Title: The Dawning Part 2
Featuring: Vince Espinoza
Date: February 8, 2019
Location: Varies
Show: Modern Warfare 2019

October 2, 2017

Puerto Rico


“Who are you!?”

She screamed in her native tongue. I was frozen stiff, from the confusion that overflowed my body. How did I know her name? Why did she look so familiar? Before I could get my thoughts out, two darts zoomed past me as they both fell to the ground, the sound of the lead pipe hitting the ground, resounding off of the concrete walls.

“What's wrong with? Why didn't you follow orders?”

Broken from my trance, one of my breather had stepped to me, removing his mask. Davis was the name he went by, and on this particular mission, he was the one in charge.

“Answer me soldier, why didn't you follow orders!?”

“I-I…. I don't know…”

“Chavez! Radmanovic! Take Espinoza into custody now!”

“Yes sir!”

The both of them retorted as they rushed over to place me in handcuffs. I knew the consequences of my actions. However what I didn't know, was why she looked so familiar to me.





October 2, 2018



Concrete walls. For the past year, that's all I've seen, concrete walls.


Solitary Confinement.

Nothing I wasn't accustomed to, as I kept to the same regime for three hundred and sixty five days.





That's how it went, there was no sense of day and night, weeks from the months. Just concrete walls with a metal door and a sliding tray. Wasn't anything I wasn't used too, I spent ten years of my life trapped in one of these rooms.

Small shit to a giant.

I was in the middle of working out, push up after push up, there was no sense in counting them out, just go till I can't go no more. The sound of the door sliding open caught my attention as I stood to my feet.

There she stood, along with two guards. In my line of work, names were irrelevant, but also from my line of work, I knew she was one of the top dogs within this organization.

“Are you ready Vincent?”

I nod.

“Follow me then.”

The two guards stepped inside, cuffing my hands with their restraints. Then I follow their lead. Once I crossed the threshold of my cell, a black bag was thrown over my head.

Now blinded, my destination was unclear, but I had a few ideas. None I really cared to ponder about. There wasn't a need to, I accept responsibility for my actions. And whatever were to happen would be my destiny.

Though I was in the dark, I sensed us stepping into an elevator as we descended down. After about twenty minutes of riding, we walked off as I was led towards wherever it was we were going.

The guards moved swiftly, as they guided me towards a chair and strapped my arms to it, then the bag was removed. Looking ahead, I notice that we are in the indoctrination room, I know this because I've brought several people here in my beginning years under the Institute.

A movie theater sized screen was in front of me, looking to my left I saw tied to chairs, just as I was, were the young lady who I called Nina and the man who tried to protect her.

With no questions asked, the screen lit up as words displayed across the screen.


Operation Prodigy and Princess

The demise of Championship Wrestling Federation


The screen then lit up with still shots of a man and woman. Quickly shifting to that of a wrestling company, then flashing to different scenes of chaos, destruction and madness.. I knew they had efficient ways of completing their task and this was only the beginning.





February 8, 2019



We knelt as she stood in front of us, the hood of her robe, making it near impossible to see.

“Did he accept the match?” She questioned.

“Yes he did.” Nina replied, head still bowed.

With a nod of her head, the Empress paced back and forth in front of us. With a slight motion of her left hand, we all arose to our feet. Then she patiently began to stare each of us, in our eyes. Staring into our souls.

“The three of you have done well, but your task is not complete. Nina… the Book of Truth if you may.”

Nina hands her the book.

“Now is the time to unleash hell within the ranks of the CWF! Carve your names within their walls. Etch your names within their history books. For they will forever fear the serpent, because they rest well within their halls. Burn that place to the ground!”

Her demeanor changes a bit as her action become a bit frantic.

“Brick. By. Brick… AND YOU!!!” She screamed, pointing her finger at me. “I want you to destroy Elijah! Make him pay for all of his wrong doings. Make him pay for all his mischievous backstabbing! I want to see the skin, ripped from his skull, as you take it back and forth across that barbwire. I want you to make him suffer!”

A faint cry can be heard from within the hood as she slowly backpedals away from me.

“It's the only way he can see the error of his way. Once you've beaten him within an inch of his life. I want you to leave him to…. Me…”

Mission accepted and the mission would be completed. Elijah was about to go up against a force unlike anything, he's ever seen in his pathetic life.. and I'm going to enjoy the screams… yes I was going to enjoy hearing those bones of his break as I toss him every which way inside of that nest. I was going to send the Prodigy back to the Princess, a new man..


But new...

The Empress’ wishes were my command and I carried them out proudly. There was a Dawning on the horizon. No one could see it yet, but in time… they will..


The infection is here…

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