Title: Six Feet From The Edge
Featuring: Scourge
Date: 2/9/19
Location: Unknown
Show: Modern Warfare 2019

Please come now, I think I’m falling; I’m holding onto all I think is safe. It seems I found the road to nowhere, and I’m trying to escape. I yell back when I hear thunder! But I’m down to one last breath. And with it let me say, let me say…”

The imagery that goes along with the opening verse to Creed’s ‘One Last Breath’ is hard to watch. It’s an old home video of a young boy. He’s no more than 10 years old and probably closer to 6 or 7. The sound is muted in order to overlay the music, but the boy is obviously in tears and yelling for help. He is quite literally chained to a tree by his neck like a badly looked after pet. He’s obviously been beaten recently and is shivering in what looks to be fall weather, clad in only a t-shirt and shorts. The images change as the second verse begins.

I’m looking down, now that it’s over; Reflecting on all of my mistakes. I thought I found the road to somewhere; somewhere in his grace. I cried out, “Heaven save me!”, but I’m down to one last breath. And with it let me say, let me say…”

This time, we see a less specific, but equally horrific incident taking place. The all too familiar video clips of bombs going off all over the world, and paramedics rushing to try and save gun shot victims. It is quite obviously a montage with a message. After already showing the horrors of child abuse, this section is vividly displaying the horrors of war, in both the traditional battlefield sense, as well as on the streets. As the video and music fade away, an unfamiliar voice is now heard.

???: The human anatomy is a wonderous thing. The physical endurance that can be found in elite athletes also manifests itself in much darker places. A warzone, a drug deal gone wrong, or a child surviving torment no one should have to face, much less someone that young. The mental scars that surviving such darkness often leaves behind are equally fascinating, and all the while horrifying. But what truly amazes me is the human spirit. That intangible quality that allows that child to push on through the pain. That unidentifiable marker in the human psyche that allows one child to grow up and overcome his scars when others like him couldn’t.

I know that child well, because we are one and the same. It is I who was chained and beaten like an unwanted dog. The only childhood memories I have are of jumping from awful foster family to worse foster family. Once I finally made it out of that destructive system, it was into gang violence for several years, until I finally found some solace in the military. Sure, the days overseas were horrible too, but at least I felt I had chosen to take those ones on. I had chosen to attempt that life because anything was better than what I’d left behind. Once I returned to where I was living at the time, I began my recovery. No professional help, no “demons” to chase away the pain. Just me, a dingy gym, and sheer will to overcome.

Slowly, we fade in on the exterior of that dingy gym. We can now put a face to the voice as well, sort of. The long dark hair is doing a good job of hiding most of the face in question, but at least we now see the image of someone. However, this isn't just any someone, the man is enormous. Nearly 7 feet tall, and clearly 300 plus pounds, the man would certainly make most look grown adults look like mere children. He speaks once again.

???: I walked into this gym a broken Marius Manson. Physically, mentally, and nearly spiritually destroyed. But it was that nearly that saved me. It was that nearly that rescued me from the depths of darkness and brought me to the light. That nearly turned a broken Marius Manson into the new and vastly improved Scourge. And how oddly fitting it is that coming out of darkness and into light created the human incarnation of that very darkness. I am the right hand of justice herself, and my judgments will be swift and harsh.

I care not whether the masses clamor for your autograph, or throw their drink in your face when they see you. That is their opinion of you, not evidence. I know what my definition of sinner is, and as long as you don't meet those requirements or stand across the ring from me, you're safe. If those in charge deem you to be my next opposition, I will simply do enough to come out victorious. But if -I- choose you as opposition, that will be a most unpleasant experience for you. Because you see if it is I who requests you, that means I've deemed you in need of a visit from the right hand of justice, and I take my mantle very seriously.

However, you will learn more about myself and my true purpose as time goes by. For now I've not learned enough about anyone to judge them one way or another. I've of course studied tapes of their matches, like any intelligent professional would do. But at this stage, it is still just business. Which I suppose means I should probably address the business currently at hand. My official CWF debut, which takes place at the at the Modern Warfare event this Tuesday. I find myself in a 6 man tag team match, previewing 6 of the combatants in the Paramount Grand Prix.

Silas Artoria, an interesting one to say the least. You're a bit of an enigma, sort of like myself. You certainly give off that vibe with such imposing sounding aliases. But who are you really? Are you really the Bloodletter? Are you really psychotic? Or are you a boy in a man's world, grasping at anything and everything to make yourself seem more dangerous than you really are. The jury's out on that until Tuesday, but here's what is absolute. You are standing between myself and victory, and that can only end poorly for you friend. I've come here for everything mentioned previously, and that includes victories. I may have secondary reasons for my presence here, but I'm still a professional wrestler. Winning makes me more money, and gets me closer to the championship glory we all crave in this line of work.

This brings us to KC3, the man full piss and vinegar, not to mention bravado. There's nothing inherently wrong with brash confidence, until it crosses over into arrogance. Have you crossed that line? If your signature slogan is any indication, I'd have to say yes. That's a dangerous mistake to make when you're stepping into the unknown. You see, the brass in CWF are billing my team as “the rookies”, but that is a large overstatement when it comes to yours truly. This may be my debut match, but I've already survived multiple lifetimes worth of things that would have broken most other human beings. You're not only facing a proverbial giant, you're facing a man who has faced death and spit in his eye on numerous occasions. You're facing a man who regrets nothing and fears less. And in the literal sense, you're facing a man who can palm your head with one hand. Good luck with that.

And that brings us to the man of the hour, Max Becker. The only man so far who's taken the time to address me regarding this match, and said a lot in a few words. Unfortunately, you didn't say anything beneficial or positive for yourself. On the contrary, you've really disappointed me Max. I thought someone whose “side hustle” was being a lyricist would have been much more clever than this. What does the Alpha of the Omega mean? Did you really pose me that question, Max? It means the beginning of the end, something you should be very familiar with. You see, the beginning of the end for your success in CWF was against Clyde Walker this past week. I mean losing to the World Champion is one thing, but being the first guy to lose to someone on a losing streak? That's embarrassing friend.

That slippery slope continues for you when you step into the squared circle with the man you see before you. Yes, I am the right hand of Justice herself. Justice must be served, and I am the server. Even someone who has disappointed me as much as you have is surely familiar with Lady Justice. But maybe not, given how unfortunately disappointing you've been for me so far. At any rate, you seem to have misjudged me as well, Max. I would never claim to be a “big ass scary monster”, because monsters aren't real. I however, am very real, which you are about to discover first hand as you fade off to sleep when Darkness Falls. No amount of insulting me, rapping in front of your lady friend, or quoting science fiction can prepare you for me.

Make no mistake about it fans and wrestlers of CWF, you have a met a new kind of not only wrestler, but human being this night. You have just bore witness to the formal introduction of the one you can't escape. Sooner or later, everyone will cross paths with me, and they too will feel their eyes roll into their skull when Darkness Falls. I am the right hand of justice herself. I am the Alpha of the Omega. I am Darkness Incarnate. I...am...Scourge.

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