off to the endless abyss below….never to anger me again.


I'm not going to give in…


I won't give in…


You cant...You can't make me…


I will have my…. “

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